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    GuestLock - Make guests read your rules.
    Version: v0.1

    GuestLock lets you set a message to be shown to guests and a command they must use in order to be able to move. This lets you point them to a rules page or such to find the command they need in order to be able to move.

    GuestLock supports language translation: Simply edit the "lang" file to change anything GuestLock says.

    GuestLock has been translated into Polish:

    If you translate this plugin I would be very grateful if you would send me your lang file so that I may share it with others in this post.

    GuestLock uses Bukkit Permissions, so any Bukkit Permissions provider will work with GuestLock.

    • Lock guests in place until they use a command.
    • Configurable command and message
    • Changeable in the config file, will unlock a player when used.
    • Default is: /ilikethisplugin

    By default, GuestLock will create a 'config' file and a 'lang' file on run, the defaults are as such:
    You need to change the find-command line to point users are your website or rules page, and the secret-command to whatever secret word you want them to have to use to unlock themselves.

    Then, for the user, they need only use /<secretword> in-game to unlock themselves.

    Download GuestLock

    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    GuestLock was suggested by @Nipper
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    Hey i can translate that into russian and its

    найти-команда = & & AGA на 7http \: / /, чтобы найти секреткоманды.
    Команда найден = & СПА успешно зарегистрировались, весело провести время.
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    You didn't need to translate the keys, but thanks! I'll put this up shortly.
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    A quick question, I realize that this plugin is intended for RB1337. I do realize that Bukkit has undergone some slight API changes from RB1337 to 1.0-R1. Do these API changes effect this plugin?
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    Not to my knowledge.
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    I've translated this into Spanish:
    find-command=&aVete a &7http\:// para encontrar la clave secreta.
    command-found=&aHas introducido correctamente la clave, diviértete!.
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    Language: Swedish (Notch speak this :D)

    #Wed Aug 17 09:58:43 EDT 2011
    find-command=&aGå till &7http\:// för att hitta det hemliga lösenordet.
    command-found=&aDu är nu registrerad, lycka till!

    Request: an ingame op/admin command for changing the secret command, like

    /gl set <secret command>
    i.e. /gl set i-love-creepers

    BukkitPermissions permission node for overriding this plugin
    Why? So that trusted (VIP, donors etc) players don't need to type the secret command

                guestlock.override: true
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    is there a way to when they register, the get automaticly promoted to a certain group?
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    Not at current.

    I'll tag you when I update this and I have a github issue tracker for you to put an issue on for this, though. I've got a lot to do...
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    this is a great idea and id love it for my server, but when i put the .jar into my plugins folder and run my server it doesnt work, and doesnt make the folder with the config files and shitt.. helpp???????
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    I get the same problem as nhanusey, im running the newest RB of Bukkit.
    Anyone know other plugins like this? Because i really need this!

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