Inactive [ADMN/MISC] God Powers - Harness the power of the Minecraft Gods [1.2.5-R2]

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    God Powers

    Gives god-like abilities to players.

    Current commandless features:
    • God tools - Golden tools break respective blocks instantly! I.e. Golden pick breaks stone and ores instantly, but not dirt. (Requires either being an op, or the permissions node)​
    • /godmode - Makes you invincible.
    • /godmode [player] - Makes the specified player invincible.
      • Temporary fix for conflict with Essentials' "/godmode" command:
      • /godmodeon or /godmodeon [player] - Turns on godmode if possible.
      • /godmodeoff or /godmodeoff [player] - Turns off godmode if possible.
    • /heal - Heals you.
    • /heal [player] - Heals the specified player.
    • /maim [player] - Beats the specified player within an inch of their life.
    • /slay [player] - Kills the specified player by no special means. They just drop dead.
      • /smite [player] - Works the exact same as /slay, used as a workaround for conflict with worldguard.
      • /slay [player] arrows or /slay [player] a - Kills the specified player by shooting them with flaming arrows!
      • /slay [player] fire or /slay [player] f -Light the player on fire until they die.
      • /slay [player] drop or /slay [player] d -Drop the player from an immense altitude where they will plummet to their death!
      • /slay [player] lightning or /slay [player] l - Strike lighting down on the heads of those mortals!
      • /slay [player] void or /slay [player] v -Drop the player into the void!
      • /slay [player] curse or /slay [player] c - Cast a deadly curse upon the player's head!
    • /die - Kills you.
    • /jesus - Allows you to walk on water like Jesus. Also allows walking on lava. Not so Jesus-like, but it looks cool.
    • /inferno - Use your godly rage to burn the ground behind you! (!!!Warning, this will place fire ANYWHERE you walk, so be careful of flammable materials!!!)
    • /superjump - If there's nothing in your way, you will jump to obscene heights!
    • /zeus - With this activated, lightning will strike where you're looking when you swing your arm!
    • /gaia - Turns dirt to grass beneath your feet and plants tall grass and flowers around you as you walk.
    • /vulcan - Fling fireballs at those pesky mortals!
    • /demigod - Decreases damage taken by a configurable amount. Reduced to 20% by default.
    • /FusRoDAH - Enchants knockback lvl 10 onto the held item.
    • /plutus - Enchants fortune level 25 onto tools only.
    Download (.jar version)


    Permissions nodes (open)
    Add the appropriate node for the corresponding command. Using the godmodeOnLogin will activate godmode upon logging in for those with permission to said node.


    Known bugs:
    - None.

    Future content:

    - Overhauled /godpowers, fixed some permissions issues, and added chat colors!
    - PermissionBukkit support.
    Changelog (open)

    - Added /hades.
    - Added god tools.
    - Added /slay workaround "/smite"
    - Added /demigod command.
    - Added /vulcan
    - Removed annoying blue font.
    - Optimized command registering, no more crashes if there's a conflict.
    - Added /godpowers command. Uses node godPowers.commands
    - Permissions now should be checked upon world swapping and remove godmode if sufficient permission is not present.
    - Added /gaia
    - Fixed problems with /slay and /die
    - Changed directory for
    - Added the /zeus command.
    - Quick fix for conflict with Essentials.
    - Fixed /slay and addressed the issue with /superjump.
    - Made godmode on login toggle-able.
    - Changed the way /slay [player] arrows and /slay [player] fire works. Much more efficient.
    - Godmode now puts you out if you're on fire. (though I thought I had this before)
    - Brought back the godmode title
    - Updated for 612
    - Perfected /superjump.
    - Updated for latest recommended build.
    - Permissions support
    - No more need for
    - Updated for latest recommended build.
    - Updated to beta 1.3
    - Updated the hook changes
    - Added confirmations to ALL commands
    - Fixed drowning 100%
    - Added the ability to walk on lava to /jesus.
    - I fixed a bug with /jesus. Not a huge problem, it just updates more frequently now so you don't fall in.
    - Applied a fix to drowning damage until bukkit provides support for this.
    - Overhauled and fixed /jesus (again)
    - Added /godmode [player]
    - Added [maim]
    - Fixed /heal [player]


    Polish version (open)

    Portuguese version (open)

    I realized I forgot to add the "maim" command, I shall add that with the configuration file when I get home today.

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    Okay thank you for the help
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    Then use WorldEdit's water fix command.
  5. Sometimes, /jesus works where /fixwater fails.
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    I haven't seen that yet, but I won't doubt it.

    On the other hand, what I mentioned were clearly bugs. If this behaviour is desired, then it should be a different command. Call it Poseidon if you want.
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    I'll look into it. Maybe add a parameter to that command on whether to fix water or not.
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    Hello and tested it and I can not when I put a command I get:

    the gods keep you from using this command.

    May you know why and how to use it.
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    Will you be adding gold swords to Gods Tools anytime soon? If you could that would be awesome :)

    Great work!

    EDIT: I also found that God Tools do not work on items from the nether, mostly. They will work normally, but do not work as God Tools on these items -- such as Netherrack, Soul Sand, and Glowstone. [Bukkit: 1060. Plugins: Residence, iConomy, ItemCommandRepair, BookWorm, GiveTo, LocalShops]
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    does this godmode stay after a relog?
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    I may have missed those items. I'll get to that when I get time.

    It should, but if you want to be 100% sure, enable godmode on login and it will enable it if when you log in if it somehow got enabled.
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    You mean you missed swords? Or you missed the blocks?

    And if you meant blocks, are you planning on adding swords?

    EDIT: Also found a problem where when you use the gold shovel for dirt or gravel (native items to it), while using God Tools, it takes damage still. However, when you drop it from your immediate use (1-9) slots, and back into the inventory, it repairs to full the second you grab it.
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    Does TNT launch you with the god on? I'd like a config for it! (That way you can use TNT cannons on yourself without dying)
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    I can't prevent that, it's because the block gets destroyed before my plugin gets to it. And I meant blocks.

    It does. Check out what's already in the config, it should be sufficient.
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    Is there a way to turn off the golden tools thing? I already have a plugin for that, and I really like how that one works.
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    It should be in the config.
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    Very nice plugin, we use it all the time. Lots of thought has been put into it, well done! :)

    A few bugs/errors though:
    1. Your commands list on the thread does not include the /hades or /godpowers command
    2.The /godpowers command always returns "The gods prevent you from using this command."
    3. The "godModeTitle=[God]" chat modifier thats supposed to appear with your name when in godmode doesn't work for us.
    ( We have permissions for godPowers.*: true and ops but it still doesn't work.)

    Last updated : 1/2 hour ago
    CraftBukkit:1060 (didn't work with 1000 either)
    Using: PermissionsBukkit 1.1 and SuperPermsBridge 1.2 (don't even know if I need the bridge)


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    I'll take a look into why that doesn't work. The /godpowers command needs an overhaul anyways and I've got some performance improvements planned. Thank you for Actually providing details. This helps much more than you know.

    Also, I don't think you need the bridge unless you're using another permissions system alongside it, though I can't be certain. I don't think it would cause any issues if you had it anyways.


    Overhauled /godpowers, fixed some permissions issues, and added chat colors!

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    Thanks alot Taco. Keep up the excellent work!

    EDIT: Sorry if I'm bugging you, but keeping the main post updated would help as well. Thanks!
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    I wasn't expecting a reply this fast actually XD I just finished testing and uploading. The main post has just been updated.
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    Ok cool I never expected help to be this quick either.

    I don't know what is going on here.

    I have godmode on. ( I typed /godmode and it said I'm invincible, and I am)
    But when I speak (for example, please work) it doesn't say "<God AureEntuluva> Please Work", instead it says "<AureEntuluva> Please Work" with no God part. I tried deleting the [, ] around God in the config, but that didn't help. Other people have it working, so I'm just doing something wrong on my end.

    I barely know anything about Java so I don't know how to fix it or anything.

    EDIT: Here is my config:

    God Powers v 2.4 configuration
    #This is a prefix for your name when you have godMode activated. Leave it blank if you don't want one.
    #If set to false, nobody will be able to have godMode activated on login.
    #Determines what percentage of damage will be taken by players using DemiGod.
    #A setting of one will mean that they will take as much damage as usual, zero means no damage.
    #This enables/disables god tools.

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    I'll take a look, I keep the title blank in my config when I test, so I didn't notice.

    Edit: It seems to work fine on my test server, do any of your plugins affect player names?

    Double edit: There seemed to be an occasional issue when you log in that your name wouldn't change. It's fixed now.
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    Thanks, I'll keep trying to fix it with me, maybe I'm just doing something stupid...
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    Just download the version I just uploaded, the issue has been fixed.
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    I think I might have another mod interfering with it.
    When I type the CommandBook /motd command it says "Hello, [God] AureEntuluva", so your part is working correctly. Its got to be something else overwriting the priorities or something like that.

    EDIT: Ok

    EDIT TAKE 2: Ok, it still isn't working with the new version. Its something I have thats screwing it up. Ill fiddle with it until it works. Thanks for all the help! :D

    Its fixed.
    Towny was overwriting it:

    modify_chat: '{townynameprefix}{playername}
    had to be changed into
    modify_chat: '{townynameprefix}{modplayername}'

    If anyone else asks its that easy.
    This does create a lovely Towny bug though. Names will keep having prefixes and suffixes added to them, in the case of mayors and such. For example I am now : <Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief Chief AureEntuluva>


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    Hey I'm having an issue with a GodPowers folder not being created in my plugins folder of my server. It is placing the file in w/ the rest of my .jar files of plugins instead of creating its own folder.

    I created a folder and moved into that folder, but then it just recreates another into the root plugin folder.
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    That just how it works, the config doesn't go into its own folder.

    @Taco - I just wanted to throw another idea for the plugin. The idea, Bedrock can be broken using the god pickaxe. Breaking through bedrock walls should be a godly power.
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    Ah ok, is there anyway that you could set it up so that it would be in a separate folder. That is how most plugins are laid out for organizational purposes I believe. Thank you!
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    Well Taco is the developer, I just test/use the plugin and help others with problems.
    There is no way for the config to be read while its in a separate folder. Taco has tried to tackle this problem in the past but kept getting errors and running into more problems.
    I know its a bit annoying to have one config file not in its own folder. But once you get it all set up the way you want it, you never really have to edit it again.
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    As @jmcneely said, I have tried to tackle this before and never really got the root of the issue, but if I have time today, then I will give it another shot.

    Not a bad idea. I may add that.

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