Inactive [ADMN/MISC] GiveAll v2.0 - gives all online players an item [1.2.3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ChrizC, Jun 5, 2011.

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    If you want to let people type in the name, you can use string.toUpperCase() on the input and then pass that into Material.valueOf(string) which should give you the correct Material. Then just make a new ItemStack(material, amt) and give it to all the players. This works with most items, although some inputs will be less intuitive (diamond_spade as opposed to diamond_shovel) and you can't get items with data, like colored wool or bone meal.
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    thx nice! :) i'll test it
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    Could you make it for ALL players .. not only for the online players?

    would be nice :)
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    That would be nice, maybe even just make a separate command for this even..
    Give items to everyone (including offline) : /giveall (item) [amount]
    Give items only to online players          : /giveonline (item) [amount]
    +Also, can you allow console to use this command? Would be cool as a weekly giveaway for people online at a certain time each day or on a holiday using OnTimeCommands.
    +Finally, you could look into Permissions support, as many players avoid using the ops list (it's basically a full-blown super admin ON or OFF; no configuration whatsoever).
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    And could you add a timer?

    like every day when it is 18 pm every online player get x diamonds or something?
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    I've added Permissions support, and also support for console commands.

    Unfortunately, this would be rather difficult to do, so I'm going to have to say no to this request. Sorry!

    I'm sure there's a plugin out there that allows you to execute commands at a set time...

    Chris :cool:
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    Very nice. Quick update btw. :)
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    Please help me! I don't know about permissions :(

    A link to an explanation or a explanation:'(

    [creeper] Creeper gonna Creep!
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    Yeah! Thanks for that plugin it helps so much for events or more :D
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    OK, So this is a SUPER-Old thread. I get it, why the hell am I posting in here. Anyway..

    Would you be knind enough to re-do this for 1.2? I have been uing this for a while on my server, and now we are upgrading to 1.2, and I can't use GiveAll, as it is broken :(. Any chance you could update this for me/everyone else?
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    Seeing as this is a very simple plugin, I will consider upgrading it for 1.2. Watch this space.
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    Okie dokie. Thanks :)
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    SAD ;( no more plugin for R6
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    Just want to say that in regards to how popular you plugins are, GiveAll is being used on a lot of the servers that I play on or visit. I have been to roughly 100 servers in the last few moths and almost all of them use GiveAll. It's pretty popular!

    Anyway, good to know that GiveAll will be updated sometime, might have a look at your other plugins too, they look interesting!
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    Wow, I never realised how popular this 5 minute plugin was. I'll get right to updating it.

    Okay, anyone who's watching this thread, I can:
    - upload a new (working) version now, which is just updated from the old version
    - wait for a while longer, and upload a fully rewritten version with support for extra block information (coloured wool, enchanted stuff, etc.)

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    I'm cool with waiting for a fully rewritten version, if of course you are happy with re-writing it!


    P.S. No kidding, this plugin really is quite popular. Diamonds for you! :)
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    Über late post, but:

    [INFO] [GiveAll] Enabling GiveAll v2.0
    [INFO] [GiveAll] Loading configuration file...
    [INFO] [GiveAll] version v2.0 is enabled.

    xD Thanks for updating it! [diamond][diamond][cake][cake] to you :)

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