[ADMN/MECH] TweakedCycle v1.1 - weather- and time-control! (multi-world!, permissions!) [1060]

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    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.



    Downloads, v1.1, tested against 953

    Download (Dropbox)
    Download (Github)
    Source (Github)

    Supported plugins (not a requirement)


    This plugin sets one of five modes for a world (of your choice, obviously) - normal, day and night, dusk, dawn or you can create your own schedule! Normal doesn't affect the time, day resets the time to just before 14:00 every now and then, while night does the same with 02:00 and dusk and dawn.. well, you get the idea. You'll be also able to create your own cycle.
    • Weather-control! (see how to create a schedule)
    • Sync to real-time time!
    • Make your own cycle! (see how to create a schedule)
    • Creative-servers where you always want it to be day!
    • Survival-servers (or worlds on survival servers, for instance: questing) where you want it to be night all the time and have monsters pop up, or make the surface more of a "safe-zone" by having day all the time.
    • Keep the nether dark till we get the proper red fog (better than nothing ;))! Not needed anymore! Good job, Bukkit-team!
    Command reference (requires op or permissions)
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    All commands start with /tc or /tweakedcycle - run without a parameter to get help ingame, () denote aliases
    • (l)ist - show available worlds (defaults to i=0 if called without the parameter)
    • (r)eload - reloads worlds
    • (s)et worldname mode - sets a mode, either normal/0, day/1, night/2, dusk/3, dawn/4, real/5 OR your own schedule name, you may use + as space in the worldname. Worldname can be multiple worlds separated by spaces, don't use quotes!
    • Cycle-creation:
      • (l)ist(s)chedules [#] - lists avilable schedules
      • (d)elete(s)chedule name - deletes a schedule
      • (n)ew(s)chedule name sched - creates a new schedule (read how to create a schedule)
      • (s)ched(r)es [#] - modifies time-resolution or shows the current one (default 15)
      • (b)road(c)ast - modifies whether the server broadcasts impending day-changes (approx. 15, 30 and 60 secs before the actual change happens)

    How to create a schedule
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    The schedule-formating is as follows:
    timeofday is either 1,2,3,4 - day - 1, night- 2, dusk - 3, dawn - 4, you may use either words or numbers to describe time of day.
    Length is the number of schedule-ticks you want the cycle to last. If you set it to 2, it'll last two cycles, if you don't provide any number, it'll last 1 cycle, if you provide 4r, then the time of day will be reset to timeofday per schedule-tick.

    2:2r,1:2 - will give two night-ticks where the position of the moon is reset per tick and then two day-ticks where the sun isn't reset.
    1,2:2,3:3,4:4r - will give one day-tick, two night-ticks, 3 dusk-ticks and 4 resetting dawn-ticks.

    add "-[modes]" to timeofday. Available modes are s/d, t/c. s = storm, d = drought, t = thunder, c = calm. Remember: you can't have thunder without storm ;)
    Weather is relative, meaning if you do -st and then nothing, you'll have st for the next timeofday as well.

    Example usage:
    /tc ns myschedule 1-st:2,3:3,4-sc:5,2-t - this will give two ticks of day and thunderstorm, 3 ticks of dusk with the thunderstorm still going on and then 5 ticks of of rain and dawn and the at last, a tick of night with thunderstorm (inherited from the phase before).

    Fun things you can try:
    Create a raveparty!
    First: /tc sr 1
    Then: /tc ns rave 1,2,3,4
    Finally: /tc s world rave

    • v1.1
      • Individual schedule-resolutions
      • Real-mode (syncs to local time) + shifttime so that you can change time-zones.
      • Fixed having to reload this plugin after starting or reloading the server.
    • v1.0.2
      • Redstone and fluid-fix (thanks to @maveok who was kind enough to point out my mistake :) ) - please send me a message if this doesn't work.
    • v1.0.1
      • Fixed spaces and pluses in names
    Previous changes (open)

    • v1.0
      • Improved reliability
      • Fixed weird message-spam
      • Fixed "Using an invalid schedule-string may cause an exception."
    • v0.4.1
      • Removed empty weather-change messages (" in 15 seconds")
    • v0.4
      • Weather-control!
    • v0.3.2
      • + as space in worldname
    • v0.3.1
      • Added some nice utility to newschedule.
    • v0.3
      • Create your own cycle!
    • v0.2
      • Permissions-support.
    • v0.1:
      • Plugin released.

    May require testing
    • Doesn't work with skylands in multiverse.
    Planned features/todo
    • [High] Snow once it gets supported by the API.
    • Add your suggestion.
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    awesome ill add this to my server!
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    At least someone liked it! :)

    Tell me if you do find any issues or if you want to suggest improvements.
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    Cool plugin, I think I'll use it to keep nether dark till the redfog-fix, and possibly keep our PVP world more dangerous ;) 10D for you, good sir:
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    Well When i type /tc set World mode 1 it doesnt do anything. i wont even show anything the console...
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    Oooh. Good point, adding to description!

    You're supposed to replace mode with 0/1/2/normal/day/night. Strange that it isn't telling you to do things correctly.
    I could try joining if you'd like, just to see what's wrong - but that would require you to add me to your whitelist. (same as forum name, remember, it is a zer0, not an o)

    Oh well, question-time, are you running the latest bukkit recommended build?
    Did you see the plugin activate?

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    Bukkit 556

    The plugin did activate. i tried the command once and it said you didnt type it correctly. so it gave me the correct string. i used it and the error didnt show up nor did the time change.

    ok i added you to whitelist. but how do i give you control to your plugin commands??
    so i would have to make you ops right?

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    Yeah, the plugin requires op. Hmm. minecraft.net acting up again.
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    i wont be on the server for the rest of the night. work on it tomorrow. :D
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    I just tested it on your server and it did work (oh, and I de-oped myself right afterwards).

    Just try "/tc set world 2" or "/tc set world night" - remember, you need op; permissions won't help.
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    cool thanks!
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    Just added this to my server, did a quick reload, set the mode and it all worked perfectly :p

    Just waiting on Permissions support & custom day-night cycle lengths.
    Keep up the good work! ^_^
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    Does this plugin currently work w/ CB 602? It seems like a good plugin to have ^-^
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    Heh. It works against 612 at least.
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    I would love to have this on my server, as it's a sort of a daughter server that my clan inside a public server uses to plan builds. I use (Fake) Permissions as a part of Group Manager, and I'd like to see some support for it! As soon as I see that, I'll definitely be using this.
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    Right'o. Will add (Fake)Permissions-support - most likely within 24 hours. This project kind of stopped since I started messing around with a few other ones.

    Edit: Clocking in at 10 hours and 12 mins, done (plugin authors need sleep as well, eh?)!
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    Just as a heads up, this plugin did create problems for me when I had the time frozen to day (dunno if night does it as well) with causing fluid physics and redstone circuits to stop updating properly after a bit. This was on bukkit build 617 and 670.
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    Ooh. Forgot to add that. Adding to known issues.
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    Best time plugin simple to use and affective it's EPIC good work.
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    Watching this for the configurable day/night cycle. I'd love to have like 30 minute days, 10 minute nights.
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    Ditto, really looking forward to this feature!
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    Well then, it seems to be working now :) (that is, the "make your own cycle"-part)
    v0.3.1 is live!
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    Wow nice Plugin!
    Its very useful for me!


    Keep work!
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    Hooray! +3 internetz and [diamond][cake] to you sir!

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    Um has anyone had issues with a world name separated by a space like Creative Map001? It says it is an invalid world name.
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    Do /tc reload and see if it appears in /tc list.
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    Bro can someone tell how to schedule like:

    Night = 15 minutes day = 3? Always like this forever
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    /tc sr 60
    /tc ns schedulename 2:15r,1:3r
    /tc s world schedulename
    Have fun.
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    hmmm. is there a way to have a worldname that has a space in it? For example, one of the worlds on my server is named Elm Creek. But no matter what i seem to try, i get an error when i type in the worldname.
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    Interesting. What plugin are you using to create worlds?

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