Inactive [ADMN/MECH] SignRank v1.2.2 - Promote people automatically using signs [1.0.0]

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  1. SignRank - Promote people automatically using signs

    Project moved to BukkitDev
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    How do you get the folder that has the config.yml file in it becasue it is not showing up for me?

    But then I am using Permissions by itself so is that it?
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    exato123 When you /reload or restart the server, the Console should show some message about SignRank creating a file, or if not, some error about why it can't. Try to find that, and see what it says?
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    signrank works now i just fixed it yesterday
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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    please update
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    im waiting for this for my server too to be R5 ready. We rely on it for the self-promotion GuestTest at spawn
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    Please update this plugin :D
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    its not working with GroupeManager or do you think i dont have it configured right?
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    Hi :)
    I have some permission issues. Unfortunately a player with lvl1 can upgrade to lvl3 without having lvl2 bought before. How can I fix it? Any suggestions?​
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    How do you manually set the group for every world when using Groupmanager or PermissionsEx?
    I have the group Member and I only want Player ( the group below it) to rank up to it. Please help
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    Ok. I really need help. I got SignRank and it works fine BUT. I'm PermissionsBukkit and EssentialsGroupManager ('Cause if I don't have Essentials Group Manager, the SignRank folder won't be created) so when I'm making a sign saying

    It says 'The group doesn't exits' So then I'm typing /mangadd member. Then it works but it doesn't have all the permissions from the permissionsbukkit config? Why? Please help.
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    Need more Info Not sure What This means or the commands to it
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    hey, how do i set the signrank up in a world?
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    i'am also stuck a that point

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