Inactive [ADMN/MECH] SignRank v1.2.2 - Promote people automatically using signs [1.0.0]

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  1. SignRank - Promote people automatically using signs

    Project moved to BukkitDev
  2. You're welcome, I'm glad you've got it working! :)
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    I've got Ideas swimming through my head based on your work. This is great. Question though, is can you have more than one? i.e. Sign 1 promotes from Default to Member - Sign 2 promotes from Member to VIP? Sorry, probably seems like a Noob question now...

    Here's what I'm picturing:

    An RPG style server where the class Ranks are attainable through hidden RankSigns spread around the world. - have one set of signs to purge their class (demote) and another set to upgrade to different RPG Classes.

    Another Idea, is almost a Class/Quest type idea - you have to find 5 signs, in order, each time ranking you up in the background (i.e. Member, Member 2.0, Member 3.0, etc...) not really changing anything in the client. Then when you get to the 5th sign, you rank up to VIP
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    Can you allow us to make signs that require a specific group to use, and not just a default group

    for example Default --> Miner ---> MinerRank2 etc..
  5. [
    There's a setting called 'bypassGroupCheck'. It allows you to specify the name of the group you're going to get promoted to on the second line of the sign. Please keep in mind that clicking a sign while this is active will purge your current rank.

    I'm sorry, but this plugi does not have promotion tracks or something similar.
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    if you can get this plugin to work with redstone/hiddenswitch etc. i would be very thankful!
  7. I'm sorry, but I've stopped player Minecraft a few months ago. It's a miracle my plugins have not broken yet.
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    Using Permissions 3.1.6 and on Server Start there is an Error:

    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] Log version 0.8: Events initialised successfully.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] Log version 0.8: Data loaded successfully.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] Log version 0.8: Loaded properties file.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [SEVERE] No support Permissions plugin has been found, SignRank will support itself.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] SignRank has been disabled.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] CraftBookCommon 341-2723723 enabled.
    2011-11-15 08:45:22 [INFO] CraftBookCommon: Permissions plugin detected! Using Permissions plugin for permissions.

    Also there isnt any Folder SignRank in the Plugin Folder...
  9. I've uploaded version 1.2.1, which should fix Permissions3 support and a few minor things. (should I still post here?)
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    Got a slight issue..
    config is like this...
      toGroup: user
      worldName: HomeWorld
    signText: '[SignRank]'
    bypassGroupCheck: true
      rankUp: You've been promoted to a '%group%'.
      deny: You're already in the '%group%' group.
    And the groups i have in Permissions Bukkit are default, user, member, builder mod etc
    set myself to default by removing myself from the list in the PermissionsBukkit config.. ran minecraft and checked using /permissions player groups coverthoax and it shows that im in the default group.

    Created a sign with

    And when I click it it says "You've been promoted to a user" in green text... however i stay in the default group.
    I trued bypassGroupCheck on true and false but same thing happens.. any ideas?
  11. I'll look into it. I haven't tested with PermissionsBukkit for a while, an update might have broken this plugin. (PermissionsBukkit's reload method is 'private' (so you can't access it with other classes/plugins), so I had to do some hacking to make it work)
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    Ah I see.. is there not a way to make the sign run the command /permissions player setgroup %PlayersName% %GroupOnSign% when clicked on?
    Possibly by having a line of code that says
    if clicked run "/permissions player setgroup %PlayersWhoClickedName% %GroupOnSign%" as an OP
    Meaning the sign will work as if a OP had typed it into the command box?

    Or possibly add the username and group to the config file of PermissionBukkit then reloading the file thus adding them to the new group??? If thats at all possible?
  13. It's currently manually adding the entry to the .yml file. Maybe the name of the .yml file has changed. (or you have done so)
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    PermissionsBukit yml isin this location:

    What location is it supposed to be looking for?

    If I open the YML in notepad++ its fine if i then click the sign and go back to Notepad++ it says that its changed do i want to load the changes.. if I say yes it doesn't have anything different in it.

    Im guessing its accessing the right file but for some reason not actually adding the user to the document. :confused:

    EDIT:possibly make it look for "users:"
    After colon add
    newline followed by 8 spaces then playername colon...
    newline 12 spaces -GroupOnSign "SAVE File"
    Reload permissions?

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  15. Strange. I'll look into it when I get the time.
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    Just though id give you any info I can to help null out possibilities..

    Changed the yml file changing me from a admin to a guest and then ran the reload command for permissions and it changed the file back to me being a admin.. im guessing its not just saved in that file as it set me back to what I was :confused:
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    Keeps telling me there is an update, but I've updated it and it still says it..
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    Hey i need help i am trying to get this to work wat is the plugin command is it

    This is not working :(
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    funky man

    Got this installed and set up, but when i someone clicks the sign they get the "you've been promoted to Xrank" but no changes occur. Any body got a clue of what could be the cause?
  20. Which Permissions plugin are you using?
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    funky man

    permissionsbukkit with superpermbridge
  22. Someone else reported the same issue with PermissionsBukkit, and I have no idea why it's not working. (it has not updated since the writing of this plugin)
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    funky man

    Ok, fair enough. Will eagerly wait and see if you or someone else can pick up the fault.

  24. But why are you still using PermissionsBukkit? You'd most likely save yourself a headache or two by switching to PermissionsEx.
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    funky man

    Dunno to be honest was just directed to it as yeti's permissions was obsolete when i returned to the server side of things. Will start writing the config foe PEX and try it out on your recomendation. Will post back results later ;)

    Just had the time to test it, and all seems to be working great. Thanks.

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    Edit: nvm i figured it out great plugin man great work :)
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    Hi, how about adding line to promote from group that way you can have also other than default group promo.
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    All I keep getting is "SignRank is not setup for this world". Help?
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    I am also getting this message, CB 1840 , PEX 1.18 , SignRank v1.2 , no errors on startup.
    I just got my server back up and running after a month of downtime, so I haven't been up to date on much.
    Please look into this problem, this is a very important part of my server's automation and flow.
    Thank you for any investigation/solution.
    # 'signText' is the text that has to be on the first line of the sign to in order for it to be a SignRankSign.
    # You have to manually set the groups for every world when using either Permissions3, Groupmanager or bPermissions.
    # Those groups are ignored when 'bypassGroupCheck' is true, players will then be promoted to the group specified on the second line of the sign.
      toGroup: user
      worldName: world
    signText: '[Rank]'
    bypassGroupCheck: false
      rankUp: You've joined the '%group%' race.
      deny: You're already a '%group%' species.
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    how do I make permissions work?
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    I love your plugin, coolblinger!
    I was wondering if you could add iconomy support?
    There is a plugin called PaidRanks, but I don't want my users to type a command.
    Also, PaidRanks makes you rank up in a particular order.
    If you could respond, I would be grateful!

    Thanks Alot

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