Inactive [ADMN/MECH] SignRank v1.2.2 - Promote people automatically using signs [1.0.0]

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  1. SignRank - Promote people automatically using signs

    Project moved to BukkitDev
  2. Have you updated to version 1.1.1 or later? Permissions were ignored when building/destroying them pre-1.1.1.
  3. quite sure i had updated. I use a different system in the meantime.
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    can you add Groupmanager support?
    I really like your plugin, but I use Groupmanager on my server.
    Would be nice! Thanks.
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    Add a function that promotes people only if they are in existing group, it shouldn't be hard.
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    Throws an error when im using PEX. Does it work fine and just not know what PEX is doing?
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  8. I'll add support for PEX and GM when I come back from holiday, requesting it twenty times won't make it come faster. :p
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    Could you possible make this without a sign, but with a command instead.
    so people should type a command, that they have been told in small pieces thru a tutorial??
    It would be great!!
  10. I'll be home in a few hours, expect an update tomorrow.

    There are plenty of plugins that do this, but I can't think of any at the moment.
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    Try WordRank:
    When the update will be released?
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  12. I'll do it in a few hours, I did not have any time in the past week. :)

    I've got it working for GroupManager, you could have downloaded it here. (I'm not finished yet, e.g. I'm still working on support for some other plugins and fixing bugs)

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    Dos This work with permissionsEx ?
  14. Not yet, I was working on it, but I got sort of delayed. You should blame the new Deus Ex game. :p
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    lol :D
  16. Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, I still have to implement support for bPermissions and do some bug catching, but I've uploaded a working version that's compatible with pex which you could use in the meantime. :)

    <not needed anymore>
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    oh thanks
    and it's okey :D
  18. I've uploaded version 1.2, which adds support for GroupManager, PermissionsEx and bPermissions. Please post any bugs to the issue tracker.
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    i will test it out and send the erros to you ;)

    Nvm i got it to work and there i no erroes ! yet :D

    oh i found on maby if you are a rank allready a higther rank you will get demote by clicking the sign maby make a permissions node for it like signrank.deny and a message with you're already past this group and it dosen't show up the You're already in the '%group%' group. if you allready in the group and i dont know how to do that with the issue tracker :D and then you try to remove it you get
    demotet -.-

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  20. I've done it this way because it's failproof, but you could always edit the message to something more suitable. :)
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    oh okey buy could you maby do something so you dont get demote by clicking the sign (and sorry for my bad english)
    and i found a way to remove the sign without getting demotet :D
  22. You should only get promoted when in the default group, unless you've turned "bypassGroupCheck" on.
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    Hey there, I'm tring to get your plugin, signrank to work. Here is what I did.
    skylands: HolyWarrior
    skylands: HolyCrafter
    skylands: HolyPureblood
    skylands: HolyMage
    world: HolyWarrior
    world: HolyCrafter
    world: HolyPureblood
    world: HolyMage
    nether: HolyWarrior
    nether: HolyCrafter
    nether: HolyPureblood
    nether: HolyMage
    skylands: DefiantWarrior
    skylands: DefiantCrafter
    skylands: DefiantPureblood
    skylands: DefiantMage
    world: DefiantWarrior
    world: DefiantCrafter
    world: DefiantPureblood
    world: DefiantMage
    nether: DefiantWarrior
    nether: DefiantCrafter
    nether: DefiantPureblood
    nether: DefiantMage
    bypassGroupCheck: false
    signText: '[SignRank]'
    rankUp: You've been promoted to '%group%'.
    deny: You're already in the '%group%' group.
    toGroup: user
    Unfortunatly when anyone used a sign saying
    HolyWarrior (or any other class)
    They always ended up as a DefiantMage
    Please help
  25. I have replied to your ticket. :)
  26. It needs economy support. then you can buy the classes like in the example above if you reached the sign.
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    So...I just dont understand how to work this plugin, ive seen many different things, I tried typing [signrank] on a sign, didnt do anything. I also have commandsigns on but its the new 'rebuilt version' and it doesnt support GroupManager :mad: So im trying to use this to promote users who have gone through a test and at the end theres a sign, I just need to promote them to 'E' in order for them to build.
  28. The default text is '[SignRank]'. (with a capital S and R) :)
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    Oh wow i'm so sorry, i'm an idiot, I was on an older version of craftbukkit (The unstable 1.8 release) I updated to 1185 and it's working! For the most part, its actually saying that it's not set up for my world but I want the 'Def' players to go to the group 'E' (I'm using groupmanager)

    my file looks like this:

    worldName: E
    bypassGroupCheck: false
    signText: '[Level Up]'
    rankUp: You've been promoted to '%group%'.
    deny: You're already in the '%group%' group.
    toGroup: user
  30. You should set it uo like this:

       CreativeWorld; Builder
       Secobdworld: Citizen
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    Oh, I figured it out, I thought the Worldname was default and not literally the 'worlds name here', okay it's working now :D thanks!

    EDIT: I love the plugin! It works so well with the rule quiz on my server! If you want to check your plugin out on it you can see:, thanks again for the plugin, it saved a lot of time for me!

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