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    MCTelnet - A telnet server plugin for bukkit.
    Current Version: v1.2.7

    First off, this is not a wrapper, its a simple plugin. Plop it into your plugins folder, tweak the config file and your good to go.

    • Ability to access the server console from telnet.
    • Requires username + password on connect.
    • Port can be specified in config.yml
    • Additional users with different permissions can be set up.
    • Passwords can be encrypted in the config file (md5).
    • Contains a "sudo" command that will elevate you to the root user.
    Sample Config File:
    #Setup information
    encryptPasswords: true
    telnetPort: 8765
    allowAuthlessLocalhost: false
    #Root login information
    rootUser: console
    rootPass: abcd
    rootEncrypted: false
    #Other users
            log: true
            password: abcd
            commands: list, plugman, help
            passEncrypted: false
    Instructions by ScorchRaserik:
    • Possibly implementing usernames to log on with. Done
    • Possible Integration into Permissions. Not really possible right now.
    • Make config file write default values if missing. Done
    • Code cleanup
    • Make passwords hidden as you type (almost done).Done
    • Optional idle-timeout.
    • Sudo command (similar to linux). Done
    • Encrypt passwords in the config. Done
    Change Log:
    v1.2.7 - 9/23/2011
    - Fix chat color codes being printed on console.

    Change log (open)

    v1.2.6 - 8/16/2011
    - Fixed to work with CB 1060.

    v1.2.4 - 4/11/2011
    - Allowed periods to be used.

    v1.2.2 - 3/19/2011
    - Added ability to specify a listen address.
    - Rebuilt with latest CB (556)

    v1.2.1 - 2/28/2011
    - Rebuilt against latest recommended craftbukkit build (440 as of now).
    - Changed to static download link.

    v1.2 - 2/24/2011
    - Added sudo command.
    - Passwords will now be setup to be encrypted in the config file.
    - Passwords are now hidden as you type.
    - Other minor improvements.

    v1.1 - 2/22/2011
    - Added usernames, can now specify users and what commands they can use.
    - Cleaner config file with more information.
    - Missing config file is regenerated.
    - Many aesthetic improvements.

    v1.0 - 2/21/2011
    - Initial Release.

    File: MCTelnet
    Configuration File: config.yml
    Recommended Telnet Client: PuTTY

    Source: GitHub
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    The HeroChat text appears in the server.log.
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    Wow... I'll just hop on my buddy's laptop and jump in with PuTTY... :p
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    My phone has Putty, but this version only does SSH, not simple Telnet, hence the crazy roundabout.
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    Aah. Bummer. :p
    I'd probe further about your phone's OS and stuff, but I don't want to derail the thread.
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    Amazing plugin.

    With this I was able to telnet in, get a list of players and kick everyone (so players.dat would save properly), save-all and then stop the server (and re-load it).

    Thank you!
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    I need to know before I download this, can I set certain commands to be used by only certain people? I have direct VNC access to the owner's computer, but I want to give my server moderators (some of them) the ability to restart the server. I don't want them to be able to do ANYTHING else. Just a simple restart, such as a stop and then start (I'm not using a restart plugin).
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    That is currently not an option with this plugin; I think the ability to set up more limited users would be useful though.
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    I have the same problem and It got fixed when I switched to Ichat, unfotunatly Ichat is causing me some other issue, would it be possible to check for a fix ? I realy need both plugin
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    If they can't log into the server to use /stop then they won't be able to get into MCTelnet anyway.

    Also, you can only Stop the server with MCTelnet alone, there's nothing to restart the process. You will need AutoStop or something similart for a /restart command. Because MCTelnet is a plugin, it stops when the server does.
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    Some hosting services will start the server automatically if it's stopped via console however; Brohoster is one that does this, for example.
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    Well that seems a plus for all the anecdotal headache they seem to cause.

    And sure, you could register it as a process and have it auto restart even. I was explaining that MCTelnet isn't enough, they need some kind of feature like this anyway.
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    Found it useless after two weeks using and finally I have found the RemoteToolKit, it have more features to control server instance.
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    Does this work with #818?
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    Works great with 818
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    you're a poet and you didn't even know it
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    say HEEELP! I'm going on vacation TODAY and I need this fixed please!
    08:05:41 [SEVERE] [MCTelnet] - Unable to Enable! Error: Cannot assign requested
    address: JVM_Bind
    my config file
    rootUser: console
    telnetPort: 1337
    rootPass: 7a50aea9f0691d5e1c1e106d7fe31f57
    rootEncrypted: true
    encryptPasswords: true
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    Where's the 1.2.5 ChangeLog ?
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    Replying to my upper post. Its too late sooooooo yea i'll deal with it when I come back on sunday night.
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    I was wondering almost the same thing as George.
    There really isn't any documentation on that.
    What would the config file look like with 2 users? (with same permissions, in my case)
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    I saw a bit easier solution in some other program.
    They were using two separate configuration instructions for plaintext password and for encrypted password.
    Every time program start up, it look for unencrypted password entries, encrypt them and replace in config.
    So, you may do the same.
    If "encryptPasswords=true", just look for any "password=", take it as plain text and convert to "passwordEncrypted=...", removing plaintext passwords from config.
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    I am using a Telnet Client called Spackle because I am on a mac. When i put in the ip and port number then it then asks for the username I put it in and then it asks for password but then it does not let me type anymore. I also tried in terminal and same thing happened. any idea why and what i can do to fix it?
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    The telnet program doesn't show you typing, but it's still there.
    It's basically the same as passwords being shown as ******, just with blanks instead of asterisks.
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    All my administrator are waiting the update. This plugin is very usefull because I can control my server with my Android phone :D
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    What update? This works perfectly with 1.7.2.
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    PuTTY alternative for mac?
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    for ssh:
    ssh -l [username] [address]
    for telnet:
    telnet ip portnumber
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    Hello everyone,

    If I use PuTTY or my own TelnetClient I get curious Strings as Answer like:
    The Information is included but is that normal?

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    Is it possible to get this to work with a Hamachi server?
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    am I supposed to be able to see chat logged to the console with this plugin? Currently I can issue commands and only see when an event like [PLAYER_COMMAND] happens, but not [INFO] (which is chat)

    It'd be completely perfect if it only showed chat messages too :D
  31. This is really great, in combination with Net::Telnet :

    use Net::Telnet;
    $t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10,
    Prompt => '/:/');
    $t->open(Host => "", Port => 8765);
    $t->login("console", "ENTER_YOUR_MCTELNET_ROOT_PASS_HERE");

    print "DONE see result below:<br>";
    foreach $line (@lines) {
    print "$line<br>";

    So now I can easly connect this with a Web script and do things from the web script in a easy way.

    BTW, I would suggest adding the WEB tag to the thread title.

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