Inactive [ADMN/INFO] MineBans v0.8 - A Fair Global Banning System [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jacek, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Did you mange to reset your password using the new page ? Also I remove the whitelist in favor of a more proper fix a long time ago now :)

    EDIT: ;)
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    I managed to reset it, and it worked. I still can't change the password though. ._.

    I didn't mean it. I tried to return it. D: *tries out appeal system*
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    I'll be uploading the new settings page in an hour or so.

    Hmmm... *considers appeal*

    Took a bit longer, but you can now change your password on the settings page :)

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    This happened again. It seems like it's the same scenario as last time. D:

    Your IP:
    Servers IP:
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    I'll whitelist that IP again. I guess. This is a very irritating problem since the only way to fix it is to dramatically reduce security. Maybe the best thing to do would be to allow server owners to add other IPs that API requests can come from for their server.

    Also, new downloads page :D

    The slow loading changelog is now moved to a new page and a bit more info about the file is there.

    More space for the addon plugins too.

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    Popular submissions take ages to get approved as they are always bumped, approved.
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    That should make them quicker :?

    Thanks anyway :D

    In other news, the first user with more than 1 ban

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    No because I start at the bottom and these are always at the top ;P
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    Version 0.8.2
    • Added some methods for the upcoming anti spam plugin
    • Fixed the global ban plugin API method sometimes not working
    • Added support for MineBansAntiSpam (net yet available)
    • Fixed a possible Exception in the default spam evidence collector
    • Added an internal fall-back for people without a block logging plugin so that griefing data should always be provided.
    • Added a command to check the status of the main server (/minebans status) that shows the load averages and the time it took to reply.
    • Added support for Guardian.
    Something to bear in mind about the status command is that the main server has 4 physical cores and each of these are hyper threaded. This means that a load average of around 8 corresponds to 100%. The most important thing is the reply time anyway :)

    Yes this should have been 0.9 really but changing a commit message is not simple !
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    I'm a bit stuck as to handle the compromised accounts feature and would love to know what people think. Let me explain the problem first. I recently got hold of a very large list of accounts (with their passwords) these were described as a "list of alt accounts" so obviously meant to be used by bad people. There is a possibility that the original owners have now changed their passwords and are playing as normal. I think it's more likely that even if the passwords don't work they will still be in the control of the bad people, since people I have known who have had their accounts stolen have told me they had been forced to buy new ones.

    So should I check all of the passwords and add only the valid ones to the compromised account list, or add the entire list of usernames ? I'm currently leaning towards adding the whole list but don't want to get on the wrong side of the community by globally banning over 10,000 players at the drop of a hat.

    So what do you think ?

    I have noticed quite a lot of the accounts already on the list trying to connect to my server, so it's apparently working.
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    I think you should add something like mcbans has, when signing up for an account at, you should have to sign onto a server to link your minecraft account, that way nobody can sign up for you.
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    We use a different method to validate your account but it should not be possible to sign up unless you have a valid Minecraft premium account,
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    Grrr... Cant use it with MCbans as Second System?
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    I don't see why not ? I also don't see why you would want to, they both do the same thing so using both is a bit overkill.

    In other news, the 100,000th API request was processed today :D

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    Out of curiosity, would some people mind posting their response time to the server ?

    Just use /mbans s in game and see how many ms it tells you :D
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    You still working on Minebans? This thread is all quiet :p
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    I am :) We are getting about 4 new severs registering per day at the moment which is good, the current total being 91 of which 46 made a request in the last 24 hours. I'm taking the quiet thread a good sign that nothing is going wrong :)

    There won't be any major changes to the way the system works now, the only major thing that I have planned at the moment is to make a proper design for the website and make a few things easier to use. The appeal system could also use a bit of attention since there have been a few cases where a player has appealed a ban with a server that no longer exists, and since we have some data from the server there is no reason why we can't decide if the ban should be removed.

    Oh and another fun fact ! 77% of the bans uploaded are supported by some kind of evidence :D

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    Me attempting to re-ban someone so it's logged in the Minebans database:

    It hung the server. I had to force restart it.
    12:18:40 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-49854"
    12:18:40 [SEVERE] java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -14
    12:18:40 [SEVERE]      at java.lang.String.substring(
    12:18:40 [SEVERE]      at com.minebans.pluginInterfaces.hawkeye.HawkEyeBlockPlacedCallback.execute(
    12:18:40 [SEVERE]      at
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    Interesting. I guess I misunderstood how HawkEye works. what kind of ban was this ?

    EDIT: Nevermind the exception has the line number ;)

    I have added a check to make sure it doesn't break for now

    Any chance I could get an SQL dump for the player your tried to ban, I need to work out what data causes the problem and since I don't actually use HawkEye that is kinda hard.

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    2 more servers and we will be at 100 registered.

    Thanks for being brave and trying out a new project :D

    Just saying ;)
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    Before anyone asks, yes it works with the R2.0 :D
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    I just wasted an entire day from 6AM until now trying to make the website look nice.

    I do suck at design, but at least it doesn't look like my server control panel any more and I added a few of those pointless features that people like :)

    Feedback welcome :D

    Also regarding
    Getting on for 200 now :D
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    it does not verify my mc account :-( Downloaded ref-skin, uploaded it but still....
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    What's your player name ? The most common problem is that people don't get the capitals in the right places which means I can't get the skin correctly. If you let me know what it should be I can look into it for you :)
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    spike1985 no caps... i think. otherwise it is Spike1985
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    Yep it was lowercase but you entered an uppercase S. I updated the database anyway so you should be good to go :D

    If only the skin URL was not case-sensitive like the rest of the game !
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    Version 0.8.5
    • Now only collects data from the last 24 hours
    • Added NoCheatPlus support
    • Improved NoCheat support
    Update if you use NoCheatPlus :D
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    News ! The next ban uploaded will be number 1000 !
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    Whenever i try to give a ban reason it can only be global,
    so do i need to globally ban everyone with the reason or not?
    or could you add like mcbans that its an global ban like /gban <Player> <Reason>
    or just typ /globalban <Player> <reason>
    Thanks for reading and GL with devolping ;)
    Greets Revo

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