Inactive [ADMN/INFO] MineBans v0.8 - A Fair Global Banning System [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    and.... what is this supposed to prove? All im noticing is that Jacek is making a wonderful plugin and maybe your getting a bit nervous that he might steal the spot with " Global Bans "

    send us some links to the " Lifted Code " rather then a blunt link to his main package. id like to see comparisions between MCBans code and MineBans code.

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    I started this as a personal project and when I made the WIP thread people seemed to like the idea.
    I see the problem though, lots of competing systems is not good for anyone. Really we should work out a way for the various plugins to share the same database.

    Just noticing that you are probably trying to discredit my project with totally nonsense accusations because of the recent MCBans controversy.

    As far as I know there are not even any similarities between the inner workings of MCBans and MineBans let alone copied code.
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    I apologize. Best of luck with this project.
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    This looks like a very promising system and the ideas are great however when I tried to sign up I got an error and accidently refreshed the page so I cant copy the full error but I think it said something similar to "generic error". And when I tried to sign up again it said the email/username was already in use and when I login it says I need to validate my email which I havent got.

    Hope you can fix it soon, looking forward to seeing what it can do :D
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    Oops. I'll have a look into that now. Thanks for the report.

    Fixed within 3 minutes, hows that for service !

    The problem was that I re-worked hoe minecraft account verifications were handled and forgot to remove a bit of code from the add_user method. So it was trying to insert some stuff into a table that didn’t exist. That then prevented the activation email being sent.

    I'll PM you the link you need to activate your email. And I should probably add a resend button eh.

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    Interface looks nice and simple, going to try setting it up at the weekend :D

    Just an idea, could you make (or do you have) a "linked servers" option, basically I'm in a network with two servers, and if they are banned from one server we would like them to be instantly blocked/banned from our other server and vise versa.
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    It's actually a temporary one, I borrowed it from the server control panel that I made. But thanks.

    I don't at the moment. Really it would be best done with an external plugin using the PluignAPI, since they could only really be banned locally on the second server.

    I have another plugin that provides some alternative ban commands called MineBansTools coming soon so I will try to add shared bans as a feature of that I think.
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    As long as it doesn't send me in an endless loop of "this is an old page, MOVED", "error 404" etc.

    I will be happy.
    Thanks :D

    EDIT: Forgot to ask, is there a way to import a bans list? Thanks!
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    Not properly, but you can add a list of names to the locally-banned-plaers.txt file while the server is offline, and I think mcbans has an export option ?
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    It does, and I will use the local banned file when I set it all up :)
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    does it ban with ip or username?
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    Username, tracking IP addresses is so pointless ! A lot of people have dynamic IPs and proxies are easy to find. The playername is unique that that player.
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    Jacek nice work dude!
    hope you get approved :D
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    Thanks :D

    I had an idea for a feature, to give each page it's own RSS feed (or json). Server could use that to publish bans on their websites. Would anyone like to see that ? Since it will take a little bit of making there is not much point if it wont be used.

    I also had the idea of letting admin upload a template file for the appeal page. Since they might want to make it more like a part of their own site and less like mine.
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    plz add a feature to ban an ip address, i got lots of ppl wich use multiple accounts
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    Just one rb in title
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    There is the vanilla /ipban command No sense in my re-implementing that.

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    Its /ban-ip I think. But a good idea might be to alert admins that a player has connected from the same IP as another person who is already online. It doesnt track the ips and log them, just if two players are connected it tells us.

    OMG! That would be epic x10000!
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    Information is always good ! I'll see what I can do about that. I guess I could create a ban command for IPs, it might be nice for it to use the alert system anyway.

    Already working on feeds, you will be able to request all of a servers bans if you know it's API key and some more limited things if you don't.

    Custom appeal pages will take a bit longer since I need to work out how to make it secure ! It might be better idea to have a kind of appeal API that people can use actually.
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    What exactly does that do? It sounds like anybody with default skin will be booted as non-premium even if they have premium.
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    When you sign up you are able to download your current skin (as a backup) and you are then given a new skin with random pixels all over it, which is then used to verify that you are the owner of the account, much better than having to try to join random servers to verify it, especially when bukkit is being updated for a new version of minecraft. After that you can reupload your old skin :D
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    UPDATE: I just uploaded a tiny part of the web API, details here

    If you know a servers API key you can get a list of all of the bans it has made in JSON format. This will be limited to 100 bans per page soon and you will be able to specify the number per page and the page number, if you server has 1000 bans downloading them all to only show the first 10 would be a bit silly !

    I'll be producing a minebans php class to make interacting with the web API stuff a lot simple too.

    Just an update :)
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    Jacek Sorry for ignoring you, I was fixing up a plugin :(

    Anyways, I keep getting these annoying login messages about the key being invalid, but it's correct though.

    [Multicraft log is backwards]
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO [MineBans v0.3.1]: The API failed to respond even with a longer timeout, it might be down for some reason.
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at$1.execute(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at com.minebans.PlayerLoginListener.onPlayerPreLogin(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO    at com.minebans.PlayerLoginListener.processPlayerBanData(
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] SEVERE Could not pass event PlayerPreLoginEvent to MineBans
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO [MineBans] Server Responce: E02 - Invalid API key.
    16.03 22:55:00 [Server] INFO [MineBans] Failed to fetch bans for 'mroberts6'.
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    I noticed on the wiki (
    In order to ban someone locally it uses the normal "/ban example_player" however could you make it so local ones can have reasons as well, otherwise I will not know why people are banned when they appeal on our website.
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    Could your server IP have changed ? I just made the error message more clear so it will tell you if that is the problem. If it is that you will have to update your IP.

    It will be awkward to make it not conflict with the other /ban commands :s for example someone might try to locally ban for theft with /ban example_player theft but that would actually issue a global ban since theft is one of the keywords. I guess I could add a /localban command. I'll see what I can do :)
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    Does it have to be the numerical IP?
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    No it should work out the actual address form the name. That might not even be the problem, try a lookup and see which error you get now I have modified the key checking
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    Hmmm, I registered an account, but I didn't receive the E-mail. This probably has something to do with my domain though, so I would like to change my E-mail adress. Is this possible?
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    You will just have to register again, the account cleanup script will delete your old account in a few days. If you want, PM me the email address you used and I will remove your account manually.
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    When someone connects and has a ban, could you make the summary one line, because when there are many people connecting and a few have bans or removed bans it spams the chat a lot. And tbh I don't really see the point in removed bans, as if they were removed it means they were innocent.

    Also, when I try to add Moderators to the server and enter their ign it says "The email address you entered is not valid." So I dunno whats happening.

    Finally one of my moderators with the in-game name "mine_jesus" has had a problem signing up, if you could delete his account that would be great.


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