[ADMN/GEN] MagnaIpsum v0.3 - an ingame interface for BukkitDev [1060]

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    Download v0.3

    Easily search for and install plugins from BukkitDev
    MagnaIpsum provides an (experimental) in-game interface to BukkitDev allowing you to download the most up-to-date versions of your favourite plugins - as well as easily keeping them up-to-date and finding and installing new plugins!

    There are a few configuration options - all of which are based around whitelisting plugins for installation.
    whitelist: false
    - bpermissions
    - bchat
    deny-message: Cannot install this plugin
    whitelist sets if you want to use the installation whitelist.
    whitelist-plugins contains a list of the whitelisted plugins
    deny-message contains the message that is shown when you try to install a non-whitelisted plugin

    There are three commands
    /search plugin
    /install plugin
    It is recommended you use /search plugin first because it will help you find the name you are looking for to use for /install plugin.
    The name is derived from http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/NAME/ and will be on your server after installation as a NAME.txt containing the version (for checking against the latest version online) and the Jarfile name (for uninstalling and rolling back).

    Permission nodes
    There is only one permission node magna.ipsum and this is a SUPERPERMS node - meaning you have to use a SuperPerms managed like bPermissions in order to use this plugin - it defaults to ISOP for people who don't have/want permissions installed.

    • v0.1 - initial release under BukkitDevDownloader name
    • v0.2 - name change to MagnaIpsum
    • v0.3 - implemented some feauture requests
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    Yeah, right. It's not useful until it has MySQL and iConomy support.
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    Do not forget permissions. All the different types. Oh and world edit support so we can only update certain areas with the new jars.
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    You missed CraftBukkitUpToDate support.
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    /me stops this. Pail support.
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    I see what you did here B.
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    I love you , and every thing you make . You have made me as happy as a 17 year old can be without being slightly aroused

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