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    You may wonder, why so many tags? Well, that is because this plugin simply contains a lot of features that fall under those tags! I originally made (parts of) this plugin for our server, but it proofed to be a 'publishable' plugin as well. :)


    This plugin features everything related to worlds. Features:
    • Load, unload, copy, delete, save and create worlds
    • Show information of worlds and list available chunk generators and worlds
    • Set world game mode, difficulty, time, weather, autosaving, PvP
    • Set world mob spawn restrictions
    • Evacuate worlds to clear them from players
    • Repair broken worlds to some extend
    • Make portals cross-world, one-way, simple, no commands needed
    • World-specific chat rooms using permissions
    • Automatically load worlds when the server starts and persistent settings
    • Extensive permission system, you can even set who can enter what world
    • Can act as a tool for other plugins to teleport players from one world to the other
    • Simple teleportation commands
    • Set OP lists for specific worlds to make players operator on certain worlds
    • Easy-to-remember commands: with aliases and chat-message help
    A nice tutorial by FrozdY

    BukkitDev page

    For configuration, commands, etc, look on the BukkitDev page under Links.
    All documentation pages are now on Bukkit Dev.

    Known bugs:
    - None
    Disclaimer (because things CAN go wrong)

    I am not responsible for world damages done by this plugin or by certain commands this plugin performs. If you, for example, loaded 20 worlds and hosted it on a buggy computer with 30 players, odds are the server (and your computer) will crash and worlds become corrupted. Repair can fix worlds, but this does not recover damaged chunks, so don't think you are always covered. Also, never forget to make backups of your worlds, but I guess this is common sense...

    - Different inventories per world? No, you can use World Inventories for that.
    - Or try MultiInv while it is still maintained.
    - Repair ruined your world? Backup of region files can be found in the region folder, simply restore.

    Important links:

    Download the MyWorlds.jar from GitHub
    Look at the source at GitHub
    BukkitDev page


    Show your appreciation for my plugins by donating
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    Completely understandable. Thanks for the tip.
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    Just wondering, how do I disable items getting through portals?
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    Hi, great plugin. But please make the Permission Plugin PEX available for your plugin.
    I will define that a group cannot enter a portal in PEX(via - -myworlds.portal.enter.portalname), but your plugin ignore these.

    And your PermissionDefault.yml isn't easy to understand. I don't know how to deny in these file the defaultgroup to enter a portal. Also i can't find a helptext for these file - how to configure.
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    Some of my portal destinations seem to lead above the actual portal, usually on ground level. It's very annoying, is there anyway to prevent this?
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    But could you fix this? I really want to set that beginners can't built in my world, only in the 'beginners' world
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    Davey_Wavey it is default behaviour, as portal signs are meant to be placed underneath the ground.

    samuelvisser CraftBukkit had a bug, they already fixed it. The next recommended build will restore this properly. (or you can use the latest build to fix it now)
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    I had a problem that the plugin didnt save the settings like lock time weather and loaded worlds...

    than i read your /stop topic and i /stopt my server... it worked. but is it normal that we need to /stop cause on older versions it auto saved :O
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    Ok, thanks!
    Now I can make my server public!

    I set my server in the latest build.
    All the world build things are working now.
    But still the /tpp command permissions are not working.
    I gave the survivalers, for example, the permission to teleport to world beginner
    (- but still the can't teleport to beginner.
    how can I fix this?

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    joris579 it never auto-saved, auto-saving changing configurations is something I still need to implement in BKCommonLib. (to do this in a plugin function one of the plugins can override). Stop is always needed, though most wrappers take care of this before closing.

    samuelvisser May be due to the enter permissions (also having to set You can disable teleport permissions alltogether in the configuration and just use the enter permission. Not sure why I added both an enter and teleport...maybe to make a difference between portal and manual teleportation.
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    Small new problem: "I was a bit busy with water and i created a stream, i felt in and i got teleported to another spawn. but there is no portal near." and "the portals dont save in portals.txt for me, and i /stop t xD"
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    joris579 disable the default portal (/world setportal "") for the world or disable water portals altogether in the configuration. Second thing, look for errors in the log while disabling and check your OS if the file is not read-only.
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    bergerkiller thx ! now my server works perfect without errors, you got a new donation in a few min :p

    EDIT I could not send a message but its send, its not much :$ for good work
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    Ok, thanks
    I just put off the world enter permissions in the config.
    But I think you can better remove or the teleport permissions or the world enter permissions, otherwise more people will get the same problem as I had ;)
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    Does anyone else have a problem with skylands worlds? I have made flat and normal worlds but when making skylands_test or skylands or skylandsworld it just gives me a regular world.
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    Hey, bergerkiller, I have a small problem.

    This plugin is honestly the best multiworld plugin around, and I've been using it for months now to great effect.



    I REALLY need a fix for that people sending items through portals thing. Like really. People on my server, even though it's a private server among friends, are using it for cheating and it's really something that should be fixed ASAP :c
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    Yep, I posted a ticket about it and it was confirmed. Only if they will fix it, is the question...
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    I really hope this is fixed promptly, mostly because I was looking to expand my server past the private domain but with this... I can't really be sure that I can control what people are bringing onto the world.
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    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I've seen some issues with villagers from a creative world walking into a normal one and vice versa. If theres a setting that prevents that it'd be nice, because it seems like most mobs can move through portals without restriction.

    EDIT: Actually a way to switch portals on and off would be pretty useful.
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    I am having trouble with Group Manager permissions. I setup mod permission that work with the default world. As soon as you use a portal to move to another world, ur demoted to default. What should I do?
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    I'm having an issue with people being able to build in my worlds, and I've been trying to fiddle around and fix the problem for a few hours now, and I've given up. Can you tell me how to allow others to build? I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I used the regular permissions file ._. No plugins or anything.
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    HI there,

    I have a IC² 1.95b + BC 2.2.14 with mcpc 84 server and My Worlds plugin installed.

    IC² wires and machines work well in main world but in other world textures of machines turn and color on wires disapear when I disconnect/reconnect of the server. Machines work but textures are buggy.

    Is there an issue to that ?

    THanks a lot
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    can u use groupmanger?
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    What does it stand for ?
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    I'm having trouble with vanilla portals. When someone creates one in a world that is not listed as main in the server properties, it shows the animation and nothing happens. When the world is switched to main, it works fine. Any fix?
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    Hey Your Portla System Is Awesome & I'd Love To Use It But Sadly I Am A MultiVerse Fan I Suggest Making Another Seperate Plugin As A Portal Plugin :D! (Excuse My Spelling & Grammer)
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    how to make a flat map but with more dirt blocks ? I don't want 4 block then bedrock
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    I was wondering how to turn off items between worlds. I set up a creative world with my main world, but they still had the items from creative. Is there any way to turn that off?
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    I have a problem with the permissions.
    I want beginners to be able to use the portal to the nether and back.
    I gave them all this permissions:
    - myworlds.portal.enter.nether_beginner (the name of the portal in the nether to the beginners world)
    - myworlds.portal.enter.beginner_spawn (the name of the portal in the beginners world to the nether)
    - myworlds.portal.teleport.beginner_spawn
    - myworlds.portal.teleport.nether_beginner
    But still it says:
    you are not allowed to enter this portal
    when they just ignore those messages and keep standing in the portal, the are teleported to the nether, but also if they use the portal to go back to the beginner world, the are going to the nether...
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    Wtf? Uhm Could someone help me... Im making a creative pixel art world and i cant seem to set the gamemode for it. I type this /world gamemode 1 PixelPark Which should set it right? Well insted it clears it.. when im in the world and i type /world gamemode it says Gamemode for PixelPark not set..

    So.. How do i set the gamemode for a world so when people go into the world it chanegs there gm to creative!?

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    DanielHebbard check if you are not using a plugin like WorldGuard which 'locks' the gamemode of a world or player.

    Digitized pizoisoned JacobYarbrough
    • You can now set that only players are teleported by Portal blocks
    • NPCs are now included in the spawn limiter (snowman, ocelot, villager and irongolem included)
    • You can now separate inventories per world (plus exception permission and commands to set it)
    • Time locking not being saved is fixed
    /world inv
    /world inventory
    /world inventory merge [worldnames]
    /world inventory split [worldnames]
    /world inventory detach [worldnames]
    Merge: Will make all specified world names share the same inventory. If a world already shares with another world, that world is included.
    Split: Will give all worlds specified a separate inventory. Use it before merging with another world.
    I'll be looking through some more tickets to see what else I can add for 1.46.


    Updated to 1.46. All above changes are included.

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