[ADMN/GEN/ECON/WGEN] SideKick v8.8.1 - Commands you need with a server![1.5.2]

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    <font color="#000000">Sidekick- Who else will have your back? - SideKick</font>

    <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"> [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]</font></font></font>

    <font color="#008000">DONATE HERE</font>
    <font color="#000000">Description:</font>
    <font color="#000000">This plugin allows you to control the ultimate server! With the best commands, a economy system from scratch, worldedit commands, and anti-griefing modes, chat commands, world generators + more! Fun minigame modes to play too! Enjoy</font>
    <font color="#ff0000">Please Report Bugs/Ideas/Suggestions/Fixes Here:</font>
    <font color="#3366ff"><font color="#3366ff">http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/sidekick/tickets/</font></font>
    <font color="#000000">Our Github: www.github.com/ProjectTeam</font>
    <font color="#000000">+[DEV/SEC/CHAT]</font>
    <font color="#000000">Check it out also @BukkitDev</font>
    <font color="#000000">[​IMG]</font>
    <font color="#000000">Features:</font>
    <font color="#000000">Ultimate Commands and Server Manager</font>
    <font color="#000000">Chat ControlsCustom </font>
    <font color="#000000">World Edit Commands!</font>
    <font color="#000000">Economy System</font>
    <font color="#000000">World Generating Commands</font>
    <font color="#000000">Control for the Admin!</font>
    <font color="#000000">Custom Rules Config!</font>
    <font color="#000000">Easy to use Item Spawner</font>
    <font color="#000000">Commands For AntiGriefing!</font>
    <font color="#000000">Easy to use Fly Command</font>
    <font color="#000000">Minigames and Modes Included</font>
    Custom Item Prices to sell!
    <font color="#0000ff">Wear Block Hats!</font>
    <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000">[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][U][URL='[URL]http://www.youtube.com/user/emericask8ur'][/URL][creeper]Click To See My Youtube Channel[/URL][creeper][/U][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]</font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font>
    <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000">[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#000000][U]Older video![/U][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]</font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font>

    How The Config Works:

    Featured: World Gen Feature

    <font color="#ff0000">WATCH MORE VIDEOS BELOW!!!</font>

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    Note Writer Feature

    <font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000"><font color="#000000">More About:</font></font></font></font></font></font></font>
    This plugin not only does commands but GameModes, AntiGrief Modes, World Edit Commands, Chat Commands, + Many more! Its the perfect plugin even if you just started a Server and new to bukkit! SideKick will take you step by step with simple and easy to use commands. Unlike some of the other plugins, they might get confussing to even advanced
    server admins. But Like I said SideKick is easy to use and has a BUNCH of features!
    We are Under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Act
    Reporting Bugs
    If you encounter ANY bugs what so ever, please either Leave a comment or Log into BukkitDev and leave a Report. If for some reason you have a Stack Trace of the Error, Please Put if in a [ Code ] Form to prevent a long spamming message! Thank you
    <font color="#ff0000">Please Report Bugs/Ideas/Suggestions/Fixes Here:</font>
    <font color="#3366ff"><font color="#3366ff">http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/sidekick/tickets/</font></font>
    Config Preview

    Show Spoiler

    Money File Preview(example of mine)

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    Some plugins you can use for the Permission Nodes:

    Permission Nodes
    [​IMG] Download

    Updated CB 1.5.2

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    Version 8.7
    * Updated CB

    Version 8.5
    * Updated Fly Command
    * Merged all event classes
    * Fixed onPlayerInteractEvent - (The Spam of Console)
    * Removed ToolLast Command

    Version 8.0
    * Added HelpOp Command
    * Added Marker & QuickWarp Command - Teleportation category

    Version 7.5
    * -Clean Ups
    * -Renamed packages
    * -New Menu, Command Lists only show if player has permission for them

    Version 7.0
    * -Added API for Sidekicks menu
    * -Fixed GameMode permission bug allowing players with Sidekick.creative and Sidekick.survival to change other users gamemode. Fixes SIDEKICK-7.
    * -Implemented optional extra argument for /ChangeName, if user has permission, user can use /Changename [Player] [Name]. Addresses SIDEKICK-3.
    * -Fixed /Message and /Warn giving console error with few arguments. Fixes SIDEKICK-1.
    * -Added Permission node for /Save. Addresses SIDEKICK-10.
    * -Made item Value listing more efficient in the config.
    * -Updated SideKicks menu, now uses API
    * -Improved TP command
    * -Added ability to God Other players(Sidekick.god.other)
    * -Fixed Unknown command message.
    * -Implemented Economy API
    * -Code Clean up
    * -Added Back API
    * -Added /Back
    * -Implemented /Give [Player] [Item] <Amount> (Optional arugments: [Player] <Amount>) Should work with TMI mod.
    * -Removed commands /Join, /Quit, /Beware, /Send, /Mode Change, /XP, /Dehydrator

    Version 6.1
    * Fixed page number error
    * Removed Shotgun Command
    * Fixed why some mobs won't spawn.
    * Changed broadcast of PvP command
    * Fixed why senders name was in message and warnings
    * Tweak on Menu
    * Updated Personal Enchantment API
    * Added message for /Heal if healing yourself.
    * Compatible with 1.2.5-R1.0
    * /Creative and /Survival now has optional arguments as /(Creative/Survival) [Player]
    * New way to list worlds /Worlds or /List Worlds
    * Added Basic Calculator Command
    * Added new argument for Tp, now can use /Tp [Player] or /Tp [Player] [Player]
    * Re-coded PvP command
    * Fixed ALL Kick and Ban commands not working in console. (Removed from SideKick)

    Version 6.0
    * Compatible with craftbukkit-1.2.4
    * Fixed Version Mistake
    * Updated Mobs
    * Implemented all new code with 1.2.4
    * Updated Items
    * Fixed Arrow shooting, Occurred on builds for R7 and above.
    * Added ability to use more arguments on SideKick Menu; /SideKick [Page]
    * Fixed ban command
    * Added Message if too many arguments is present.

    Version 5.0
    * /List Worlds - Now list worlds normally
    * Clean Up
    * Fixed any Op/DeOp issues
    * Added Custom PotionEffect HashMap
    * New Commands

    Commands Added
    * /Players
    * /PotionEffect ?
    * /PotionEffect <PotionEffect>
    * /PotionEffect <Player> <PotionEffect>

    Version 4.6
    * Typing Just /Tp without the actually /Tp <user>
    * Same applies to all teleporting commands
    * Clean up on Menu
    * Updated to R-4

    Updated to R-4
    Version 4.5
    * Added Wear Commands(Fun Section)
    * Cleaned up Code
    * Fixed Menu Error(Saying Page 6 instead of 7)

    Version 4.0
    * Upgraded to new RB
    * New Events

    Version 3.1
    * Added Data Values :1 , :2 etc to items
    * Checked if File Exists on /Create <File> <Output>
    * Files now go in SideKick Folder
    * Commit

    Version 3.0
    * Added File Creator for In game notes
    * Commit

    Version 2.9
    * Added Permission Node Sidekick.* to use all commands
    * Code Clean Up
    * Commit

    Version 2.8
    * Implemented Setting Pvp on or off in Certain Worlds /Pvp <on/off> & /Pvp <Worldname> <On/Off>
    * Upgraded/Added Into Old Commands and Code
    * Set Correct Version on Startup/Stop

    Version 2.5
    * Fixed GodMode Glitch
    * Added Fixed/Auto Listed Items in Config to Edit Prices of Items
    * Updated HashMap
    * Added A WorldEdit command /Add Under <Block> <X> <Y> <Z>

    Version 2.0
    * Fixed (Money) Economy not saving on Server startup/close
    * Fixed World Travel, (Closing Server and not being able to Travel to the world)
    * Implemented Economy; Selling Items (Edit Items and prices in Config)
    * Added 1.0 Items
    * Added New Mobs/Animals/NPC to Spawn
    * Fixed Economy StackTraced Error
    * Added Config for New Server Build
    * Config for: World Listing, Players names and Money, Rules
    * Added New Command
    * Updated Some Minor Commands
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Version 1.8.3
    * Created a New Download for those who dont want Kicking nonOps using BlackListed items
    * Added New Commands

    Version 1.8.2
    * Added Ability to warn players
    * Added Block Placing Anti Griefing Log
    * Fixed World Bug
    * Added Shortcuts to Items
    * Leaves now have a chance of dropping leaves,Golden apples(Small Chance)
    * Added To MysteryBox Mini Game
    * Added A Mobs To Spawn(Cave Spiders)

    Version 1.8
    * Added New Commands
    * Added Way new feature to control players
    * Added Anti Grief Cmd Logs

    Version 1.6
    * Added Spawn and SetSpawn Commands
    * Added MultiWorld Command
    * Tweaked Some Old Code
    * Put MultiWorld Command in Sidekick Page 3

    Version 1.5
    * Added Some Chat & Server Commands
    * Added Randomly Dropped Golden Apples
    * Added Some Item ShortCuts and Names
    * Added Command to Send Items Through Command

    Version 1.1
    * Added Giving other People Items Command
    * Added Custom Ban Message
    * Added Private Messaging Command (Mail/Instant messaging)
    * Fixed Very Small Bug in /Kick
    * Now on Version 1.1!

    Version 0.9
    * Added New Manage Commands
    * Added Menu 6
    * Added Ban Commands
    * Fixed All "Internal Error" Problems
    * New Menu Look
    * Remove the need of command /both <Prefix> <Suffix> to have Both

    Version 0.8.5
    * Added Another Chat Command
    * Updated Plugin to new Build 1240
    * Added a Mob/Animal Spawner
    * Updated some Commands and code

    Version 0.8
    * Added World Generator /Worldgen <Type> <Name>
    * Added World Teleporter /GoTo <WorldName>
    * New Menu!
    * Added New Command Layout arguments example /time <day/night> + Alot more
    * Added Command Broadcast <Message> + More
    * Added New Chat Commands
    * Added New Nodes

    - * Added Healing Other instead of just you

    Version 0.7
    * Added Custom World Edit Commands / Edit <Block>
    * Added More Nodes
    * Cleaned up menu
    * Added Broadcast when Time or Weather changes
    * Fixed XP command bug

    Version 0.6.7
    * Added Fun Commands
    * Added More to the Mysterybox Command
    * Added XP command

    Version 0.6.5
    * Added New Fun Commands
    * Added New Server Manager Command

    Version 0.6/0.6.1
    * Added GameMode Commands
    * Added Chat Commands
    * Added More Nodes
    * Added /ToMe <Username>

    Version 0.5
    * Custom Rules Condig * Ediable
    * Economy System
    * All 1.8 Items Updated
    * More Antigriefing Modes
    * Added Data Values to spawn items as well as /give and /i

    Version 0.3.6
    * Fixed Give Bug
    * Added Alt way of receiving Items
    * Added Commands

    Version 0.3.5
    * Added AntiGrief Command
    * Added More Manager Commands, and Fun Commands + GodMode

    Version 0.3.4
    * Added Teleport Shortcut
    * New Permission Nodes

    Version 0.3
    * More Commands
    * Fixed Bugs
    * Added More Minigames

    Version 0.2
    * Added More Commands
    * More Nodes
    * World Gens!

    Version 0.1
    * Release

    Want a Custom Made plugin? Message me!

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    @emericask8ur - Creator, Author, Code || @bergerkiller - Code || Butkicker12 - Code @DuckDanger - Help Assistant

    <font color="#000000">[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]</font>
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    Ironically, a single live cactus destroys items effectively, too. If some freak accident like this occurs again, you can simply put one cactus (and one sand, if it isn't already present) down in the center of the affected area, then use some water currents to carry all the item drops to that live cactus. A live cactus will insta-destroy dropped items, which is slightly better than lava because lava runs a script to have them begin burning (roughly a half-second process, giving someone the chance to potentially pick them back up) as they are "bounced" away from the lava. The significant benefit of cacti over lava is that the existence of the blocks causes less lag because of the other checks that are run.
    Show Spoiler
    Cactus: placement script (inclusive of check for sand), resulting updates on adjacent blocks
    check adjacent side blocks: if air/transparent block, no change; if opaque block exists to the side, self-destruct
    Lava (source, what you spawn): placement script (in this case, bypass some checks because it's a forced block placement event), resulting updates on adjacent blocks, remember data values to determine status as source block and level 8 lava
    check all adjacent blocks: if flammable blocks exist, ignite; if air at sides, replace with flowing lava (world check: not Nether, so reduce by 2: flowing lava at sides = level 6); if air below, replace with flowing lava of same level (8)
    Flowing lava: placement script from source lava, resulting updates on all adjacent blocks, remember data values to determine status as non-source block, level X lava (level 8 if placed below source lava, 6 if placed at a side, 4 if placed at side from 6, et cetera), and flow direction
    check all adjacent blocks: if flammable blocks exist, ignite; if air below, same downward-flowing script as source block; if non-air block below (i.e. when it meets the ground), run side-flow script (replace air with flowing lava of 2 fewer levels after the world check)

    Aside from entity-damaging scripts, every block of lava that you spawn has to run all those source lava checks, and all the lava that flows out of there has to run all those checks. In the long run, it works to use either, but if you're facing massive lag and don't want to handle much more, a single cactus will destroy a bunch of dropped items, then just one water source will take care of plenty more, and you can either re-use the same water source or just go ahead and place more; in either case, you'll have a lot fewer updates than all that lava, easier cleanup, and you take care of those dropped items with every water placement, rather than waiting for the lava to flow down and burn it up. It may also help to use /antibuild to keep activity low on the server if you're having lag troubles and need to do something big to fix it, too. I'm glad that it wasn't so bad that you had to employ those measures to resolve your problem, but keep these in mind for future reference in case something else goes awry. ^_^
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    The lag was actually to bad for me to even get close to the effected area. I had to fly well above it and drop the lava down, and even then it took me aaages to lag over in the middle of the area >_<

    It did crashed the server, but it was back up in seconds and was totally fine. I'll have to keep that in mind for future issues though. thank you.
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    Noah pretty much summed it up hehe ;)
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    Ooh, that bad, huh? If it's so laggy that you can't even get close enough for that and have to drop lava again, a lava drop is effective. Under those conditions, consider dropping just one lava block; it'll still take an age for it to drop, but... Well, if you're dealing with, for example, an 8x8 area, you could drop a 4x4 area of lava to take care of it all at once, but you could also drop one and take care of about half the area (depending on the flow conditions; placing a non-air block beneath the source lava will allow it to flow to all sides, which is easy to do with a SideKick command or Magic Carpet), pick up the source ('cause you don't need a constant flow), move a little, and drop another source lava to take care of the rest. Then, just clean up the source lava, fly down, clean up any items that the lava didn't get, and you're good. Well, you'll still have to clean up the lava, since lava has been known to get confused and keep flowing long after you get rid of the source. . . >_> The WorldEdit //drain command helps with that. Again, this trick won't make a huge difference in the long run, but when the lag is so terrible that every little bit counts, these are some relatively significant "little bits."
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    I'm having troubles with the antibuild command. It wont turn off. I've tried repeating the command, and repeating it with the word disable following it. Other than that its a great plugin
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    It does disable it. It wont let people build unless they are op or have the permission node in while under that command.
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    He means that he can't disable the "antibuild" function, so he can't re-enable building for everyone else. He used antibuild once, and he now wants to switch back so that everyone can build again, but he can't; it's not switching back.
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    Hmm. I am going to look I lnto this. May send a patch out soon
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    In the update I forgot to mention that Node
    Sidekick.override Overrides the AntiBuild so while the command is on, players who have Sidekick.override can build
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    ^ While I realize that PoisonMonkeyz could use permissions to temporarily fix the AntiBuild issue, would it not be better to make the AntiBuild function able to be toggled? When reading about it, we assume that we can turn AntiBuild on and off. This would allow us to disable most users from building for a little while (perhaps while undergoing a major WorldEdit process or getting rid of 8,000 cacti), then re-allow them to build once the server is running normally again. Is the AntiBuild function not supposed to be toggle-able? If it is, further investigation into a patch is necessary. If it is not already supposed to be toggle-able, could you please make it so?
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    I just forgot to mention the new node. It's toggable too
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    Is Sidekick.Override just a command you type in? Or do you have to go to the permissions/config file to access it?
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    Its a Permission Node, You put permission nodes in your permissions plugin.
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    This is amazing. I really want to add this but I have some other plugins I don't want to get rid of that have some of your features. Is there any way to turn off features in this?

    i.e. if I want to use economy instead of your economy system, is there a way to turn your's off?

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    Just ignore it. It's optional
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    Is there a node for setting and teleporting to home? If there is I don't see it.
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    HappyGrenades: No other plugin prefixes its commands with /sk, so you can very easily use another economy plugin with 0 bugs/conflicts. If a bug or conflict does arise, please inform emericask8ur. Until then, you can safely pretend that it doesn't exist. If a problem arises in your other economy plugin, you can then remember that you have /sk commands to slightly supplement you, tiding you over until the other plugin is fixed/replaced.

    emericask8ur: Is there a way to totally, readily remove the economy from the SK code? It'd be nice for those of us whom are confident in another economy plugin and/or have very limited space on our servers.
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    The thing is I don't want people having access to the sk economy features...
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    Thats why we have nodes to use them. Dont worry about using SideKick's Economy System if you do not want to. Just pretend it isnt there
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    ok, and same with world edit features?
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    If you don't have the permission nodes set for the world edit commands you don't have to worry about them.
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    Could you make a template.yml where ALL Messages ingame can be costumed? Would be very nice. :)
  25. i want another plugin for the rules, how can i deactivate the rules?
    i really like this plugin ;)

    edit: i extracted the jar and deleted the rules command from the plugin.yml file, now the other plugin works perfectly!!
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    Gotta do what ya gotta do, awesome glad you like it
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    None of the nodes seem to be working for me......... Except for the sidekick.override
  28. Offline


    remember that its Bukkits superPermissions and nodes are case sensitive
  29. Offline


    Ive been working on a update this past week. Expect a new build by Tuesday or Wednesday!
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    hey could you please tell me how all these functions do
    i just downloaded this and i dont know what god mode does for example

    it would be great if you would explian all of these soon
    cause i am having a hard time
    espesally with the shotgun thing

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    /God - Means you dont take damage
    Shotgun is a feature that allows you to type the command and then shoot many arrows at once.

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