Inactive [ADMN/GEN] B657 Panel v1.1 - Customisable admin GUI panel! [1.1-R3]

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    B657 Panel
    Version: 1.1

    This plugin allows you to set up (via a simple config) a graphical panel which will appear on key press. This allows admins to easily get to their most used commands in a simple and clean interface.


    Spout server plugin (1.1RB+)
    SpoutCraft launcher for any admins using this (1.1RB+)
    CraftBukkit (1.1-R3+)


    -- Easy to use config setup
    -- Use any command from any plugin you have installed
    -- Clean, simple interface
    -- Just a key ('P' for now) to open it
    -- Totally configurable
    -- No need to restart after changing config!


    b657panel.use - Allows the player to open the panel

    Open with the 'P' key (will be configurable soon)
    While only this permission is needed to open the panel, correct permissions for any commands used in it will also need to be given.


    B657Panel (1.1)

    -- No need for server restart after changing config
    -- Initial release!

    =Screenshots + Config Setup=
    Please go to my bukkitDev page:

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    Nobody got any opinions? Would love to know what features you'd all like to improve this, or even just if you used it and it worked :)
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    Is approved an opinion? :p
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    Haha, no but i'm certainly not going to complain, thanks :)

    Still nothing? Next idea to start coding is alternate panels for different permission groups

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    -- No need for server restart after changing config
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    its a cool plugin but can you use this plugin with a sign (when you click on the sign the panel)
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    are you going to update this for 1.2.3?
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    Can you update it to 1.4.4?

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