Inactive [ADMN/GEN] AutoGroup v1.1.1 - Manage players based on time and PayPal donations. [1.4.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by md_5, Nov 12, 2011.

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    sorry, i mean... i have like 1000 active players.. who already have time played. They still need to get promoted when the time comes, meaning i would have to manually adjust each players time.. so they don't all start at zero.

    p.s. I really can't wait for Guardian :)
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    Colby l

    I am wondering when you'll be able to update? Your Source Code link is broken, and i cannot find any plugins like this.

    Much Appreciated,
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    The source code is on my Github, I have a completely new version, will try to test today.
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    md_5 your the man!
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    dude srsly.. have you even tested this before realising the R7 version? its totally buggy... everytime i want to edit the groups it resets to "Addict1" and "Addict2". People who should normaly rank up after 3 hours rank up after 3 seconds? did you change from seconds ti miliseconds or what?
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    Fairly certain I did point out it was buggy.
    Aware of that issue, no its seconds as normal.
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    I love you.
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    Can u please make a video?
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    Have you removed the PayPal part in the latest versions?
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    Yes I have
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    Need some help here,

    people keep getting moved to addict1.

    command: manuadd %1$s %2$s
    interval: 60
      Addict1: 120       < I've tryed to remove
      Addict2: 24000 < these but they just come back
      Member: 1800
      Trusted: 180000
      Honor: 360000
    debug: true
    mysqlURL: autogroup
    dbName: autogroup
    username: autogroup
    password: autogroup
    table: donators
    table2: players
    loyaltyGroup: Whitelist
    loyaltyTime: 0
    don1Group: Don1
    don2Group: Don2
    don3Group: Don3
    don1Amount: 15
    don2Amount: 25
    don3Amount: 26
    addict1Group: Member
    addict2Group: Trusted
    addict3Group: Honor
    addict1Amount: 1800
    addict2Amount: 180000
    addict3Amount: 360000
    It was working fine back in 1.1 but now I cant seem to get it to work.
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    There dosen't seem to be a 'Love' button, only like so I pressed it.
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    How do you make it work with bperms 2? Does this support 3 commands at a given time because all I see is 1 time.
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    Oh god, codename_B why do you do this to me, I'll look into updating.
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    Okay thanks!
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    I have the * permission, am opped, and my default rank has autogroup.playtime. The playtime command doesn't work for anybody, not even the console. It does not throw errors, nor does it say "unknown command" or "you do not have permission". It simply doesn't work.

    I am using Bukkit 1.2.5-R1 and the latest version of your plugin. Please help, as my players get angrier every day that we can't promote them properly.
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    I disabled playtime in the last release ;/
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    D: Will you ever return it? It's helpful, because players constantly asking "how much longer till I get a rank" can get really annoying. We can manage manually promoting players if you can slap together a separate plugin that only logs online time ;D or would that be difficult? I'm assuming you already have most/some of the code for it because of this plugin, that's the only reason I'm asking xD. I would be willing to donate 5-10$ to you if you do it :D
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    I second this.
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    Hey, when I use this it says {player} was moved to {group} or something like that, but then they remain the group they already were, PLEASE HELP!
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    When do you think this will be implemented?
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    Please update, kinda buggy
  24. I'm also having this problem, the only thing stopping me being able to use the plugin.
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    God this sounds awesome!
    My server doesn't has MySQL, but I might get it for this plugin!
    Now I have to ask the players if they donated because I don't know their Minecraft name, and people can easily abuse this. This is the solution to it!
    I'm going to try it out soon :D
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    I don't even know if the Paypal part works anymore. I removed it in more recent builds, feel free to try though.
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    I banned North korea!
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    Hello md_5, just here to report something.

    My server that is hosted by - Avante Hosting - is running CraftBukkit 1.2.5 R3.0.

    The plugin loads fine, its shows in the plugin list, but i cant access the /Playtime Command.
    It doesnt say anything, just doesnt come up with anything, Please contact me asap!

    - Sincerely Excel

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