[ADMN/GEN]AdminCmd 7.3.5-time, give, tp, repair,kill, warp,weather,afk,OpenInv [1.5.1]

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    AdminCmd - Fork of PlgEssentials:
    [​IMG] Website : www.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Wiki : http://wiki.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] BugTracker : http://bug.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Downloads : HERE
    [​IMG] GitHub : http://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd

    AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated as one of the best plug-in by server owners.
    Unleash the power of Bukkit!

    For the blog : www.admincmd.com
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    @Dark_Balor : I like the idea /tp on and /tp off command that @Glidareen mentioned before but it would be cool if u could add it so that if someone wants to tp to you, you have to type in /Yes for them to come to you and /No if you forgot to turn off tp. Would be useful to have those in as well if you decide to add the /tp on and /tp off commands.
    Another idea... With the banning commands it would be great if you could add a command like /ban <playername> <number of minutes> which would ban a player for a certain amount of time and they will be able to rejoin after the time is up.
    Hope you add these ideas :)
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    mmh with /tpy and /tpn command it's seems more usable yes. I'll add a permission node for admin to allow them to tp to the guy whatever he set. (normal for admin).

    For the ban command why not, for now it's /ban <playername> <msg>, I'll add minutes. I'll do the same for mute command.
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    That would be good thanks and I like your fast replies and fast updates! If I come up with anymore ideas for your plugin, i'll let you know.
    Keep up the good work.
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    Here is a dev build with tmp ban and tmp mute.
    And PermissionsEX support

    Going to work on the tp.
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    I just tested the ban and mute commands in the dev build, no bugs as far as I can see. Works great so far!
    Edit: With the mute command, is it like this? /mute <player> <msg> <minutes> or /mute<player> <minutes>? Because if it's the first one, there's no message to that player when muting.
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    /mute <player> <minutes>
    There is no message for the mute command.
  8. When I spawn Creeper than the other player not die on this creeper
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    its great so far but now when i log in it automaticallly teleports me to spawn :(
    how can i fix this?
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    Only happen the first time you launch/install the plugin. It's to be sure that new player will be teleported to the spawn at there first connection.

    I'll add a config value to disable this functionality.

    added in dev version : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1773950/dev/AdminCmd.jar
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    How is going to make the power like ghost if it`s difficult don`t try it i`m very happy with all your commands :D
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    It's in the todo list, for a further version ^^
    Now I'm working on the tpRequest system.
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    Ohh thanks you very much Balor :D
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    @Sorken @Lathanael @christianlej @nemesis91 @_-DarkMinecrafter-_ @an0x @khamseen_air @Nitnelave @Th3Controller @Glidareen @DaMaster9703 @petteyg359
    Version 5.7.5
    [CHANGE] ban and mute can be now temporary : /ban player msg <timeInMinute>, /mute player <timeInMinute>
    [FEATURE] Support PermissionsEX : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissionsex-pex-v1-13-tomorrow-is-today-1000.18140/
    [FEATURE] Support for OddItem : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/dev-odditem-0-6-5-unified-custom-items-list-and-parser-1000.4592/
    [FEATURE] When you first connect to the server (or the first install of the plugin) you are teleported to the spawn point. By default disabled.
    [CONFIG] firstConnectionToSpawnPoint added to disable/enable the auto-tp to the spwan point when it's the first connection. (default = false (since THIS version)).
    [FEATURE] TP request system added. first do /tpt to activate the system. Now when someone want to tp you or to tp by you, you'll receive a request that you can accept with /tpt yes or just ignore.
    [PERMISSION] "admincmd.spec.notprequest" People with that node, will over pass the tp request system.
    [BUG FIX] Corrected Motd %connected value.

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    Ok installing this now on our new server.
    Thanks :D

    I get an bukkitpermissions error when a mod kicks, dunno if its something big.
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    Nothing to to with mine plugin. It's a problem with PermissionsBukkit that will be shortly corrected ;)

    You can take the dev build of PermissionsBukkit on his thread, this bug have been corrected.
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    I love this, the only thing I could possibly suggest is a jump command in the teleport section, so you can tp from where you are to the block you cursor is on. similar to the one in essentials.
    but other than that its fantastic, great job
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    does this error harm our server ?
    Edit: ok i installed the dev build (bukkit perm)
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    un install your mod? because i dont see anythign that says permitions or anything
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    No uninstall Permissions. There is 2 other Permissions Plugin that I support : PermissionsEx and BukkitPerm.
    But Only PermissionsEx have the prefix like Yetit's Permissions.

    Then : Uninstall Permissions, and take PermissionsEx : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-dev-permissionsex-pex-v1-13-tomorrow-is-today-1000.18140/

    There are good tutorial (better then for Permissions) to learn how to install and use it.
    @thebluemango : added on todo list.
    @Switch0r : It doesn't harm the server in anyway ^^ but yes taking the dev build is the best choice.
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    I've just gone through all my plugins and it's none of them. It must be a native Bukkit command... which is a bit annoying as that means it doesn't have an option to disable it. Also means that mods adding it is pointless, since it's already there. Talk about confusing. :(
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    You can put mine as prioritized command, and don't give the node to anybody :s
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    Oh, that's a good idea! I didn't think of that. :)

    Edit: Done and working. Thanks for the tip. No longer shall there be accidental inventory clears when trying to stop the rain haha.
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    Your Welcome ^^ Glad to see it working :)
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    Now it shows a "You do not have permission to do that (admincmd.player.noreset)" every time someone on my server tp's to a different world if they are coming from one they could use modes on. I believe it only shows up if they didn't have any modes on when they tp'd.

    EDIT: wait, i'm still on 5.6.25 xD I'll update and check again, my bad. You should probably still look into it.
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    Permissions aren't working. I'm running Bukkit #1000 with PermissionsBukkit.

    I previously had forceOfficialBukkitPerm set to false. It's not working with true either.

    Config file for Admincmd:

    invisibleRangeInBlock: 512
    glideWhenFallingInFlyMode: true
    fakeQuitWhenInvisible: true
    maxHomeByUser: 0
    autoAfk: true
    locale: en_US
    afkTimeInSecond: 350
    statutCheckInSec: 20
    autoKickAfkPlayer: false
    afkKickInMinutes: 3
    noMessage: false
    resetPowerWhenTpAnotherWorld: true
    forceOfficialBukkitPerm: true
    MessageOfTheDay: false
    ColoredSign: true
    DefaultFlyPower: 1.75
    DefaultFireBallPower: 1.0
    DefaultVulcanPower: 4.0
        newYvelocity: -0.5
        YvelocityCheckToGlide: -0.2
        multiplicator: 0.1
    - reload
    disabledCommands: []
    Config for the user/group:

            - trusted
                permissions.build: false
                admincmd.tp.home: true
                admincmd.player.afk: true
                admincmd.player.ban: true
                admincmd.player.kick: true
                admincmd.player.list: true
                admincmd.player.roll: true
                admincmd.tp.from: true
                admincmd.tp.to: true
            - default
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    i dont have anything called permitions though like theres nothing to delete i never had anything called permitions

    is there anyone that could help me with permissions im getting very upset and i cant do it please someone help me does anyone have any tutorials or could someone please help over skype please help im im begging any of you i really want my server to work right im just getting really pissed because i have no idea what im doing

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    @kswivel Permissions is really confusing at first, like extremely confusing, but if you stick with it, go to their wiki, read how all the config stuff works, it's actually really easy to understand. Basically, go here and get the "Full Zip" (you will need something to extract it like 7-zip or WinRar). then, if you scroll down, there is a little button that says "Install" click it and watch the video. I understood it after that, but if you need any more help, just ask. Almost every server has permissions or another version of it, so most of it is the same.
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    @ButtChew : yes it's working. I used your configuration without any problem.

    You have maybe the 5.7 version. Download the last 5.7.5 version. (a PermissionsBukkit bug has been corrected in 5.7.1)

    @California292 : Thanks for the help ^^ and about your bug, corrected in a another version of 5.6.25. Then in 5.7.5 you shouldn't have this bug.
  30. Suggestion:
    /uptime or /up
    Show how long server has been running since being started, if possible dont let /reload reset it.
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    Live or Die

    Hey, first of all really great plugin!
    it help me ALOT!

    now for somthing alitle strange.
    when i use /areload on the plugin Jobs, it make it multipul itself like 10 times
    i am a farmer and my prefix is Farmer (before areload)
    i am a farmer and my prefix is Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer Farmer X5 XD (after areload)
    the only way to fix it after is to shut down the server and re-run it
    Can you fix it or its a problem that cant be fixed?

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