[ADMN/GEN]AdminCmd 7.3.5-time, give, tp, repair,kill, warp,weather,afk,OpenInv [1.5.1]

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    AdminCmd - Fork of PlgEssentials:
    [​IMG] Website : www.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Wiki : http://wiki.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] BugTracker : http://bug.admincmd.com
    [​IMG] Downloads : HERE
    [​IMG] GitHub : http://github.com/Belphemur/AdminCmd

    AdminCMD is a powerful plug-in that brings you commands that can give you total management over your server. Featuring the most widely used commands in Bukkit server management such as: inventory management, banishment of bad players, limitation to teleporting, setting spawn and home way points, and much, much more! Blockface approved and rated as one of the best plug-in by server owners.
    Unleash the power of Bukkit!

    For the blog : www.admincmd.com
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    Sry ... it's only a Permissions "UnOfficial" functionality. You must use this plugin, or just use the global maxHomeByUser set in the config file.
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    Hey dude im happy that your adding alot of commands and such, theyre really helpful, but I suggest you make a config file to disable a specific command. AdminCMD hijacks Myhome, MCBans, and PlgSpawn commands. I wish you can do this I would be really happy :)
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    Can you add /mute and /unmute functions to prevent certain people from talking? If possible, have it persist across reconnects.
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    @Th3Controller : Strange, I'll change something to make the plugin launch after all other to avoid that :)

    @nemesis91 : okay I'll add that
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    Excellent. As always, thanks for accepting user input.
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    Thank you for the new version :)
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    Version 5.6.3
    [OPTIMIZATION] The plugin will be launched AFTER every other plugin. Meaning, if an another plugin have the same command than AdminCmd, that plugin will have the priority. (Check in the server.log witch alias are disabled)
    Example of what you can now see in the log :
     [AdminCmd] Disabled Alias(es) for bal_homelist : listhomes, 
    [FEATURE] mute and unmute command.

    @nemesis91 : Well thanks you for the ideas ^^. If someone ask a functionality that I find useful, it's normal to implement it.

    @filszyp : I'm happy that you like it :) but take this version now :p
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    thanks for the item fix. my World Dev's love being able to use ToManyItems along with this plugin.

    on another note, it seems that if you logout while still AFK, the AFK follows you on your next login. can you make it check for this on login, or provide a command for AFK users to clear their AFK status? right now i have to use another Rename plugin to reset their names.
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    @Matsuro : corrected for the next version. Thanks for the bug report :)
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    Just to clarify, only the host of the server, me, can use these commands right?
  12. That depends on how you do set those commands up, with permissions it is totally in your hand who gets which permission to execute a given command

    Most do default to OP though.
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    By default if you don't have ANY Permissions plugin. Only the OPS (people in the ops.txt) will have access to the command.
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    How would I set it to where only I will be able to use commands?
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    be the only one in the ops.txt

    Or add a Permissions plugin, and be the only one that have access to the node : admincmd.*
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    Ty very much for helping me Love this mod <3

    permissions.example: true
    - admin
    permissions.build: false
    permissions.*: true
    - user
    permissions.build: true
    coolplugin.item: true
    - default
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'

    this is what i use should i change it in any way ?

    Becuese it wont work when i start the server ?!?!

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    I have made an Mistake during updating craftbukkit, now its fine, everyting works.
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    I downloaded your permissions now what do i do im in thepermissions_world_Groups
    and it doesent havve the groups do i have to create them if so ok
    but do i have to delete :##
    # Permissions has AntiBuild, which prevents a player from destroying/placing blocks.
    # To prevent a group of players then set the build: flag to false (build: false).
    # If you want a group to be able to build then set it to true.
    # Groups can inherit from other groups.
    # To make a group inherit the permissions and info nodes from another
    # group, simply place the groups name in the "inheritance:" like so:
    # Example:
    # inheritance:
    # - Default
    # Wildcard Permission settings:
    # You can have wildcard nodes which encompass all nodes that match it.
    # For example, the node "modplugin.*" matches "modplugin.kick", "modplugin.ban",
    # "modplugin.settings.view", and so on.
    # A single asterisk means that this user/group has all permissions.
    # - '*'
    # Negated nodes are created by prefixing a normal node with "-".
    # They prevent less specific wildcard nodes from matching the negated node.
    # For example:
    # permissions:
    # - 'foo.*'
    # - '-foo.bar'
    # In this case, the user/group will have "foo.foo", "foo.foobar", and so on, but not "foo.bar".
    # prefix: and suffix: do not do anything on their own. You need another outside plugin
    # such as iChat or HeroChat in order for these to do anything.
    # For more info, visit https://github.com/TheYeti/Permissions/wiki/Guide-to-creating-YAML-configs

    default: true
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: false
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - Default
    - 'warpplugin.warp'
    - 'econplugin.basic.*'
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - Member
    - 'modplugin.ban'
    - 'modplugin.kick'
    - 'modplugin.unban'
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - '*'
    do i just put me in here like this:
    users: DJ_Tooonez: groups: - Admins permissions: []
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    REQUEST FOR @Dark_Balor :

    any chance of adding the following two features?

    1) freeze the weather as always off, or at least never rain/snow ... thunder is fine

    2) Mob limiter by world (/moblimit <world> <limit> . . . ie /moblimit Survival 100)
  20. @Dark_Balor
    Hello again,

    Brace yourself for feedback, some of this may already be discussed. I was lazy and did not read back. Sorry :)

    People using /invisible causes /who to break - Perhaps due to fake not-online? Making it output like this:
    null <amount of players online>
    <normal list of players>

    I would also like to see /invisible work more like VanishNoPickup plugin. Permission node to judge if monsters should ignore you or not. This way my moderators can stalk people but not avoid monsters and have it on always. My fewer and slightly more dependable OPs on the other hand can ignore monsters since i give them the node. By default, not pick up items while invis (kinda spoils it). Auto use /np to toggle picking up items or not while invis which can also be used for non-invis people. Also think there should be an option whether it should try to fake logout when going invisible. I dont like it myself.

    Fireball gets logged as logblock as being sent by Ghast, can users name be passed along it somehow or is it Logblock that assumes its always Ghast?

    What be this? Never saw it before updating AdminCmd:
    14:13:20 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:13:40 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:14:00 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:14:20 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    Exactly 20 seconds apart. What does AdminCmd run every 20 seconds? Comes in blocks of various sizes.
    Perhaps statutCheckInSec: 20 ?

    /ban and /unban seems to use a separate banfile, when you try to unban someome not in this file, will it check original bukkit ban file and remove the ban from there if it exists?

    Detection and import of HomeX homes if none are set (or maby just an import command).

    Pushing a AFK user brings em back. Also it should say they are back, not online :)

    Running under Debian linux, 64bit java, CB1032. AdminCmd 5.6.2
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    @40540057 :
    1) maybe later but not now
    2) okay I'll do that
    When you are invisible, you are deleted from the list to avoid anybody to know that you are here.
    Going to correct the target thing and add an NP command to trigger or not the pickup
    For the fakequit, really is just a simple msg broadcasted to all connected user.
    I add an option to disable it in the config
    Is logged as Block Explosion like a TNT. I changed the sender to be the player, you can see it when you launch a fireball to Wolf for example, they will target you.
    I'm searching from where this NPE could be triggered and where it's cached ... for now I don't now...
    If you have banned-players.txt where I can see how it's storing the ban, it could be done.
    mmmh I'll see later
    WOOT Thanks, there is a BIG problem with the locale for user under version 5.5.5 ... Corrected
  22. Yes, but it added "null" instead if "Online players:" I am however unable to recreate after restart.

    Its the original banned-players.txt from mc/bukkit. Its just a plain textfile with "<name> <reason>" on a line of its own, example:
    sorkmine being a bad admin

    Actually, i may have been wrong about that one. I had the option noMessage: true


    Also, a permission node to see past invisible mode. And when having that node you also see them as [Invis] in /who. Just like you see AFK people.
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    If you want to disable any msg, just change the message to ''
    for the banned file, I'll maybe do that later.

    And I need more detail about the "a permission node to see past invisible mode".

    @Th3Controller : do as you wish, but it has been fixed in the version 5.6.3
  25. No, i dont. I was just being stupid and didnt think. All is well.

    Yes. Lets create a scenario for you:

    You have a new user on the server. One of your staff goes invisible to stalk the new user, making sure he behaves and doesnt pour lava on your new epic house. You dont want the new user to see the invisible staff obviously. But YOU still want to see the invisible person, making it so noone can stalk you. Noone should be able to stalk the server owner, or other trusted people that have the permission node to see through invisibility.

    If you do /who when people are invisible (and you have the special node), you should also see them like this:
    Online players: 8
    [AFK][Invis]jemsuper, [AFK]Sodtke, rotten96, VO_crash, dango989, [Invis]mats33, fredrik_bw
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    Oh thank you so much I have updated :D you should make twitter cause you update things so fast. Your like a clone of nijikokun (greta plugin developer) I deleted the other plugins and added your again thank you! LOVE THIS PLUGIN!
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    Yeah very good and powerful plugin for OP`s and admins. I love your plugin too :D

    It`s a bug?

    21:59:53 [GRAVE] Nag author: 'Balor' of 'AdminCmd' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reloaded. This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin.

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    @Sorken : some kind of exception in invisibility, I'll add that.
    @christianlej : ... oO never saw this error, I understand it, and it can't be happening ... when you can, restart your server to be sure that nothing bad will happen.

    @Th3Controller : yeah maybe ^^ thanks for the compliment ;)
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    Hey Dark_Balor can you help me with a problem? My server has hackers in them. they fly and go through walls. I tried every anticheat plugin i can find. P.S. I am on a dedicated host which means I dont have total control.
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    You can try to ban them, but I guess you are in offline-mode, meaning they can re-connect with an another username. Ban there ip too (with the vanilla command /ban-ip) I added a command /ip to know the ip of the player.

    You can freeze them with the command /freeze playerName then ban them .

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