[ADMN/FUN] Majority Vote v1.0 - Let players have their say and vote! [1337]

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    BukkitDev here:

    Download here:

    Majority Vote allows players to vote for any command on the server! Other plugins included!

    Have there been times on your server when there aren't any Administrators online to handle users requests? Or if you went afk, and a spammer came online and there was nothing that could be done? The possibilities and needs for this plugin are endless.

    Introducing the Vote!

    Fully customised in a config file, players can perform any command for any other plugin, if they get the required votes.
    All players need to do is, for example, type /vote mute [player]. If it receives enough votes, the player would be muted.

    Note: While this plugin can handle any command implemented by other plugins, you are not required to use them all. For example, it is not wise to set up a vote for the /stop command, but it could be used to /time set 0.

    Setting up:

    There are two main steps in setting up this plugin. Permissions, and the config.yml file.


    After running Majority Vote for the first time, a config.yml file will be generated in/plugins/MajorityVote/ with the default settings, and some examples of syntax.

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    The values for the settings, and a description are as follows:

    minumumPercent: - What is the minimum percentage of players who vote yes on the server to allow the vote to pass?

    minimumPlayers: - What is the absolute minimum number of players for the vote to pass?

    timeout: - If this amount of time passes (in seconds), the vote will timeout and not be passed./

    Adding new commands:

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    under the node Commands, you can add your own custom commands, used in other plugins.

    Following the examples, you can see each command has a command and a description value. The command is what the console will execute if the vote has been passed. There is one variable available, %arg%, which can be set from /vote [command] %arg%.

    An example for a mute vote would be:

            command: mute %arg% 10 minutes You have been vote muted!
            description: mute a player for 10 minutes.

    The description can be set to anything you like.

    A list of the available commands to use with vote can be found in game by typing /vote.


    There are 3 nodes to use with Majority Vote.
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    majorityvote.startvote - is the player allowed to start a vote?/

    majorityvote.input - is the player allowed to vote?

    majorityvote.stop - is the player allowed to overrule, and stop the vote?

    Note: This plugin has no commands other than /vote. All the other commands you will need to supply in any other plugin!


    1.0 - Uploaded!
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