[ADMN/FUN] kpcxBukkit v1.3 - Per-block Permissions [1000]

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    kpcxBukkit - Misc. Admin & Fun Commands.
    Version: v1.3

    Not really a default commands plugin, just anything I feel the need to add to my server.

    • Permissions 2.6+ (3.0 not tested)
      • Plugin will disable itself if Permissions is not found.

    • kpcxAdmin - Notifies any user with the 'kpcx.admin.notify' permission if any other user without the set block permissions (below), is placing a "banned" block.
    • Fake Join - Players with the 'kpcx.fake.join' permission node can use the /fakejoin command.
    • Fake Quit - Players with the 'kpcx.fake.quit' permission node can use the /fakequit command.
    • Rage Quit - /ragequit. Makes you say "RAGE QUIT", strikes lightning where you are, with no damage, and kicks you.


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    Per-block permissions are based on the block ID. So to allow a user to place dirt, you would give them:
    • 'kpcx.block.3'
      • A list of block IDs can be found here.

    Can toggle the kpcxAdmin state. (on/off)
    • 'kpcx.admin.toggle' (/kpcxadmin on/off)

    Gets notified when a user uses a banned block.
    • 'kpcx.admin.notify'

    Can use fakejoin.
    • 'kpcx.fake.join' (/fakejoin [player])

    Can use fakequit.
    • 'kpcx.fake.quit' (/fakequit [player])

    Can use hat.
    • 'kpcx.hat' (/hat)

    • Enable customization of messages/banned blocks via config. Messages added in 1.1.

    Source Code:

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    Um, misc commands? Theres like 3...
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    It's not a default commands plugin. Just random things I feel like adding.

    Maybe I should have mentioned that. :3
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    hello Kaikz,

    does fakequit hide u from the /list ?
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    No, but I could possibly add that.
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    that would be great!
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    stealthlogin just hides the Welcome/Quit Messages!
    i'am using VanishNoPickup for invisibility, but it has no Quit-Fake yet. Maybe it will be added or i switch to Spyer which has Quite-Fake (and hide from the Playerlist) but no disableing for Pickup :( ^^
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    Updated to 1.1:
    • Fixed "You can't do that!" coming up for anyone without kpcx.admin.notify.
    • Added per-block permissions.
    • Added kpcxAdmin state toggle.
    • Added 'kick-on-place' config setting. (kick on banned block place)
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    Updated to 1.2:
    • Added /hat command. Places item in your hand as your helmet. (Permission: kpcx.hat)
    • Added /ragequit command. Makes you say "RAGE QUIT", strikes lightning where you are, with no damage, and kicks you. (Permission: N/A)

    This is untested. I can't seem to create a local server anymore. I think my HDD is corrupt again.
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    I think I'm in love with Rage Quit =3
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    what is about some examples? or i am just blind and don't see em?
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    Examples for..?
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    Updated to 1.3, added per-block permissions.
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    so if i want a user to be able to place any block except one do i put in:
    - 'kpcx.block.*'
    - '-kpcx.block.7' ?
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    - kpcx.block.*
    - -kpcx.block.7
    Yep. Should work.
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    ahh worked perfectly. Any chance the plugin could scan player inventories for the blacklist item and delete it? looking for a plugin that can do that without having to use bukkitcontrib nvm think I found one. think ill still use this plugin though, simple and effective
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    any chance of there being a .jar file? multicraft doesn't like zip files.

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