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    My admins are able to use commandbin just fine but I cant't get pex to let default players use ANY of the commandbin commands. I've been working at this for hours so I'm open to any ideas. Also, I know that its commandbin and not pex because pex is doing fine with other plugins.
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    Is there going to be support for Damage Values, so that I can spawn potions, etc? Also, can you please add support for changing the weather and time in the console?
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    when i write /ban (player) (reason) it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." and thats it
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    And the error in console?
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    Hi :)
    Great Plug-in!
    But if I do /createworld [NameofWorld] i create a world, i can /tpworld to it.
    But if i /tpworld to another world, the other world got delete.
    And if I create it again. The same world came back...
    How can I solve the problem?

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    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling CommandBin v1.41 (Is it up to date?): null
    at org.cain.cmdbin.listeners.CMDBinSListener.<init>(
    at org.cain.cmdbin.CommandBin.EventReg(
    at org.cain.cmdbin.CommandBin.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    And redownload doesnt help
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    Try redownloading now.
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    Thnx, it works
  9. 2 questions:
    1. Can u make, that other plugins override some Commands from here?
    2. Can u make, that u can create a warp /setwarp hans and warp to it with /Warp HANS?

    I would be very happy :D

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    I believe you already can ...
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    I'm having an issue that after i /setwarp, If I restart my server I lose all my warps etc... its like there not getting saved. Any idea?
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    What IS the license? o3o
    Because 1. github technically = open source if public repo, but it's a weak argument, so we'll ignore that,
    and 2. there is no license file I can find on the github repository.
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  13. I cant find anything like : "blocked commands: " in the config.....
    How I can?
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    CainFoool, can you please give me a download for Version 1.33? The newer versions keeps disrupt my Permissions, and before I updated, it was fine.

    EDIT: I have updated my BUKKIT, so now let's see if the newest version mess my permissions.
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    Hallo its me agian, i want to hear if you can make its so there is kits in this, and you can configure if you want them on or not. and if you dont know what kits is, kits is a package of items players with permission can spawn with where they need to wait a set amount of time between each time they spawn a kit.
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    First congratulations on a great plugin (it was the first I ever installed) and I appreciate that you have been present in these comments to help the users.

    I created an account in order to second the statement from above that whenever my server is restarted, it appears that all warp points are lost. All of the other commands appear to work, but not list of saved warp points.

    If there is something I need to do on my end, I would appreciate any guidance.

    Again, thanks for the plugin.
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    cool plugin!
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    Hi there!
    Nice Plugin :)
    Is there a documentation for the config file? I'm not really sure what exactly some of the config params do and didn't find the plugin on bukkitdev.
    Sorry if I missed smthng.
    Kind Regards
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    I am new to the "Run your own Server" thing but, I have managed to have a standard MC server up, then I found Bukkit, and fell in love with it and had that running for a while, then I wanted to add some mods and ran into problems, so I went back to a "vanilla" MC server and have all the mods we wanted running on that fine, (BuildCraft, IndustialCraft2, ForestCraft), I LOVE your plugin for Bukkit known as CommandBin, does that ONLY work with Bukkit servers? or is there a port to a Vanilla MC server?

    At this point, playing with and running both, I can not live with out CommandBin now, and if it will only work with Bukkit I guess will I will continue to bang my head on the wall until I get Bukkit running with the above listed mods just so I can get your plugin back !!!


    Thanks for all you do...

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    The controls are great! !! :D
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    Atomic Fusion

    That doesn't sound GPL compatible, and if I'm not mistaken, plugins are derivative works of the GPL'd Bukkit.
    I don't understand this. There are commands to change one's cape and skin and title. Are there default capes that appear for users chosen by you to Spoutcraft enabled clients?
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    There are global capes which you can set in the configuration which will give everybody a cape.

    CommandBin was coded entirely under the Bukkit API so sorry there is no way I can port it so it will work on MC Vanilla.

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    Hey is it just me or is the command node CommandBin.spawn Not working? because i put the node in and get on minecraft it says i dont have permission
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    CainFool or anyone else that knows the answer,

    I am having a problem with using the "weather" command as a no-op. I would like to give people the permission to use this (and other specific commands) without making them op.

    If an OP using "weather sun": no problems at all.
    If a non-op, even if that player is given "" as a permission, uses the same command, then I get:
    "You have no permission to use this command" (in blue)

    As a non-op, I have go into my permissions editor and added each node for your plugin, including "". I wonder if this is a misspelling or something?

    I am using CB 1597, CommandBin 1.41, and PermissionsBukkit 2.7.7 (i think). I also have Vault and SuperpermBridge, but I hope they are just acting as backups (which is what is printed out in the console). No error messages, nothing in the server log.


    I have "CommandBin.spawn" in my PermissionsBukkit and it works just fine. However, don't know if this is because it is allowing the CommandBin command or the default console command. The post I just added a couple seconds ago has a problem with the "weather" node, so our problems may not be all that different. Does your "weather" node work ok?

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    Ya my weather node works...
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    It should be and

    How I have my permission nodes setup are very exact. They read off the command you typed in-console. ^_^
    So, for sun:
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    Ah, that explains it. Thank you very much.
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    No problem, if you have any more trouble let me know.
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    Atomic Fusion

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