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    i think if you change op to true anyone can use that command...
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    Thank you! XD [cookedmeat]
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    You sir are forgetting one: CommandBook
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    I've been using this plugin for a while but had to redo my plugins and i un-installed jcommands. I went to add it again and now whenever i try do a command eg. /gm for gamemode it will just repeat the command in chat "/gm"
    How do i fix that?
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    That isn't a problem with my plugin and if you're going to report a bug you need to state a bit more such as other plugins or I can't help you...
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    Does it clash with CommandBook? because i've just installed that plugin. My plugin list is:
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    I don't really know, i only bug fix my own plugin...
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    Any chance of getting /reappear to reappear other people? Make it another permission node to reappear others, perhaps?
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    That's actually in the next update, but I'm fixing a few bugs atm, so expect it out in the next couple of days.

    Edit: Check the change log here: http://dev.jozeth.me/jcommands/
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    Make github :)
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    No :/ and why?
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    "myusername" i still can't use any jcommands command.. i'm not OP, just common user (when add "myusername" OP privilegies, then jcommands are working, but for no OP user
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    Why do you own a server? If you don't know what permissions are?
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    that was ronge i mean i dosent work if i have true on permission just op
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    spawn seems t work but kept putting players in the middle of the ocean each time they died and respawned.
    but as i said /spawn worked fine.

    but this was annoying enough to just remove the plugin, if i did something wrong i dunno.
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    it says op but when i put true nothing happends just the same i think i dont remeber what i did last
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    Well I don't know why you changed it to true, it uses permissions...
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    I'm thinking a /killall command would be great. Kills all mobs/entities in an X wide area.
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    do you REALLY need a kick command? Come on, that came with the VANILLA SERVER SOFTWARE! don't waste time on this kind of thing although it may be kinda useful You really don't need it! however everything else looks nice and I look forward to using it.
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    How to set permissions to all player can use the commands?
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    [You cant even download itquote="Jozeth, post: 973286, member: 90587933"][​IMG]
    Version 1.0.9
    Download here
    Source found here
    Find this on BukkitDev
    Problems installing? Click here
    jCommands is developed by Jozeth and is a lightweight plugin which currently has more than 40 commands such as /day to /boom, you can manage a small server off of this plugin.
    Once you've installed the .jar on to your server and started it, players.yml will be created, so don't delete it and keep it safe as it has your players set homes and locations.
    Find the commands here and the permissions here!
    Works with PermissionsEx and PermissionsBukkit or another permissions plugin which hooks into Bukkit's native permissions.
    Version 1.0.9
    • Updated to 1.2.5-R4.0
    • Fixed some spelling mistakes
    • Added Protection, Player, Home & Support options in the config
    • Fixed a bug in /mute & /freeze
    **Visit http://dev.jozeth.me/jcommands/help/config for more information on the config**

    Version 1.0.8

    • Updated to 1.2.5-R3.0
    • Added /spawnmob <mob> <amount>
    • Added /ip <player>
    • Added /broadcast <message>
    • Added players.yml for set homes and last locations
    • Added 'No Permissions' message for all the commands
    • Bug fix in /freeze, /mute, /tp2p, /unfreeze & /unmute
    • Fixed some mistakes in the plugin.yml
    • Changed how /location looks like
    • Custom ban/kick messages in the config.yml
    • /broadcast & /ip work in the console
    • Reloading will not reset the config/players.yml anymore
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    Version 1.0.7

    • Updated to 1.2.5-R2.0
    • Added /ping
    • Added /item <material> <amount>
    • Added /tp2p <player1> <player2>
    • Added /ram
    • Now you can turn other players invisible/visible
    • Now /sethome saves where you're looking
    • /back makes you look where you was looking before you teleported away
    • /disappear, /ping, /reappear, /tp2p & /ram work in the console
    Version 1.0.6

    • Updated to 1.2.5-R1.2
    • Added /god [player]
    • Added /ungod [player]
    • You can use /god & /ungod work in the console
    • Removed the b|broadcast after /disappear|reappear because it wasn't working
    • Now /put saves your last location
    • Fixed a silly bug in /freeze, /unfreeze & /unmute
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    Version 1.0.5

    • Updated to 1.2.5-R1.0
    • Added /put
    • Added /location
    • Added /mute <player>
    • Added /freeze <player>
    • Added /unfreeze <player>
    • Added /unmute <player>
    • Fixed a typo in the /disappear code
    • Changed [BukkitPlus] (Old name) to [jCommands] when it logs onto the server log in /tphere
    • Now /setspawn shows you which world you've set it in and the coordinates
    Version 1.0.4

    • Updated to 1.2.4-R1.0
    • Added /jcommands
    • Fixed /feed, /fullheal & /heal because it fed/fully healed or healed you when you put another players name after the command
    • /ban, /burn, /clear, /feed, /fullheal, /heal, /jcommands, /kick, /kill, /smite & /unban now work in the console
    Version 1.0.3

    • Updated to 1.2.3-R0.2
    • Added /burn [player]
    • Fixed a bug in /ban and /kick
    • New permission (jcommands.back.ondeath)
    • You can now teleport back to your death spot
    • Removed the conflicting plugins
    • You can now broadcast you've left by adding broadcast or b after /disappear & /reappear
    Version 1.0.2
    • Added aliases
    Version 1.0.1
    • Updated to 1.1-R6
    Version 1.0.0
    • Release of jCommands
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    I agree. Essentials beat you to it. UNless you make a command that changes the serve rlike adding singleplayer mods, then you will never have a good commands plugin. Plus all the commands that yuo have are also in Essentials and all the other big command plugins. Nothing Personal. Thx. I hope this critique helps future downloaders think about what thye are oing. Nothing personal, again. Thx. -chillbill
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    You can now, but anyways you need to wait until a BukkitDev Staff approves the file...

    Tbh I don't give two shits about your opinion and/or others, I only make the plugin because people download it and I'm bored at home sometimes, so I work on it.

    Also saying Essentials beat me? I was never in a competition with them

    So over 90,000 downloads isn't big?

    Edit: And you're only 13, so you're probably an immature kid seeking attention. I might be 14 but I don't go on someones post and say how crap it is...

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    I have been using for a few weeks and it works very well without a permissions support; I added Permissions and that caused a conflict with Precious Stones (not your issue, I think). So I lifted Permissions and added PermissionsEX. It's working fine except I can't get it to work with jcommand.gamemode; instead I work around it by allowing other players to use bukkit.command.gamemode, which is an OK solution. Just letting you know in case you hear it from others.

    Thanks for your work; it's good to have a simple plug in that works for me on it.
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    It says i dont have permission when i try and use a command. I'm the owner. How do i make it so that i have permission? Sorry i odn't know much about servers.
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    Are you OPed or do you use permissions?
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    HELP! i need a killall command to kill all mob or specific mob types cause i kinda spawned 1000 slimes in my server
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    I want to block the /nuke command, how can i do that??
    Because permissions isn't working right now
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    in the config can you have a way to change the permissions for /sethome /home /spawn
    for example
    player use home: False
    player use spawn: False
    player use sethome : False

    which than could be changed to true or a even faster way as a command in game
    /use sethome (oped, player)
    /use home (oped, player)
    /use spawn (oped, player)

    use /butcher

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    Aliases dude, Aliases.

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