[ADMN/FUN] BukkitContribEssentials v0.1.3 - Textures, capes, music, notifications, and more! [1000]

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    BukkitContribEssentials - Textures, capes, music, notifications, and more!
    Version: 0.1.3

    BukkitContrib is an amazing plugin. Unfortunately, it does nothing on its own that can be used by a non-programmer. BukkitContribEssentials uses many of the features of BukkitContrib without needing any code to be written other than a simple configuration file.

    • Custom texture packs, globally or one per world
    • Custom player capes and skins
    • Custom player titles - can be multiple lines
    • Play music from Minecraft or from a URL, globally (requires OP) or just to yourself (/playmusic command)
    • Custom notifications when entering an area - Includes name, description, any item icon, and (optionally) music
    • Automatically installs BukkitContrib if it's not already available
    Download - Source Code


    Version 0.1.3
    • Updated to work with BukkitContrib 0.1.6
    • Added version command
    • Added reload command
    • Fixed players not getting capes and skins when the /reload command was used
    Version 0.1.2 (2,291 downloads)
    • Fixed log spam when entering a region
    • Added the ability for custom music to be played when entering regions (previously custom music was only available via the /playmusic command)
    Version 0.1.1 (326 downloads)
    • Stopped trying to load BukkitContrib before the check to see if BukkitContrib is installed.
    • BukkitContribEssentials will now display an error message in the server console if an invalid URL for a texture pack is used.
    • Fixed edge case where a player leaving within 1/20 of a second from joining would create log spam.
    Version 0.1 (73 downloads)
    • Initial release
    Default config too confusing?
    Here's a different example:
        default: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/texturepacks/vbtp0-pangea.zip
        world_nether: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32644765/texturepacks/vbtp1-deepspace.zip
          - name: MetroVox Station
            description: Travel hub of the world
            icon: MINECART
            music: http://example.org/trainstation.ogg
                x: 128
                y: 79
                z: 56
                x: 96
                y: 0
                z: 29
          - name: The Grand Tree
            description: Full of spirits and leaves
            icon: SAPLING
                x: 6
                y: 127
                z: 113
                x: -43
                y: 0
                z: 65
          - name: Alden
            description: Hey, look! Sand!
            icon: DEAD_BUSH
            music: WET_HANDS
                x: 74
                y: 127
                z: -167
                x: -8
                y: 0
                z: -207
          - name: Faldor
            description: Town of boxes
            icon: CHEST
                x: 170
                y: 127
                z: -639
                x: 32
                y: 0
                z: -791
            cape: http://llamaslayers.net/cupcape.png
            skin: http://example.com/skins/nightgunner5.png
            title: |
                The Great
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    no config file was generated :(
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    ah, i see. not working.
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    Link again online, yeah thx.
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    A couple questions:

    1. can you set multiple tracks to play for each region? if so, how?
    2. what happens if two regions overlap?
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    Grammar Troll

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    Is there a way to disable the default game music, and still have custom music play? I usually have my music off to avoid the default game music.
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    so this lets me have a texture pack on my server that everyone can see even if they dont have the texture on there client???
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    Yes, but only if they have the BukkitContrib ClientMod
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    please add the ability to return a players texture to what they were using before a texture was enforced
    say player logs into default world and are using texture "mia.zip" and they gate to oldworld which enforces texture pack "steampunk.zip" when they return to default world at mo they keep steampunk.zip but we would like them to revert to "mia.zip" (or whatever they were using)
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    Can you make a little icon or text saying 'Typing' when you type? I would be really cool too if you made a text saying AFK when you have stand still for about 5 min, it would be awesome if you could ;)
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    he already said he can't, there is no way of detecting what textures are currently installed, for this to work he would have to copy your bin folder and then move it back when you're done ... a lot of work
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    whats the RELOAD command ?
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    Is 256 x 256 texture packs functional?
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    it must send a command to bukkit contrib to tell it to set a texture, and then i assume recieve a command to say its worked. bin folder has nought to do with textures , also not seen a reply thats why i tried to word it better (figured my dyslexia had kickked in and i had worded it wrong last time) having it stick at the texture set is kinda made it unusable (for now but its early days)
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    everybody has to have it? that stinks.:(
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    the client mod is very easy to install (and includes the same as mcpatcher for hi def texture support)
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    still i want all my friends to automatically have it like one of my friends hates installing mods
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    Its really simple to install it .. (BukkitContrib Installer), but youre right .. it strinks .. but what can you do?
    It bring you many features.
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    can you add a command to change the name ingame?
    and matthew no they dont. They wont be able to see the capes and different names.
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    I am having a problem with the so called regions on the Config.yml file...
    I don't know what does it do or maybe I just dont know how to use it...
    Capes and skins works well...

    But when I tried to input the X,Y,Z Coordinates of a certain location, nothing happens... I dont see the description I added there
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    NEED COMMAND TO STOP MUSIC!!! D: PLEASE!!! My ears are burning from a skype call feedback loop!!!
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    I am the same. SOMETIMES it works, sometimes it doesn't and I do the same thing for all locations, it just so happens that some don't work.
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    I hope this project gets more people to use BukkitContrib!
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    hi :D
    thanks for this great plugin ..
    can i have an example of music played on entering a region ?(nvm got it :D)
    also ..
    skin/cape seems to be disapering when teleporting ..
    as a possible fix can you make it so it reloads after someone is teleported :D ? this would be great ^_^

    using bukkitcontrib 0.1.7 :)
    thanks again ^^

    EDIT: btw skin only disappears for the other players but they don't for the player who have the skin himself ...
    the reload after teleport/spawn thing will be much appreciated !
    EDIT2: also can i use custom icons on region notifications ?
    if so .. how much should the size be :D
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    A couple questions:

    1. can you set multiple tracks to play for each region? if so, how?
    2. what happens if two regions overlap?
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    I'm sure it would if it had a proper command list or tutorial on how to use the region music
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    one question why only when you connect and disconnect you can see skins?
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    Could you please add a "refresh" after teleporting, for skins and capes? They are lost every time.

    A way to STOP music, also a Bug play a song in a subdirectory of a folder, then play a song in the above directory or some where else and they will both play at the same time.

    The region setting is very very iffy, could you add a in-game tool perhaps to remedy the annoyance so you know it will be read correctly.

    Thanks for adding a /reload command to it!
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    I keep getting a pop-up in the corner telling me to update bukkitcontrib but I did this already and I STILL get the message. I updated the server jar, the client version and even THIS mod... all 3 updated to 1000 and also my craftbukkit jar is the latest... and STILL i get the error... everything works though...just wanna get rid of that message!
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    O_O I can override a players default texture pack.

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