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    FreezePlugin - Freeze Bad Players
    Version 1.3 [Download]​
    Version 1.2 [Download]
    Version 1.1 [Download] [Source]
    Version 1.0 [Download] [Source]

    A simple pluging used to freeze bad players.​
    • Light-weight and easy to use (1 simple command)
    • Freeze / unfreeze players easily
    • added rules support

    - /freeze <target> <time> - freeze a player for a certain amount of time
    - /Freeze <target> - Freezes a Player
    - /f <target> - Freezes a Player
    - /status - Check the status of every online player
    - /check <target> - Check the status of a single player
    - /acknowlage - used by a player to unfreeze himself, after reading the rules

    Not case sensitive, more commands config soon!

    Change log:

    Version 1.1
    • Added status commands
    Version 1.0

    • First release
    To do list (open)

    * Add a command which will show the players status (freezed/not freezed)
    Progress : Done

    * Add a command that shows the list of players online and thier status
    Progress : Done

    Suggestions (open)

    * Make an ice block cage aroung the freezed player (thank you jamescosten)
    You tell me!
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    there are no permissions nodes, only ops can use it and they are immune to freezing


    You didn't reply so I assume the plugin works fine for you now (reply with the errors if not)
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    i didnt had time. I will post it sometime. The 1.0.0 update makes the server keep crashing every 10 or 15 minutes for me.
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    The plugin is updated for the latest RB, I don't really know what may happen on a 1.0.0 bukkit server...
    As soon as the new RB will come out, I will update it and change some stuff in it to make it more comfortable
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    dont, i heard that the new Craftbukkit will have new language of programming and also the configuration file has a bug in it so some of the good plugins dont work. Wait little bit.
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    I have no problem with config handling, and learning a new language would be nice :)
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    just tryied. It doesnt work. I try this to a one of my friend and it still says the invalid command. Sorry.
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    I will check it and update
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    Ok, i checked it works. But its not like the old one. The old one actually tells me if the plugin worked or not. Can you add that?
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    Do you want me to add some messages on startup etc?
    And thatks, I'm glad it works :) I will add those messages and upload it tommorow, I'm not home right now xD
  12. Erm... is there any permissions for this plugin????
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    only admins default OPS or the permissions which is the highest can use it and also will not work on other ops or highest ranks.
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    I would continue it for you! :D
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    you should add a feature that some 1 can type gor eg
    /freeze junksintrunk
    then I would type /acknowlage
    and then they would be free
    and mabye when u type /freeze (player name) it flashes the rules ( easy text document in config will have custom rules) so that way ppl can see the rules and type /acknowlage to acknowlage the rules
    i dont want any credit .. just take the idea
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    Yes, i would like to if you would do it. The telling me what happesn actually makes me happy and chekc junksintrunk's idea, i like it
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    Thanks for the idea :)

    I'm adding it right away


    Updated, Download v1.3


    Added your command :) check v1.3

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    after they use /aknowlege, you should make them put /agree and in order player to unfreeze themselves, the admins should put /freezeak or /fak <dont think badly, but you know what i mean. I am posting this what if you dont have any rules and what if the admin wants to freeze them permenetly and interregate them? :D
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    Good point, thanks for the feedback, I will do it right away :)
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    Download links fail.
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    Nice way to bump really outdated plugins.
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    May be outdated, but its working right now on 1.2.5
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    Permissions are the only thing that is keeping me from installing this plugin on our server. To keep it simple, you could add just three permission nodes: freeze.freeze,, and freeze.* . Freeze.freeze grants permission to /freeze, and allows you to do /status and such, naturally freeze.* allows all permission nodes. Great plugin though!
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    The download links aren't working :c
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    What's he mean "tag me"?
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    Permission nodes and the download links are down.
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    Dropbox 404 :(
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    Download doesn't work. Please fix man! Really want to try this out on my server.
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    Hey can you fix the download link i want to have this on my server. I would like that alot.

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