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    HelpMe v1.2 - The best helping plugin!​
    What is HelpMe?
    If you run/ are an admin, or a mod, on a server, you probably know that most users don't really know the plugins! So, instead of just having tons of mods/helpers to guide the new players, you can just use this plugin, which can be used by any plugin to show the commands!​
    Sounds cool, how do i get started?
    Well, this plugin is new, so not many plugins support it right now! The only one currently is SpoutBlocks, my other plugin, and HelpMe itself! Later today, i will add RPGQuest, and all my other plugins!​
    I want some plugins to support it NAW!
    Since it only takes a few minutes, you could ask the plugin's creators to add support! In the meantime, i am making a help library, which, right now, supports:​
    • BOSEconomy
    • Buycraft
    • Citizens
    • iConomy
    • Multiverse
    Download it here!​
    I am a developer, and i want to add support for it! How do i do that?
    It's really easy! Just go here!​



    • Switched to Maven!
    • Methods now properly return HookingPlugin, HookingCommand, etc.
    • Added sub commands! :)

    • Added command suggestions and automatic fixing, toggle the fixing through /helpme toggle (if it's not on, it will still give you suggestions, it just won't send the fixed command)! Credits to @codename_B !
    • Fixed some naming bugs!
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    Well, just create a hooking.java file, with only one method called setUp, call it with the main classes instance, and do the above stuff!
    in the onEnable, you have:
    hooking x = hooking setUp();

    and setUp will look like this:
    public void setUp(JavaPlugin plg)
    //blah blah set stuff here
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    Cant you just make it as simple as this: https://github.com/kalmanolah/CubeListClass
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    no, because the whole point of this plugin is that you can explain your commands in detail..how the hell can you explain them in 1 line? :|
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    In the class not in on enable, if you look there is a class in the git which you just place in your package. Could you please make a template class which users can put in their plugin and then in onEnable(); they only have to put "new HelpMe(this);"
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    Well, they would still have to modify that template class, so it would be the same thing with creating it yourself! But here you go...
    http://pastie.org/2816492 ^^
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