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    LibertasLoader - The Map Preloader:
    Version: v1.2
    With LibertasLoader, you can preload an infinite amount of chunks in any direction with the click of a key!

    I have been away from my gaming/coding rig for the past 3 weeks, but I am currently available and can fully access my code.
    Feel free to post problems/ask for help, or for a quick response PM me.

    To put it simply, LibertasLoader allows you to, with one command, generate as many chunks of the map as you want.

    This is can be useful to both low- and high-end server admins, as you can cut down on future lag created by adventuring players.
    Another use is for map modders who need to generate large amounts of the map quickly.

    My policy, when it comes to both code and life, is that things should be simple and no larger than necessary. That's why when I wrote this plugin I didn't throw in a bunch of fancy features and unnecessary utilities, because you don't need them! And if you do, I'm sure there's somewhere else to find what you're looking for. :)

    ♣One simple command
    ♣No configuration
    ♣No unnecessary files
    Permissions support
    ♣Bukkit permissions support
    ♣Multiworld support
    ♣Choose to monitor or silence the process


    Command Example:
    /ll world -200 -150 300 100 true

    Command Breakdown:

    Server restart/reload required after each use.

    [​IMG]Major thanks to phaed for cleaning up, revising, and correcting this plugin.

    Permalink - Download
    (Only major builds are archived)
    Version 1.2.1 - Download
    - Added support for Bukkit permissions
    - Minor Fixes

    Version 1.1 - Download
    - Minor Bug fixes
    - Major Bug fixes
    - Squishy Bug fixes

    Show Spoiler
    Version 1.0 (phaed) - Download
    - Major overhaul

    Version 0.2 - Download
    - Minor code revisions
    - Added chunk unloading. You'll run out of memory MUCH slower. ;)

    Version 0.1.1 - Download
    - Plugin entering Beta, looking for bugs. :D
    -Added command alias /ll (0.1.1)
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    Hey everybody, I've been pretty caught with preparing for my freshman year, so I'm tryin' to find some time.

    That's the next thing on my agenda, just gotta consider how to do it. :)
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    Will this generate maps using world generating tools? For example Bananapocalypse. If i were to generate the world would it generate the whole map around this program?
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    That would actually be great to test! I hypothesize that it would, as it uses the same chunk generation method as the server usually does.
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    i would say look at the world edit's disk tool. Take the way it knows how to place the blocks, and use it to gte the layout of chunks? where one block is one chunk
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    Good idea! Im probably just going to use that or some other point-per-area equation.
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    I love you for this. Thanks a lot for the effort. :)
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    Top Quark

    For some reason this isn't generating trees in chunks loaded using Libertas Loader. I'm using cb #1000 and LL 1.2.1. I get a nice area of trees where I spawn, and from there a line where trees just will not pass.

    Any ideas?
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    Are you...
    ...Using foreign generators?
    ...viewing the map with banana/dynmap?
    ...using a foreign worldtype?
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    Top Quark

    Tested with and without foreign generators (Phoenix Terrain Mod). Same deal with both.
    Only viewing with the c10t mapper. No live mapping plugin.
    No foreign worldtype.
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    Did you ever view the map in-game?
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    Top Quark

    Hah ok, yeah shoulda tried that before. Trees do indeed show up upon exploring in-game. They just don't show up on mapping programs (tried several) until a player physically goes to the chunk. Weird, but not really a problem.

    Thanks for your timely responses :).

    Edit: Also I keep getting random "This server does not allow flying" errors which log me out. Kinda annoying as it means I have no idea when generation is finished. Is there a way to start this plugin solely via the console and have it send the verbose comments to that instead?
  13. Does this keep the map fully loaded, or do the chunks unload, this is because wouldn't that be extremely demanding having it all loaded at one time :/ ?
    Would be great if anyone could answer this :p
    Thanks alot :D
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    Oh no, don't worry, it loads the chunk (and in the process generates it), and then unloads it.
  15. Awesome plugin, thanks alot! [diamond][diamond][cookedmeat][cake]

    Ok, so how would i make a 1250x1250 map out of this :p ?

    Edit: this is what i tried, "ll Skyland -1500 -1500 1500 1500"
    Then i put my border on for 1250 x 1250, however when i was generating the world i was standing on co-ordinates
    x: 31.5
    y: 71.6 (rounded to one decimal place)
    z: -62.5
    Will everything be loaded inside the 1250x1250, from using the command above?

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    Check the picture I uploaded. Is that what you're looking for??

    If that's the zone that you want to have, then the command should be
    /ll Skyland -1500 -1500 1500 1500
    like you said.

    (sorry for the MSPaint quality, I haven't installed PS on this rig yet)

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  17. Ok, yes that was what i was looking for XD, thanks alot! :D
    However, after i used this plugin, my Skyland memory increased quite a lot, is this normal, or is my server not unloading it properly?
    Thanks alot for all your help, i appreciate it :) [cake]
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    That is normal. I'm no expert, but I believe that the use of the memory has left latent data in the memory, or something along those lines. :)

    In my experience, just restart the server and it goes away. If you can't restart, it will subside on its own over time.
  19. Awesome! Thanks alot for your help :D, i shall use it again now :)

    Sorry, another small question XD, Do i need to keep your plugin installed after i have used it and generated the world? Thanks!

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    Wish you could log out, and it would continue without anyone logged in. Im generating my maps by 8000 in all directions and its a pain when your server has 4 maps to sit and wait...

    Or make a console command (Ya its gana be long but would be nice)

    /ll (World) (Start X) (Start Z) (x1) (z1) (x2) (z2)

    for the console, that way you can start it and it will just run in the background.
    Add a Slow option that may take a few hours longer but doesn't use as much of the Server.
    Add the ability to make it quiet after you started it, or make it show its status during the process..
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    I tested this plugin on a test copy of my server because I was looking for a way to see if there is a large ocean in some direction so I could explore to there for my next project on the real server but in my map viewer all the generated chunks using this plugin are void of resources like ores or trees!?
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    Map viewers will not be able to see newly generated resources. They're there. You just need to log in.
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    Do you know if this works with the 1.8.1 rb?
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    could you please share the source with us
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    When i make with xcraftgate the border to 1000

    than i must only make /ll name -1000 -1000 1000 1000 true ??

    and when i restart the server i must make again?
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    Amazing plugin. Thanks!
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    What is the problem with plugin? Like, whats the downside/side effect on the server/client side?
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    Amazing! simply amazing just what I was looking for. Many thanks.
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    Hey man. I looove this plugin. I highly recomend this plugin to anyone who uses TerrainControl, saves a bunch of time testing map codes and speeds up the process when a server goes live. Big ups for that. But I noticed a wierd glitch with the new update, upon rendering a world everything acts as normal ingame, and I can generate everything fine. But then when I go to map my world all the tree's dont show up. However if I go back and explore the area the tree's seem to appear, and then upon re-rendering they will show up in the new map render. Heres a pic to show you what I mean, you can pretty clearly see the edge of the ingame explored world, and the area around it rendered by this plugin.
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    I have the same problem (like aaglo) with new generated chunks.
    After a new chunk is generated, it needs to get populated, but this step is missing...
    Hope there will be a fix available soon.

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    Are there going to be more updates to this plugin or can you release the source? (the only source available is for 1.0 inside the .jar)
    I'd like to incorporate some of LL with a plugin i've tried making (but mine make too many chunks too quickly and crashes the server.)

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