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    ReEnder - Repair the End!
    Version: v0.11

    Are you annoyed by having to respawn the dragon every time someone wants to go to the end?
    Isn't it stupid that those crystals never come back? And all those portals messing up the whole place!

    Then ReEnder is the solution for your problem! It regenerates the end with just one command, it replaces all those spinning ender crystals, removes the portals leading back to the overworld and finally respawns the Ender Dragon.

    • Respawns the Ender Dragon
    • Recreates all the Ender Crystals
    • Removes the End Portals leading back to the overworld.
    More detailed explanation:

    My plugin looks at every single block in the end from x -144 and z -144 to x 144 and z 144 and checks the highest block (using a Bukkit method). If the highest block is bedrock with obsidian underneath, this is considered a location for an ender crystal. It doesn't matter if there's fire on the bedrock. A crystal location would look like this:

    If the highest block is an end portal, it will also add this block to a list of portal locations.

    After collecting all those locations, the plugin will
    - Remove all remaining crystals,
    - Spawn crystals in the bedrock,
    - Remove all the ender portals and all the bedrock surrounding it,
    - Kill the old Ender Dragon, if it's still alive,
    - And spawn a new one at [0/128/0].


    Type /reender or /reend while you are in the end dimension.
    You can also use /reender <world name> <flags>.

    Possible flags are:
    -c won't recreate the crystals
    -d won't respawn the dragon
    -p won't remove the old portals
    -r will recalculate the crystal locations.
    Only effective if used with -p
    (It needs to recalculate anyways if portals should be removed)​

    E.g: /reender world_the_end -p
    This will recreate the crystals and respawn the ender dragon, but not remove the old end portals.

    • reender.*
      • Default for OPs
      • Gives you all permissions for ReEnder.
    • reender.use
      • Allows you to use /reend(er)
    • reender.withworldargument
      • Allows you to use /reend(er) <world name>
      • Thus you are able to repair a world while not actually being there.
    • reender.withflags
      • Allows you to use /reend(er) with the flags stated above.
    •* or<world name>
      • You need to have this permission set to be able to run ReEnder in
        a world. The * works as a wildcard.
    You need to have at least reender.use and<world name>set to be able to run /reender at all.

    Download ReEnder
    Source Code

    Version 0.11
    • Added a config file with a lot of settings.
      • It's now possible to run ReEnder in asynchronous mode,
        if there are problems with the lag spike when repairing the end.
    • Added a listener which repairs the end when
      • somebody leaves the end and there's nobody else left there
      • somebody enters the end and there's nobody else in the end.
      • There are options in the config file to control the listener.
    • Added a reload command (/reender reload)
    • Tested with CB-1.2.5-R5.0
    Version 0.10
    • Release on the Bukkit Forums.
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    the permission for it? I'm setting this up for a quest to kill the enderdragon, and once that person gets to the end in a certain location from spawn, it does the /reend so i need normal players able to use this command too, they just wont know they have it :p
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    Whoops, forgot to add this in the description :D

    It's reender.use and it's default for OPs.
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    Thanks :)
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    Is it possible to have the plugin automatically "/reender" on its own after someone leaves the end? (Might want to check for other players first though :p )

    I just don't like the thought of having to have players either use the command each time (they could spam it to lock up the server) or have them ask a mod every single time they want to go into the end.
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    Good idea, I'll add a config option soon-ish.
    If somebody leaves the world and there's nobody left there it could regenerate the world.
    I'm also going to add some better permission nodes, I'm not happy at all with how it's right now.
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    How about an automated reset that happens a customizable time after each time someone kill the enderdragon? I think that would be amazing. If you implement that, I and a lot of other server owners will be extremely thankful! Thanks for the already amazing plugin.
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    Is there something i'm doing wrong? When i put the plugin in the plugins directory, and restart my server, the config file doesn't generate...
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    Any change to create Timer... Like every day ?
    Because I am not on server every day to type this command :p
    Is possible to add timer for this function ?
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    This is the feature I've always wanted and never found. I don't understand why it hasn't been done yet.

    I don't want to have to respawn it manually with a command, nor do I want it to automatically respawn immediately after the dragon is killed. I would like to be able set it so it automatically respawns at a set interval, like once a day at 6:00 PM server time, for instance.
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    Well, maybe because there is no config file....
    Will be added in v0.11 though :D

    Well, if you want to run it every day or something like that you should use another plugin to schedule this.
    Maybe I'll add something like that later though.

    What I definitely will add is a listener which triggers the command if somebody leaves the end and there are no players left in the world. This can be toggled on and off in the config as well.

    But yes, I'll need some more time to update the plugin, I have a lot of stuff to do ATM.

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    Pls can you tell me, how to change default for other players ? I'm new and i don't know how to do it...
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    You'll need a permissions plugin like PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions or PermissionsEx (and I'm convinced there are more), which you can use to give certain users permissions to do stuff.
    Usually there will be a config file where you can make permissions groups and give those groups permissions.
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    thanks, i will try it and reply my result :)
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    It works great for me. Thanks for this plugin
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    I'd actually really like to continue developing this plugin, but I don't have any ideas at all at the moment. ^^
    So if you have any suggestions or just features you'd like to see added, just comment below!

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