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    Version: 1.19.5


    PermissionsEx (PEX) is a new permissions plugin, based on Permissions ideas and supports all of its features. But PEX is more! It offers different backends, powerful ingame management, fine grained restrictions for world modification.


    Current features
    1. Bukkit Permissions (SuperPerms) compatible.
    2. Several backend support. Currently bundled backends is File (YAML) and SQL (MySQL, SQLite). Also it's possible to add your own.
    3. YAML backend, with new, fully rethinked, config schema. Now all user, groups and their permissions are stored in one file - permission.yml. BTW file name is adjustable too.
    4. SQL backend, most delicious. Currently MySQL and SQLite supported, but other DB (like Postgre) are possible too. PEX deploys the DB scheme (tables and initial data) automatically. This means, that you only need to provide data on how to connect to the db, everything else PEX will handle by itself.
    5. Flexible architecture and API - you can change a lot programmatically.
    6. Compatibility layer with TheYeti's Permissions (2.7.4) (as a separate part of the plugin). In most cases plugins, which use Permissions, will alsowork with PEX also.
    7. Rich chat/console command interface. You can do almost everything ingame. Command list below.
    8. Modifyworld - Embedded restrictions mechanism (we call it "modifyworld"), which provides the possibility to control players abilities, such as destroying/placing blocks, riding carts/boats or even getting spotted by mobs and much more. Disabled by default.
    9. Multigroup inheritance. User, as well as Group, can be member of several groups. And inherit their permissions, options and prefix/suffix.
    10. Permissions based upon Regular Expressions. This mean you can use regular expressions. Example: modifyworld.blocks.(destroy|place).(3|12) - this permission allow place or destroy only sand (12) or dirt (3) blocks. There is still limitation on dot usage in your regexps - dots are escaped by default.
    11. Multiworld permissions. Just don't specify world and permission would work in any world.
    12. Multiworld inheritance. You can inherit different groups in different worlds.
    13. Easy migration from Permissions 2.x. Converter for both YAML and SQL are embedded into PermissionsCompat. Just use simple instruction.
    14. Perfomance friendly. Low-level caching helps alot when you have 100+ online users :)
    15. Promotional/Demotional system. You can assign ranks to groups and promote/demote users to higher/lower ranked group.
    16. World-inheritance - permissions/option of one world can be inherited by another world.
    17. Timed Permissions - you can give user permission only for some amount of time.
    18. Chat Manager - small chat plugin, bundled with PEX. With prefixes/suffiex and colors. Check wiki for more details.


    Basic setup tutorial (Thanks to lycano)

    Nice tutorial made by Bennetman

    Stable version

    Development version (mostly stable) - always lastest dev build.



    Maven Repository

    Join us on #permissionsex, Feel free to ask any related questions.

    Tools !NEW!
    Pex Auto-Setup Tool - MySQL and FlatFile !

    Show Changelog (open)
    Proper intervals for timed commands (both group/permissions management), without pesky seconds calculations (like /pex user t3hk0d3 timed add cool.permission 10days)
    1.4.6 compatibility.

    Built for Bukkit 1.4.2-R0.1
    Added inventory permissions (modifyworld.items.put/take.<item>.of.<chest>)
    Added item hold permission (modifyworld.items.hold.<item>)
    Sdded monster egg spawn permission (modifyworld.spawn.<creature>)
    Few other minor fixes
    Modifyworld improvements (configurable messages, now independent from PEX)
    /pex help command
    Minor improvements and bugfixes
    New modifyworld permissions
    Some bugfixes
    Bugfix release
    Bukkit R6 compatible.
    Several bugfixes!
    Permissions now case-insensetive.
    Users logging and cleanup feature.
    Non-inheriting nodes feature.
    Several Bugfixes.
    PermissionsCompat is finally remove from default bundle.
    User/group specific management permissions (
    Fixed some superperms compatibility issues
    Fixed several bugs
    SuperPerms compatbility bridge were rewritten - no lags anymore and now with debug output (now you can view superperms checks).
    Numerous of bugs were fixed (Thanks you guys for reporting them)
    Modifyworld were improved (modifyworld.item.use)
    Compatiblity for 1317+
    Fixed perfomance issues with SuperPerms (if you still experience they try to disable "raw-permissions" in config.yml)
    Fixed issue with prefix inheritance
    Improved Options mechanism.
    Auto saving new users feature, disabled by default.
    SuperPerms bridge improved - more permissions supported by wildcards.
    File backend dumping now fully functional. SQL dumping is still bogus (do not dump world-specific inheritance and prefixes), will be fixed soon.
    Many bugfixes and minor improvements.
    Superperms (BukkitPerms) support
    Multiworld inheritance and prefixes/suffixes
    Groups weighting
    ChatManager, chat plugin which bundled with PEX.
    Modifyworld now separate plugin, but still bundled with PEX.
    API changed slightly, CustomEvents (PermissionsEntityEvent, PermissionsSystemEvent) introduced.
    Many lesser improvements and tons of bugfixes.
    API get slightly improved
    Ranking ladders.
    User/group name case-insensetivity.
    Timed permissions.
    Modifyworld rules are get improved.
    Tons of minor improvements and bugfixes.
    Many bugfixes and improvements.
    MySQL connection stability improved - reconnection mechanism.
    Promotional/Demotional system.
    Perfomance improvement, with new low-level caching system (thx Joy)
    Modifyworld improved.
    Many lesser improvements and bugfixes.
    New p2compat backend, for easy migration from Permissions 2.x to PEX.
    Users/Groups dumping (pex dump <backend> <file>).
    New commands pex promote/demote. Actually this is just aliases for "pex user group set/remove"
    Few bugfixes.
    Players now can be informed about changes (has been added to group, changed permission/option). Disabled by default - set "permissions.informplayers.changes" to "true"
    Config node "permissions.verbose", which responsible for player informing about modifyworld restrictions has been renamed to "permissions.infromplayers.modifyworld".
    Autocomplete has been improved.
    New command "pex config <node> [value]". This command help to manipulate configuration file (config.yml) from console/chat interface.
    Many bugfixes.
    Autocomplete for users (taken from registred users and online users) and groups names.
    New command for user removing (pex user <user> delete)
    Fixed several nasty bugs. Thanks for bugreports!
    Compatibility layer loading order issue fixed. Now most of plugins should work.
    Tested with new CB 803 build.
    Regular expression permissions support.
    Newer permissions now added above (bugfix).
    Several bugfixes.
    Initial public release.
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    HEY GUYS , another problem , i set myself as the owner , but when i get attacked by mobs , i wont be damaged , and i cant level up as well as get hungry too . this made minecraft slightly boring . can anyone tell me how to fix this ?
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    check the wiki for details about ModifyWorld. it probably has something to do with modifyworld.mobtarget or something:p WIKI!
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    i dont have modify world LOL . and WIKIed , and theres no such thing LOL
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    yyy... wtf?

    When player log in i have big spam at console.. how to quick fix it..

    Bukkit Build #1559
    PermissionsPEX 1.16

    2011-12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:34 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    -12-05 09:39:35 [INFOPermissions
    .... when i log in.. running.. move character, console send spam messages [Info] Permissions ..... :/
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    Question, I have Essentials (thinking about switching over to CommandBook) on my server and I use PermissionsEx. I don't want anyone to be an Op as Op's will give them access to ALL commands and I don't want some people to have certain commands. However I want EVERYONE to have the command /time day/night and some other commands. The permission node for time is essentials.time. But unfortunately, the command/time day/night is and Op command. How do I make it so that even people who aren't Op can use the command /time day/night. Again, that command is an Op command. Please help me! Thanks in advance :)
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    yyyy.... essentials time isn't op command. People who have op or permissions node: essentials.time.set can change time.
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    Err .. I have tried adding the permission node "essentials.time.set" for the Admin group and I am in the Admin group and I de-opped myself .. tried both /time set 0 and /time day, both not working. It says "You do not have access to that command". Any ideas?
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    you probably have debug: true instead of false in your PEX config. try that first :)
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    Advlog 0.6 cause this spam ;s
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    Why is it that for some plugins, PEX works, and others it doesn't? For example;

    I have a person I want to have mod status on my server, but he is unable to kick people.
    I have another person who is in the same group as him, but is an op in ops.txt and he is able to use all the plugins.
    But everyone can use Lockette, even the ones who are not ops.

    Is there a way for PEX to completely take over all function of my server so I can stop having issues? This type of problem has been happening since 1.7.4. (966 build). I'm using MultiCraft CP.
  13. Umm, actually, this is a default command for bukkit.

    Look here for the nodes:

    It's quite possible that you have a conflict between plugins, were one of them is taking over the command that essentials wants to use, so the permission node from essentials isn't checked. Turn on debug in PEX to find out what node is actually being looked for when the command is run.

    "pex toggle debug" (without the quotes) will turn it on and off. I leave debug turned on for superperms in the PEX config so that if I need to look at the debug info, it will show the checks for superperms as well as anything that isn't superperms.

    Personally, this is one of the reasons I don't recommend essentials. For starters, nothing included in it is 'essential' to server operation, there are other plugins that add in various parts of what it tries to include, and with the sheer number of things it tried to cover, it seems to cause conflicts way to often. Of course, YMMV, IANAL, and so on...
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    hmm well my PEX problem is whenever i try to promote someone it wont work. Like i just got it and i did just a quick Pex group and permissins (im pretty sure i did it right) and when i tried to make myself Builder it just errored so i tried it ingame and it said an internal error occured -.-. could someone help me? im tired of problems with perms
  15. Define take over all functions.:)

    PEX is a plugin manager, nothing more. Included in the PEX archive is a chat manager, a bridge plugin for older plugins that use the old permissions 2/3 API, and a highly flexible plugin for limiting building and other things called modifyworld. However, those extra things are optional, they are not needed to use PEX.

    As for why some plugins work and other don't, there are too many reasons why this could happen. Misconfiguration in the permissions file, a plugin conflict (one is taking over the command that another wants to use), a plugin that doesn't use Superperms (in which case, the compatibility bridge needs to be installed), or just plain old bugs in bukkit or the plugin.

    If the person who can use the commands is in the ops.txt, it sounds like a problem with your configuration as the ops.txt file is more or less a fallback method of determining who is a op and who isn't when working with a bukkit server (my ops.txt file is empty and I have access to everything).

    But without pastebin (or equivalent) links to your permissions file and PEX configs (as well as the server startup log starting at the bukkit version line), there isn't anything that can be offered beyond speculation as to what the problem is.

    Woah, I'm sorry, but your permissions file is a mess. Here are a few things I saw upon scanning it quickly...

    1. "build: 'true'" - these do nothing in PEX, I'd get rid of them.
    2. You have what looks like a single world, named globalGroups(?), but you have the same permissions defined both globally and in a world-specific section for each group. This is unnecessary and probably adds a lot of overhead that PEX has to process.
    3. You have the users section set up as multi-world as well, with "- ?,GlobalDefault" in the group. I've never seen a question mark used in a group line. What is this for?
    4. You have a group that has -'*' then lists off other permissions under that, which is useless as the * already gives access to everything.
    I would redo it, there very well could be a typo or missing punctuation in there somewhere that is causing PEX to 'freak out' when you try to run a PEX command.

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    Try installing dev version
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    Err i need help too ._.????
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    So no matter what I do, when I try to give or take away permissions from one of my users the entire plugin crashes. Is this something to do with the fact I am on a build far beyond 1337? (I'm on 1450.) Either way it's driving me mad... any suggestions?
  19. Post your permissions files in code tages of via a link to a pastebin (or equivalent). PEX doesn't just crash for no reason, and more often than not, it's a misconfiguration in the file.
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    This was originally a permissions file, however I converted it using the instructions. It worked great, but now I can't edit it without the plugin going down and taking a few others with it :/

    Any help or insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated!
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    could you post the actual error? Or atleast specify your problem? What is it that's not working for you?
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    How about you read? If you would've looked my problem is up there... btw does anybody have a solution for me yet? :/
    not trying to be rushy.
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    How about you start to show some fucking respect for the people who are trying to help you?
    OnT: you have not written anything that looks like a problem, you have a pastebin-link which is of your PEX config, not your console, and you're saying "i don't have a users part though is that what needs to be added in order for it to work?"

    How am I supposed to know how to help?
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    Can you look at my recent post to see my problem with pex. Maybe you can help
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    Ok sorry i was pissed at my friend and permissions wasn't working so yeah and heres my problem is there anything you can do to help?
    Sorry i was really pissed off at someone but could you help? and i said...hmm well my PEX problem is whenever i try to promote someone it wont work. Like i just got it and i did just a quick Pex group and permissins (im pretty sure i did it right) and when i tried to make myself Builder it just errored so i tried it ingame and it said an internal error occured -.-. could someone help me? im tired of problems with perms
  27. Yep, you need to add the users for the promotions to work. You have a few choices for a file backend:
    All the above info is in the wiki, which is linked in the first post.

    What recent post? The forum is only showing one post to the PEX thread (the one I just quoted).

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    it seems that only Essentials works in my server and not PEX
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    Is it possebol to get the colors etc in TAB?
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    little help here please..
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    Which group will get priority? For example when a User is in two groups, and the first group receives 10% money. Is it based on rank or on the location of the group?

    - Test1(has priority)
    - Test2

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