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    The interface for and by the people
    What is it?
    Pail is a Java swing Graphical User Interface designed specifically for bukkit.
    Why is it different?
    • Pail is written as a plugin, meaning the same, simple drag-and-drop install server owners have come to know.
    • Pail uses pure Java and no external libraries, eliminating the need for any dependencies.
    • Pail is designed for bukkit servers, allowing more control than any vanilla server GUI.
    • Pail is extensible! Other plugins can hook into Pail to add their own interfaces, creating a single place for server admins to manage their server and players.
    • Pail is completely cross-platform.
    What can other plugins do?
    Pail opens up many opportunities for plugin developers to take advantage of. Plugins can be written solely to add functionality to Pail, or Pail support can be integrated easily into existing plugins. Just imagine being able to edit your permissions groups, view server performance, or manage your world's economy all from a single interface!

    For Developers:
    You can start developing for Pail now! The API currently consists of several methods for adding your components to the interface. To add a tab for your plugin to the Pail GUI, pass the title of your plugin's tab and the JPanel containing your interface to:​

    PluginManager pm = this.getServer().getPluginManager();
    ((Pail)pm.getPlugin("Pail")).loadInterfaceComponent("Title", new JPanel());
    For more method descriptions, the JavaDoc is available here.

    Just drop Pail.jar into your plugins folder. That's it!

    • Convenient access to player related functions
    • Interface for editing server settings
    • Command buffer to recall recent console commands by pressing up and down
    • Waypoint system for teleporting players
    • Searchable console (with regular expression support)
    • Much more!
    • Pail - Reopens the Pail GUI through the console
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    • Support for remote hosted servers (milestone 1.0)

    Pail has been brought to you by
    With contributions by
    Version 0.7.5
    • Craftbukkit RB1240 support
    • Implemented simple gui api (docs coming soon)
    Version 0.7.4
    • Reimplemented CB1185 support
    Version 0.7.3 (Not promoted)
    • Fixed interface not loading bug
    Version 0.7.2
    • Minecraft 1.8.1 compatability (Craftbukkit RB 1185)
    • Added manual backup option
    • Added "say" option for console input
    • Possible fix for the gui not loading occasionally on server launch
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    Version 0.7.1
    • Fixed the 'apple.eawt' bug on startup
    • Added language API
    • Window can now be resized
    Version 0.7
    • Features:
      • 8 new menu options
      • Automatic translations for more than 30 languages via Google translate API
      • Console is now searchable via Find option (ctrl+F)
      • Text from the console can be copied via ctrl+C
      • Mac integration improvments
      • Players' faces are displayed next to their names
      • OP/Deop is context sensitive
      • Player names bolded in the console
      • Minor interface refinements
    • Fixes:
      • Fixed labels being cut off on some systems
      • Give now works properly with non-vanilla items
      • Fixed exceptions starting up when the interface takes too long to load
      • Enable is now thread-safe
    Version 0.6
    • Implemented skin switching in the settings
    • Fixed a bug when giving non-standard items
    • Fixed occasional NPE on startup
    • Maven integration
    Version 0.5.2
    • Added Waypoint API
    • UTF-8 support in the console
    • Interface now matches more closely with the native OS
    Version 0.5.1
    • Color support in the console
    • Fixed a bug when the craftbukkit version can't be determined
    • Autoscrolling now works properly in all situations
    Version 0.5
    • Server stop, reload, and save-all moved to Server menu
    • Added one-click auto update
    • Fixed console not scrolling down when text is added (thanks feildmaster)
    Version 0.4.1_1
    • Patched a bug in the teleport dialog
    Version 0.4.1
    • Fixed several bugs including:
      • Kill command not working
      • Command buffer skipping commands
      • Rare exceptions on disabling or reloading the plugin
    Version 0.4
    • Created waypoint system for teleporting players
    • Added command buffer to reuse recent console commands
    • Message, kick, and ban moved to player menu
    • Optimized the way settings are loaded
    • Several bugfixes and optimizations
    • Support for CB b1060
    Version 0.3.2
    • Bugfixes
    • Server IP is now configurable in settings
    Version 0.3.1
    • Several small bugfixes
    • About window shown by clicking pail version
    Version 0.3
    • Added settings section for hiding/showing tabs by other plugins
    • New API methods
    • Small optimizations and bugfixes
    Version 0.2
    • Added graphical item chooser
    • Added getInterfaceComponent to API
    • Refactoring and bugfixes
    Version 0.1
    • Preview release

    Download Pail 0.7.5 beta
    Latest dev build (unstable)

    EDIT: removed external links. Please use
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    I'll repost in case you were waiting for a proper reply. You're so fast at tech support. :D
    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-981-g13441f8 (MC: 1.7.3)
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    Try updating to the latest recommended build (1060).
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    Ok, that version seems to work just fine.

    I appreciate the help. :) Unfortunately, I had the same issue with the latest gitpull. Hehe, but this will work just fine for a private server. Thanks many times over. :D
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    Yep, the next pail version should fix this so it shouldn't happen next time.
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    Awesome. Thank you. :D Does more than I thought it did. lol

    Question/req - Would it be possible to do more than OP? Or is that up to coders to make their own permission mods to fit in with the API?
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    Would you be able to add the option to resize the GUI window (or at least expand it full screen)?

    Also a sound notification would be cool for users logging on and off

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    Can you change code to UTF-8 cause in russian language we have "??????" instead of normal words in chat.
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    I just downloaded the latest version and it's lacking the Reload and Stop button. Help?
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    @Dephurites They've been moved to the "Server" dropdown menu at the top of the window.
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    Oh, thanks. Didn't notice that it was a drop down menu...
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    @Aza24 A sound notification option would be fabulous! Doesn't seem that difficult. Would be great if it was toggle-able in settings.
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    Try a test server and see how it goes? I'm running 84 or so plugins on 1060 and a lot of them I haven't updated in ages (though I do keep an eye out for updates)

    edit: Oops.. didn't notice the post I replied to was old :D
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    I would love to use this and I do want to say good job on making a GUI for Bukkit as unique as this, its a shame that Swing looks horrible. Its the only thing that kills me from using it (which I cannot blame you for).
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    @escape @feildmaster
    Hello, I'v run into a few issues with Pail v.0.5.1. Iv tested this both on Windows (7) and Linux (Ubuntu) and when i do a reload it crashes the server and sometimes it will freeze the server upon startup. When this happends it usaully does not open when starting or close when reloading and as soon a a plugin trys to hook into Pail it completely crashes.
    This is a wonderfull GUI with minor bugs but i cant wait to use it when their all worked out!
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    ah yes... I thought escape rolled back to 0.5, but we've come across a few errors with it, and some previous code as well...

    It doesn't come up with any errors does it, @thestriker095 ?

    Another question: Did you manually download 0.5.1?
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    Yes it does come up with an error when closing Pail.
    i would show it to you but im not to sure how to copy paste from a Windows CMD
    and yes i did download it manually about 20 mins ago
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    03:25:16 [SEVERE] Could not pass event SERVER_COMMAND to Pail
    java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException: component must be showing on the screen
     to determine its location
            at java.awt.Component.getLocationOnScreen_NoTreeLock(Unknown Source)
            at java.awt.Component.getLocationOnScreen(Unknown Source)
            at me.escapeNT.pail.Pail.saveState(
            at me.escapeNT.pail.PailServerListener.onServerCommand(PailServerListene
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    That is the error that i get when reloading.
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    ah... Escape should be able to fix that pretty easily. thanks for the report.

    That's too bad. And if I could re-skin it, i sure as hell would...! xD

    Done, will be in next version.

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    Well knock me over! lol Just so much awesome again!
    Thanks again escape :D
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    I cried a little when I saw your code :(
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    What code? :eek:
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    but which part? :O
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    Blah, nevermind - I need to start using netbeans instead of eclipse for forsk without a visible pom.xml
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    @iffa lol... Why'd you even try to convert it to eclipse... xD

    (Netbeans ftw, btw)
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    Hi escape,
    Hi feildmaster,

    I really loved your Plugins Pail & AdvancedPail. But then we bought a Server on, because before it ran from my computer.

    In fact of that, I have following question:

    Could you add the possibility, to open up a GUI in-game which is quite similar to the java-programm, with help of Spout and Spoutcraft ? This would be really great.
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    While I agree this would be a great idea, it'd also be a great deal of work since the plugin would have to be entirely rewritten and would thus be better suited for a separate project.
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