[ADMN] Creativity - Enable block drops while in creative mode, plus some survival features! [1.1-R1]

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    Creativity v0.1
    With this simple plugin, you can enable you and your users to have blocks return drops on their destruction while in creative mode!

    - Enable blocks to return drops on their destruction from a player in creative mode!
    - Enable default users to destroy any block with their fists while in survival and have the blocks return drops!

    v0.1 - Initial release

    /c enable (enables Creativity!)
    /c disable (disables Creativity!)
    // (enables Creativity!)
    /// (disables Creativity!)

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    Cool plugin! However there is a conflict with Worldedit because of the // command you might want to change that
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    I've tested it with WorldEdit and there's no command conflict at all, mainly because you have to include more strings for WorldEdit commands. Also, there's no // or /// WorldEdit plugin command! :p But thanks for the concern!
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    // = worldedit superpickaxe, I tested earlier...I get an error and a plugin conflict...
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    Hmmm... that's awkward... I always used the alternate form of superpickaxe! :p But all you have to do to enable the plugin without any conflicts is simply use the /c enable command, and, poof, problem solved!
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    Okay cool! Nice plugin!
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    Awesome! Downloading in a sec. Also, Want a vid?
  8. can you add a third type of world?
    This world is normal and like worlds without creativity, so admins can have creativ, and normal users not.

    And other request:

    It would be great, if it was configurable to have a other inventory in ALL worlds
  9. T145
    Please update to [1.1-R4]
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    I'll do that with all of my updates shortly! Work and school have been really busy lately, and I've barely had any time for recreational programming, but I hope to change that shortly.
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    But, but, but R7 is out! You know what to do.

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