Inactive [ADMN/CHAT] OpChat v1.2 - Customizable colored op usernames, and more [1.1-R3]

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    For more info on plugin development, follow me on Twitter! @psnlionking23!

    Updates: 2/7/12 - So surprisingly, I realized this plugin works on (1.0), but I'm not sure about 1.1 yet, so if anyone sees that it works, please leave a comment. SOOOO SORRY for not updating because I have been experimenting with more program languages as well as creating general applications in Java. I will hopefully update soon. Thanks so much for over 14,000 downloads. :)

    OpChat is a simple plugin that lets you know when the operators of the server are chatting! You can also choose the color you want op's usernames to show as!

    * Can turn this functionality on and off through "/opchat on" and "/opchat off".
    * Now has /color or /colour commands to choose what color you want op's usernames to appear as! (See spoiler below)
    * Added /opchat help command to see all available colors.

    Show Spoiler
    /color blue
    /color red
    /color lightpurple
    /color yellow
    /color gold
    /color darkpurple
    /color aqua
    /color green
    /color darkaqua
    /color darkblue
    /color darkgreen
    /color darkred
    /color gray

    <font color="#ff0000">NOTE: On default, OpChat is disabled on server startup, so use '/opchat on' to enable it. (Fixing because I think you guys might want it enabled on startup...)</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source Code (for v1.2)
    <font color="#ff00ff">OVER 21000 TOTAL DOWNLOADS!!!</font>


    CraftBukkit Plugin Spotlight: OpChat - Video by majornanook:

    Known Issues:
    * No enable on startup (Fixing)
    * Saving previous color settings (Working on it, might take a while.)

    * [Above]

    Version 1.2:
    * Fixed some errors happening with color commands.
    * And changed two worded commands to one word... I was getting errors.

    Version 1.1:
    * Added commands to choose your own color that you want!

    Version 1.0:
    * Initial Release

    If you're looking at the source code, I could have made it take up much less space... but I'm still a noob at Java.

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    for the love of god get githbub
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    There is no recent version of Git for Mac OSX Lion...
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    Github has their own git client for mac? or does it not support rawr lion?
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    I tried setting up Git but there wasn't a version compatible with Lion.
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    I would use dropbox if it tracked number of downloads though...
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    Well this is good for people who hate permissions :)
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    Haha yeah... I'm not a fan of it myself as of now, but I might be able make some plugins later with permissions, when I get comfortable with it.
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    i tried changing the op colour, but it didn't work and now whenever i log in it says 'all op's usernames in chat will be displayed like everyone else'. help?
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    Are you sure you turned on the plugin using '/opchat on'? To enable the plugin, you must to that every time you reload or restart your server. I am going to fix that because I think people will want it enabled on startup.
    If I didn't solve your problem, leave a reply.
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    Please fix it soon... :(
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    Sure, sorry working on it right now.

    It works when server is reloaded or started up... but it returns to white... I can make a default start color, but to have a customized default, it'll take about an hour maybe more. I'll get to it as soon as possible.

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    is there a way to make 1 color for 1 person and another for the other op
    its says to type /color for urself but it changes everyone
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    I could probably put that in, but I'll have to use that with the config file as if you want it to save your specific color, it will save if u restart the server.
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    does this work with PEX cause I can use it but it dont show in chat?
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    Make sure you do /opchat on.. So sorry for not updating guys, haven't been free or on Bukkit lately. I'll make it so you don't have to do the /opchat on anymore.. :) I'm not sure if it works with PEX, but you can try. If it still doesn't work, try to find out what's going on and reply back!
  18. May you put an ingame command like /colour <playername> So different players can get different colors :) Oh and if you can... make ingame prefix commands like /prefix <&9playername&9> :cool: I know I spelled color wrong but I did that for anyone who used essentials :) If your gonna add these it might be a big update xD
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    Great idea.. I will try and plan a big update soon when I'm am a little less busy :p Thanks for the ideas!
  20. No problemo :p oh I forgot to add something.. xD I forgot prefix was something before the player's name so do this: /prefix <playername> <&9prefix &9>
  21. Woops another mistake... "/colour <playername>" Command should be /colour <playername> <color>
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    Where Do we type "/opchat on" ? Help ?

    And I cant Change any Colors Whats that about ?

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    To change colors and enable OpChat, you must be an op itself and type it into chat. Type "/opchat on" in chat for the color changer to work. You must turn on OpChat, then change to the desired color by doing "/color <colorname> or /colour <colorname>". Sorry haven't been updating, it's been a while and been busy with school.
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    Lol I Understand...And Thanks I Got It Workin :D
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    Could you make a rainbow color code???
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    Hey, I'm New To This How Can I Download it?
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    WOW! Thanks man! Iv'e been looking for a plugin like this for a week and finally found it!
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    Yea, really awesome plugin. Good job!
    (/color Dark Aqua won't work. You have to type /color darkaqua @Crush and Derek.
    My requests are:

    That /player option where different players have different colors.

    A setting to make the plugin startup with the server instead of /opchat on.

    A setting to disable/enable telling everyone what color the admin's are gonna be.

    If i could set all none admin players to one color and still have the admins able to change their own color that would be awesome!

    Just my 2 cents lol Happy new years when to all when it comes.
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    Click the download link and place the .jar file in your plugins folder of your Minecraft server.

    Yeah i'm working on removing /opchat on literally right now! should be out sometime this week!

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