Inactive [ADMN/CHAT] BukkitIRCd v0.9.4 - A standalone IRC server plugin for Bukkit [1.0.1-R1 - 1.2.3-R0.2]

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    Enable debug mode in the config file and send me the console log when it tries to link, and I might be able to figure out what's wrong. It could simply be that you're missing some required modules and have to enable them in the InspIRCd config file. I've had it linked to 2 different InspIRCd 2.0 servers (one for testing, one for production) and it worked fine on both.
    Edit: Make sure m_spanningtree is enabled in modules.conf (this will already be enabled if the server is/has been linked to another server), it's the only module that's required for linking support as far as I know.
    It's probably either that, or you're trying to link the plugin to a client-only port on InspIRCd. Clients and servers use separate ports. The UID command is standard in InspIRCd 2.x, so those are the only reasons I can think of that would cause that error.

    Doing that now. It has worked on earlier dev builds too. Any chance you could move it to Plugin Releases?

    New bugfix release.
    Version 0.9a
    • Fixed an issue where if any errors occurred when executing a server command from IRC it would crash the plugin.
    • Fixed a crashing issue that could occur occasionally.
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    hi, very nice plugin, thanks for it.
    using 0.9a, can't get an irc user to be op. oper username and password set. /oper command returns nothing.
    joining #staff channel is not possible, also returns nothing.
    any ideas?
    also messages from irc users are not going to in game chat.

    20:15:53 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-517"
    20:15:53 [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to [Lcom.Jdbye.BukkitIRCd.IRCUser;
    20:15:53 [SEVERE]     at com.Jdbye.BukkitIRCd.IRCd.getIRCUsers(
    20:15:53 [SEVERE]     at com.Jdbye.BukkitIRCd.ClientConnection.sendWho(
    20:15:53 [SEVERE]     at com.Jdbye.BukkitIRCd.ClientConnection.parseMessage(
    20:15:53 [SEVERE]     at
    20:15:53 [SEVERE]     at
    the plugin works until this error occurs
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
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    Do you mean all the things you said don't work, work until that error appears?
    The error should hopefully be fixed now, redownload from the link in the first post.

    Joining staff channel is not supposed to work since it autojoins you on successful /oper login.
    However the oper command is working fine on my server, and there's nothing wrong with the code that I can find. /oper is an IRC command, not an ingame command, so make sure you type it in IRC. It should display something in the IRC server window/tab when you try to use /oper.

    Fixed. Could you also move the topic to Plugin Releases? Thanks.

    Edit: Changelog for new version.


    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed possible IRCd crash issue.
    • Added /ircreload command to reload the plugin configuration. - Permission: bukkitircd.reload - Aliases: /ireload
    • /irckick now works in linking mode.
    • Hopefully fixed the "[Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to [Lcom.Jdbye.BukkitIRCd.IRCUser;" error
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    Is there a user manual, outside of the config, no idea how to use it, how do i enable game chats, etc...

    Yeah so here are my issues

    1) /me commands sent from the game, show up in IRC = GOOD
    2) I can't see people talking in the game, from IRC, but I can talk in IRC and have it show in the game
    3) My IRC background is balck, in the #staff channel when i do a !who it shows players, but black backgrounds, so i cant see unless i highlight them i use mIRC)

    I need to know how to see gamers chat from IRC. I also need to be able to configure the color options, etc.. theres not a whole lot i can change it seems. Id also like to be able to configure HOW the chats look both in game and in irc

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    you need to remove "user left the irs"
    in game message

    mibbit cant tell you users ips
    we have to find another web chat
    tell me if you fint it plz

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    I am trying to integrate this with a server that uses HeroChat and Towny (we are not attached to HeroChat so much) and these seem to be interfering with sending messages to the irc server. Messages from users logged into irc come though fine, but nothing gets back out. Would there be a way to hack/configure the IRCd to use the herochat channels and Towny town channels as channels the IRC users could use?

    For Instance, Global in herochat would be the main default IRCd channel, and the HelpMe would go to #Help, Trade would go to #Trade, etc. And towny uses /tc for town chat. so a channel for #Town1, #Town2, etc?

    HeroChat would be a priority integration i guess, and Towny could come later...
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    They're already enabled. Basically if you got this plugin it assumes you want to use it, so there's no configuration option to disable game chat. However if you have a conflicting chat plugin it might not work. I haven't tested compatibility with other chat plugins since I don't use any chat channel plugins or similar myself, only iChat.
    There is no manual (other than what's in the first post), but it should just work out of the box. If it isn't, you probably have a conflicting plugin.

    I'll make that configurable for the next version. I'll probably add that together with the customizable messages, so you can leave the message blank if you don't want it to be displayed.

    2) Do you have any other chat related plugins? It sounds like an incompatibility between plugins.
    3) There shouldn't be a background color, my plugin doesn't add one. What plugin handles the /who command on your server and what does the output look like in game? I use Essentials and !who output doesn't have a background color on mine.

    As for more configuration options, customizable messages and such, I might add it later.

    The IP is embedded in the ident (the part before the @ in the hostname) so if you ban by ident using /ircban ident (nickname here) it will be the same as banning their IP.

    I don't use HeroChat, Towny or any other chat channel plugins myself, and I don't plan to, but I might set up a secondary server just to add more plugin compatibility. The problem with them is that they cancel the onChat event so the plugin basically has to either ignore the fact that the event is cancelled (which would work, but then it could display messages in cases where they're not supposed to be shown, for example if someone is muted and tries to talk, plus it wouldn't know how to differentiate different chat channels), or plugin-specific support has to be added. I'll look into it sometime.


    A new version is up with customizable messages, color codes and more!


    Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed small issue with /kills not showing up in linking mode and the plugin thinking they're still online.
    • Probably fixed the "UID XXX not found in list. Please notify Jdbye about this." error that could occur in linking mode.
    • Added customizable messages in messages.yml.
    • Added customizable color conversion.
    • /ircban now works in linking mode.
    Download is in the first post.
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    all ppl can use my nick... need registration or server authentification.
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    That would complicate the IRCd a lot. I will look into it though, but it might take some time. In the meantime I suggest running a local InspIRCd server and linking the plugin to that, that gives you far more possibilities since everything supported by the InspIRCd server will work.
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    I totally love the idea of minecraft chat <-> some irc network.
    The problem is, i do not feel well, that one could become irc oper by having OP @ minecraft...
    So i guess ill stay with IRCTransports[0] for now.
    But, if you ever decided to split this plugin into plugin1: full featured IRCd + plugin2: full featured IRC <-> Minecraft-Webirc-bot (spoofed client connections, ircd independend), you'd be totally awesome.
    You might want to talk to the Author of IRCTransports [0]? (or fork his work)

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    It's purely for displaying in /whois, you can't actually execute oper-only commands from ingame. In fact, the IRCd doesn't have any oper-only commands other than /mode nick -o to de-oper. The /oper command is only used to gain access to the console channel. Also, if you really don't want people to show as IRC Operator in /whois, you can set the bukkitircd.oper permission to false (if you use PermissionsBukkit or another Superperms manager)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "Minecraft-Webirc-bot (spoofed client connections, ircd independend),". It sounds to me like you mean a bot that connects to a IRC server multiple times, one connection for each player. While that's a nice idea, it wouldn't be useful because of the maximum connection limit per IP all (as far as I know) IRC servers impose, which is usually something low like 5. Otherwise I'd definitely add that feature, but I don't see the point if it's not useful.
    Unless you can point me to any IRC servers which don't have a limit on maximum connections per IP, then I'll consider it.
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    I'm using Essentials which has its own chat program i guess, allows me to change how peoples names look based on the group they are in. That also handles the /who list
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    I use Essentials as well, though I use iChat instead of EssentialsChat, but there is no background color on my !who output on IRC.
    So I ask again what does your /who output look like ingame? I can't help unless you tell me.
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    I'm getting this error. I can't find a question mark in any of the config files so I'm not sure what I need to do.

    Also, instead of hosting on my own computer, the settings seem to allow me to use a different IRC network than my own right?
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    Doesnt matter what my who output looks like, im not using the plugin because it doesnt work with my other plugins apparantly
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    I'm going to go under these assumptions to answer your question:
    1) You are trying to connect from the same network as the server
    2) You have properly configured the server
    3) Your client is not glitchy

    As you probably do with MineCraft (or maybe it magically works for MineCraft), you must type in your INTERNAL IP when trying to connect to your server. For example, although your IP to other users may be, to you, you must enter an internal IP like 127.000.01, or, or something with 10.338 - you get the point. You have to do the same thing when trying to connect to your IRC server. If you don't know how to find your internal IP, get on the machine the server's running on, and open up command prompt (well this solution only works if you run windows). Type "ipconfig". You should get a lot of text. Ignore everything and search for the 'IPv4' section. There's your internal IP.

    Hope this helps.
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    cool plugins works fine but how can i change the prefix ingame if i am in irc from "[#minecraft]" to my normal prefix and change the suffix to "[IRC]&f" ??
    Pls help :D
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    It's not a questionmark, it's an unprintable char with code point U+FFFD
    Maybe accidentally copied in, or are you using a fancy editor (or a stupid one, like Windows Notepad)
    Try rewriting the config file, or open it in another editor.

    You can link to any IRC network that is running on InspIRCd as long as you have the required permissions on the network.
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    Notepad++ thank you very much. I'll have to check that then.

    What exactly is InspIRCd?
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    Can i change the prefix ingame if i am in irc from "[#minecraft]" to my normal prefix and change the suffix to "[IRC]&f" ??
    Pls help :D

    sry for double post but pls help me
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    An IRC server software.

    Notepad++ displays unprintable characters as black squares with 3 letters in them, so you should be able to easily pinpoint the incorrect character.

    Change the messages in messages.yml (but this plugin doesn't use [channel name] as the prefix, CraftIRC does though. You sure you installed the right plugin?)
    As for the suffix, if you mean on the IRC side, you can change that in config.yml, but if you mean ingame, it's in messages.yml. However, if you change the player suffix on the IRC side to something that doesn't contain any normally disallowed characters, nick collisions can occur. The player suffix contains a / (slash) by default to avoid IRC users pretending to be ingame players, or using the same nick as an ingame player.

    Also, new bugfix release:
    Version 0.9.2b
    • Fixed dynmap error stopping the plugin from working.
    • Added softdepend for Dynmap and Permissions.

    1.0 will be released when I add HeroChat/Towny support.
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    hi, maybe im a little slow, but is there a way to kick and ban people that are in minecraft but from IRC. I was hoping to have my admins being able to watch the server chat via IRC and being able to kick and ban users without launching minecraft. That way I can also keep on eye on the server while im at work via my phone IRC app.
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    can not connect to the standalone server. Seems like its working, I can list and change topic in minecraft but I can not connect to irc server even with a local ip address 192.168 and so on. tells me Connection is forcefully rejected. Socket error 10061. Happens even when I put IRC server in DMZ so no port blocking or anything. what could be wrong?
    Tried even connecting from the same machine via ice chat irc client by connecting to localhost for the address, still same error. Deleted my config file and stuck with the default and still nothing. Please help
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    anyone know working web chat exept mibbit ?
    mibbit cant ban users from game

    "That's because mibbit always uses the same IP to connect. However if you ban by ident instead (/ircban ident <user>) it should ban that user only."

    i need type /who user in game too know ident? when type /ircban ident <user> in game chat ? sux

    registration or /login still downt works?

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    Any errors in console?

    You can kick and ban using the normal IRC way with /mode and /kick.

    No. You type their nick in /ircban, like this: /ircban ident nickname
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    what is "ident" ?
    /ircban nickname - bans all chat
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    Nope no errors in console. I tried even running on a different port. Nope not allowing me to connect. Am I suppose to change something in config file?? I can run IRC commands inside minecraft, I think I tried running to see if anybody on IRC server and it said zero people, but can not connect for nothing to it. When I try connecting I see no errors and no errors at all with that plugin running.
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    Ident is the type of ban.
    The syntax for the command is /ircban type nickname/fullhost, so to ban their ident, you use /ircban ident nickname where nickname is the name of the person you want to ban and ident is just typed. Ident is the part before the @ when you /whois someone on IRC, and mibbit uses the IP address (in hex) as the ident, making it easy to ban a specific mibbit user.

    Are you sure there are no errors in the console when the plugin loads? It sounds like it fails to bind to the port for some reason which would show an error in the console when the plugin tries to bind. If you have a firewall it's also possible that it's being blocked.
    If you're using a server host it could be possible that they're blocking IRC traffic. I haven't heard of any server hosts doing such a thing, but since a lot of server hosts disallow IRC it's very possible.
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