Inactive [ADMN/] Blacklist v1.1 - A plugin that let's you know when a listed person logs in [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    Blacklist - Know when somone bad has logged on!
    Version 1.1 <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    (old version 1.0 no MySQL) <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    As any server owner would know, there are players that you always have to look out for. You could write them all down, but then you have to remember to warn them when they login, and have to tell all your ops about it. Wouldn't it be nice and easy, if you could make a list, and have all of your ops see it, and know about it! With blacklist you can do just that! It's a wonderful environment, and can help you, and your players know who to watch out for. With the new 1.1 version, Blacklist is on the next level with MySQL database support, now with ingame commands, a chat & money system (see below for more info)

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    The config is pretty strait forward and easy. Just in the config.yml add the names of the players under the section of names. Use this format:
    - name1
    - name2
    - name3
    You can put as many names as you want!

    (only for Blacklist 1.1)
    For those who do not know what MySQL is, put simply it is a bunch of tables grouped together in a database. MySQL is easy to setup, and is just amazing.. especially for bukkit plugins.
    Here are some tutorials to help you setup MySQL for mac and windows, if you are using a dedicated server, talk to your host about getting one .

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    Once you have one setup, in the config file you need to put the provided information from the MySQL in the appropriate places, all explained at the top of the config. A table will be created in your database called 'Blacklist'. There are 4 columns in that table, that i will explain here:
    id: This is the id of the column, used by the plugin for indexing, please do not touch this.
    username: The username of the player on the blacklist, you can change and edit this any time!
    reason: The reason that the player is on the Blacklist
    constant: This will always be 1, this is for the plugin to check data etc etc, please do not touch this.
    Vault, economy, chat, and permissions
    There are no "required" plugins for Blacklist, but you need Vault to aces the Chat and Economy benefits. You will also need a chat manager, economy plugin, and permissions plugin. Please note that if you don't have a permissions plugin, chat will not work. What is chat? you may ask. Basically in front of the players tag (where the groupname for permissions is) it will add a configurable tag [full color supported!] For example:
    The first part is the Blacklist Prefix, next is the group prefix, and the name .
    Economy is for the /removeme command, the amount of money is configurable, as well as whether or not it should be enabled.

    * v 1.1 - Added In game commands, MySQL support, Chat, Economy.
    * v 1.0 - Initial Release!

    I would like to thank PatPeter for his excellent MySQL library!

    Hope you guys enjoy this plugin, please leave any suggestions/bugs in the comments section! Or PM me .

    Sorry for duplicate!

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    Changelog please
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    Added changelog :)
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    Nice nice! What about an in game command like /blacklist add playername that will help alot not having to edit the config
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    Working with 1.2.3 !
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    If you read, you would have seen a day or 2 ago I said something about updating BlackList with MySQL and adding a bunch of features.. will be out in 1-3 hours.. depend on how lazy I feel :D. There are a lot of great features that are being adding that are making this plugin a must-have ;).
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    V 1.1 is out.. A lot of AMAZING features added, check above for all of them!!
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    Hey dilly!

    Great work on the plugin. A great idea for administration. I have one request. Is it possible to make a toggle which wont notify the player when they are blacklisted? It's just if I wanted to blacklist someone because he has a suspected xray client it would tell him the admins are watching him therefore ruining the element of surprise.

    Thank you.

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    Nice idea! Will defintelly be added in the next version
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    Awesome plugin! I installed it on my server and I'm sure it'll be helpful. But I've got a suggestion to make this plugin alot better. You should make it like a social thing where to have an account and view anything but the home page: you have to be either the owner of a server, verified by joining the server to make sure it's an actual server, or you have to be an admin for a server that's been verified. It could be like a forum website where all the high and mighty server owners and admins get together to help inform others of griefers. That way owners and admins can find blacklists made by verified servers.
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    You read my mind :p. I have a lot I have to work on now, with other plugins, but as soon I'm done with all of that, I'm going to be making some pretty cool plugins ;)
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    Old version download is the same as the new version, and I can't add 1400 users by hand with MySQL... Can you add a flatfile option like with 1.0?
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    What do you mean. The 2 versions are extremely different! I mean, 1.1 has a lot more features, MySQL support, ingame commands, etc etc. You can do /blacklist add <blahblahblah> <reason> Ingame.. :).
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    Hey guys we just got a mysql database and was wondering if the version that uses it is better then the one that doesn't? Do you have any install instructions other then above? Do I just add the jar and edit the config? Keep in mind that we have a server host and mysql is hosted there not on local machine.

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