Inactive [ADMN] AZRank 1.1.1 - easier changing group, temporiary groups, ranks for time (eg VIP)[1.2.5-R1]

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    AZRank version 1.1.2

    Schould be compatible with all craftbukkits!



    AZRank - change ranks easier and for time
    Give ranks for specified time and choose how long player have this rank.
    Currently support: PermissionsEx, GroupManager and bPermissions.




    source on Github.


    Author of plugin - RutrPL
    old(beta) topic
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    Could you make a plugin where you already have groups like vip donator admin moderator trusted and default please msg if you will on youtube my username is xnightdestroyer thank you:)
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    For group Management are permissions plugins(eg PermissionsEx).
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    I find the groups really hard.could you help?
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    rutr This would be perfect for my server WarCraft When I have people choose what rank they want from [TeamRed] and [TeamBlue] but I can't because I don't wanna promote players myself. Create a sign for this plugin!

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    meybe this will be in my next plugin, but now i dont have enought time.
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    rutr Alright cool
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    Very good plugin. I installed it and it works perfectly!:)
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    Hey when I set a rank for myself I do /setrank martypacn Owner but then it says it worked but when I talk I dont have a prefix??
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    /rank <Your nick>
    and if there is a group that wanted to, it means that you have a bug in the settings groups
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    PLugin is only good if its ACTUAL ingame time and not out of game time is this the case, does the timer still tick down when the players offline
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    It depends on the permissions plugin, not on my.

    Yes, This is the idea of ​​this plugin(weeks, months).
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    how do i make it so i can set someone (donater) into vip and have them be able to do
    /fly /jump and item spawn? please help
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    This is support by permissions plugin and command plugin, not by my plugin. You must add the nodes for this commands to group vip. If you want help you must write what plugins for permissons and command you use.
    Sorry for my bad english. Corrections are welcome. :)
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    Działa na wersji 1.2.5 R.2 ? Gdy minał czas, gracz ma dalej tą samą rangę.
    It works on 1.2.5 R.2. When the timeout, player have the same rank.
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    could u add a feature where certain ranks can not de-rank other ranks that are above them? my staff ranks from lowest to highest are guard, Mod, GM. I want all of them to have certain de-ranking and ranking abilities. but i do not want the guard to be able to de-rank the Mod or GM to lower ranks such as criminal. Same goes with all the ranks, i only want the 3 staff ranks to de-rank ranks that are below them. (excluding VIP) I'm sorry if this is already a feature, i just didn't see it anywhere :p
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    Jeżeli masz GroupManagera, bug ten został naprawiony w najnowszych wersjach. Jeżeli nie masz groupManagera to napisz jakiej wersji AZRank używasz, jakiego systemu permissions i czy coś się wyświetla w konsoli w trybie logEverything=true (w AZRank/config.yml)

    This will be... But i dont known when...
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    i love the plugin! hope the next update includes permissions configurable to not allow certain ranks to be altered by lower ranks :D i currently use PEX incase you needed that
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    Please add /azextend command :(

    I verry need that command
  21. Great plugin, but can you add a command/config to select the group that the players should back when the time over? (example: /setdefaulrank <select_the_group_we_need_as_default> )

    In my server, for example, the default group is "espectator" and they haven't any permission.

    When a player vip is reseted (when his VIP end) they should back to group "Gamer"(with common permissions) but they back to the group "Espectator"(that has no permissions).

    Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my language. ;)
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    if player is in group gamer, next if you set his group to vip for some time, when time end, player will back to gamer. default group does not matter.
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    How do I create a group for someone to join? Do I just type /rank jak_the_creator Admin? And when I do this it says error setting group. Any thoughts?
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    You must have a permissions plugin! Eg permissionsEx

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