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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by wingsman2, Sep 26, 2012.

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    The program/scripts -> backupsystem.zip

    It's a simple batch file using the 7zip archiving exe. It backups your worlds and plugins in format for worldedit to do snapshots. Just Extract the contents of the zip to your minecraft server directory, configure and run.

    open the text file and put in the plugin folder names that you want to exclude from the backup (for example I excluded the dynmap folder because it gets very large and isn't really needed in the backups)

    In this file you put the worlds you want to backup! For example I put world and world_nether as the two worlds I wanted to backup.

    This is the file that does the actual backup. You can open it with any standard text program like notepad and view its contents.

    Starts the backup and is essentials friendly. Yes you can just run the backupfile.bat directly but I use my system in conjunction with the essentials backup system to make it run every 2 hours while the server is running. Look below for the example of essentials.

    This is a zip file of the 7zip.exe file you need!(7za.exe is the file you need) You can ether extract it from this zip archive and put it in your minecraft server directory or you can download a fresh one from http://www.7-zip.org/download.html you will need the "7-Zip Command Line Version" It's about 6 links down and extract that 7za.exe to your minecraft directory.

    Essentials config (backup every 2 hours)

    # Interval in minutes
    interval: 120
    # Unless you add a valid backup command or script here, this feature will be useless.
    # Use 'save-all' to simply force regular world saving without backup.
    command: 'C:\<Path to Minecraft Directory>\backupstart.bat'

    Run the Backupstart.bat when ever you wanted to backup your worlds and plugins. (Note doing manual backups while the server is running you will need to disable world saving till the backup is complete or you might corrupt the backup)

    My server if you want to try to reach me is wingsman2.mine.nu

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