[admin]stop animal despawning[nodespawn]

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    Plugin category: admin probably

    Sugested name: NoDespawn

    A bit about me: well i play on a server and alot of people have the problembs of chickens despawning and im sure the owner would add this you make it.

    What i want: simple, a plugin that stops chickens from despawning. It is so annoying to buy or find eggss and spawn some chickens only to have them despawn because you dont keep the chunk active. This plugin would only have to stop chickens from despawning, because there the only animal you can legitimatly farm. If you could make this it would be amazing

    Ideas for commands: no commands needed

    Ideas for permissions: none needed

    When i would like it by: as soon as possible

    Devs who might be interested: SmilingDevil

    Similar plugin requests: none
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    I never said I was interested.

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