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    Do you run an RP server and don't want your players making beds? Do you wish that you could stop TNT placing right from the crafting table? Do you hate colors and don't want people to dye wool?

    Whatever the reason, Recipe Repo is here to help!

    What does it do?
    Using high-end Java list removing technology, this plugin has the power to eliminate certain unwanted recipes from your server. The recipes you choose to remove are completely configurable and easy to change.

    Shaped and Shapeless Recipes
    Minecraft has two types of recipes: shaped and shapeless recipes. Shaped recipes are only crafted when objects form a certain shape, for example how a wooden door requires two columns of planks next to each other. Shapeless recipes are the opposite. They will produce something no matter what shape is made, for example how you can place wool and a dye anywhere and still achieve an outcome. This plugin should cover both forms of recipes.

    Installation & Configuration
    1. Simply place the JAR file from the download below in your plugins folder.
    2. Once your server has ran once, a new file called blockedrecipes.yml will be created in the plugins/RecipeRepo/ directory.
    3. To block a new recipe, simply put in the ID of the item/block that you don't want to be crafted in blockedrecipes.yml. If the desired object has a damage value, put the ID followed by a colon and then the damage. If you need help, look below for examples.
    4. Once this is done, you can run your server and the blocks or items with the IDs you specified will no longer be able to be crafted.
    If I wanted to block iron blocks (42) and wooden planks (5) from being crafting, my config file would look like this:
    If I also wanted to prevent light blue wool (ID 35, Meta 3) from being crafted, my config file would look like this:

    If you are having trouble with finding IDs for the blocks and items in Minecraft, you can use this picture of all the vanilla IDs courtesy of the Minecraft Wiki.

    If you want to find out which items or blocks you cannot craft in game, just use the command /blockedrecipes and the server will tell you.

    Mod Support
    This plugin should be 100% compatible with non-vanilla blocks and items. An example of such is if you wanted to stop players from crafting IC2 machines. Just put in the ID and meta value (if applicable) of the object in the config file (with the mod installed, of coarse) and you should be set.

    Download RecipeRepo v0.1.4

    Latest Source:

    [1.0.1-R1] RecipeRepo v0.0.3

    Change Log

    • Updated to 1.2.5-R1.
    • Modified core structure to improve clarity and performance.
    • Fixed a command bug.
    • Altered the method that was used to decide if a recipe was shaped or shapeless
    • Initial export.
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    Forever useful![cake]
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    great plugin. there was one like this onece but its dead. Would you condider also option for changing how much items you gain from crafting original MC recipies ? There is no plugin that can do that and this one has quite close to such function. Some original recipies are quite unbalanced adding so much grind to game.
  5. can you add, that every single recipe has a permissions node smth like reciperepo.cancraft.(id)
    u need for crafting this?
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    That's actually a good idea and I'll see what I can do with it.

    Sadly, the way in which I change the recipes cannot be based upon player.

    Does anyone know why the topic's title is null only on and how to fix it?
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    Don't change it, it gives you more attention! :D
    Nice plugin btw
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    Don't know why, but your plugin shows up as "null" on the plugin list :)
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    he doesnt know why either, read above your post :)
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    I'd prefer not to implore that kind of propaganda.
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    Can this ban potion recipes? So far I have had no luck, but I REALLY want those stupid things off my server save for quest rewards and other special events.
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    I've banned normal glass bottles through modifyworld with PEX for the time being, so it no longer seems like as big of a deal, but it would be better to ban/modify them in the brewing stand so I could make some custom potion recipes (although man, it would be nice if someone made a plugin that had custom potions with custom effects... I can't believe nobody is working on that!) Either way I love this plugin, unlike others it actually works, and works well!
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    @LucidLethargy Potions... are complex. I thought they would be the same as furnace recipes, but that's not the case. I might be able to find some small thing I can alter that will change the recipes... wait I just had an idea mid-sentance. I've got to see if this works.
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    I've been looking for somthing like this for ever...Thank you for making this awsome plugin i'm using it on my server

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    Could you update it for latest MC Version(1.1.0)?
    It can ban only with Items/Blocks Recipe Only in Vanila.
    sorry for my English.
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    I'm using this plugin on 1.1-R4 to remove the crafting recipe from the non-vanilla Mo' Food and Crops mod (its dish item 3704 conflicts with PlasticCraft's wood flour recipe) – it has been working great for me, no problems so far.

    edit: I have noticed a few minor glitches. When crafting the banned recipe, it briefly flashes the old recipe output. Also, the banned recipe can be accessed using the Crafting Table II mod (if you're using it – I actually like this feature, since it means the original recipe is preserved, but if you want to block recipes, something to keep in mind).
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    mushroomhostage The recipes only flash because they are there on the client, but the server then says that the recipe shouldn't exist, so it then removes it. Don't worry, no matter how fast someone is, they can't remove it. I'll try to boost the importance of the plugin so that it can remove recipes before the Crafting Table II can detect them, but then again, it may search and destroy before the actual recipes are submitted by the mods. I'll really have to look into that.
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    I actually like the ability to access the disabled recipes through Crafting Table II – so if you do find a way to block this, it would be great if there was an option to turn it off :).

    Also, I haven't investigated this too much, but someone in #mcportcentral reported how IC2 QuantumSuit Boots couldn't be blocked. I reproduced this problem, tried adding 30171, 30171:-1, 30171:26 to the blocked recipes, but they still could be crafted (on a regular crafting table) even after restarting the server. I don't need this for my purposes, but thought you might be interested in this problem. My uninformed guess is that it is somehow related to the damage values on the crafted items and/or their durability.

    edit 2012/03/27: PotionsPlus released ;)
    You should post a request to the requests forum for this =). I wanted to make such a plugin, adding new effects to the numerous unused potions already in the game.. but haven't got around to it. But I think it'd be a fun plugin and could enhance the game in interesting ways without client-side modification, exploiting unused values similar to EnchantMore. There actually is already one plugin I know of which uses special potions: Mortuus Terra ("Players can cure themselves of the Zombie infection by crafting and throwing a special potion." and "Players can create a special potion that has a chance to detonate a nuclear explosion, adding a crater and radiation to the world.").
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    Does this plugin work for 1.2.3? I tried it and when I do /plugins, the plugin shows up. Although the ID's I add don't seem to get blocked. When I do /blockedrecipes it say there are no blocked recipes. When I clearly added some.
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    I've now updated to 1.2.5-R1, so everything should work as intended. As always, if there are any issues, please inform me of them so I'm able to fix them.
    AmoebaMan The source is on my other machine right now, so I'll probably get around to posting it tomorrow.
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    Jsn_man Tag me when you do please
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    Dont work with mod loader
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    I put this on my tekkit server to prevent the crafting of NanoSuit armor, but I can still make it, I even set an admin to builder and he could craft it too? please help
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    AmoebaMan: The source has been added.
    GalaxyBlast: Tekkit runs on an older version of Bukkit, if I remember correctly, so I suggest you use the 1.0.1-R1 build. If that doesn't work, please say so.
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    Could you also add a feature to block certain items from being enchanted?
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    larrystephen: That's not a bad idea. I'll take a look at it later.
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    EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Never thought it was possible!

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