Inactive [ADMIN] MC Server GUI .9.7 (cross-platform) - A GUI wrapper for your server (now w/in-game cmds)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by dumptruckman, May 18, 2011.

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    Hehe, yeah, it took me a while before I updated mine too. Guess I didn't think it through enough, heh.
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    Question does the command run in game like a /command or only run what can run in console ?

    for example if I was to do

    /broadcast msg text here

    as one of the messeges to be scheduled it would run the command ingame as if I typed it ?
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    It's exactly as if you type it in in the console. Unforunately I know of no way to simulate typing commands as if you were in game. I would love a feature like this but I know why it doesn't exist (because of commands that do things involving your in game position for instance.)

    Ok folks, .8.0 is released. The main feature is tasks that are trigger-able with a button from the Main Window tab. This allows you to create "Warn Stop" buttons with custom warnings as well as other things. I've also changed when it decides to scroll/not-scroll the console output hopefully making it more sensible. There are a couple other features I added as well. Check out the change log!

    cc: @Jadedwolf
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    o I see
    Question 2
    Since u released 8.0 60s after I just installed 7.. who knows what it was then.

    I created task buttons but I fail to see how I can set a delay before doing the event such as the apprently now gone "Warn Stop Button" Id like impliment that but with Restarts as well tho ticking the Task button check box disables the timers.

    Would it be far fetched for me to make the assumption that setting a message would be the time it waits such as if the latest msg to be sent broadcasted to server chat is set to go off 3min prior the event would it wait 3mins before triggering the task button.
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    That is a correct assumption! Basically, if you want a delay on the task, you have to put warnings, though really, if you just want a delay, set a warning with no message, just time.

    Ack! I realized I missed one important part in .8.0. When you reopen the GUI it's going to load your "custom button events" as scheduled events (probably at midnight each day if you didn't change the time before checking that box.) Anyway, I fixed this in .8.1. Sorry!

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    hehe no worrys ill just make sure to patch that before snoozing then.
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    Amazingly well done, as always. :D

    After setting up a couple new "tasks". I was in the console tab view, stopped the server, closed the gui with the x button on windows server 2008 and restarted the gui, in doing that my tasks were deleted.
    Any idea of why this would happen?
    Using 8.1

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    Fixed in .8.2 along with some other minor things. Thanks for pointing that out, sorry for the inconvenience.

    cc: @ledhead900
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    I did notice that same thing was about to let u know but seems u already do. oh and what does "cc:" means ?
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    cc = carbon copy. It would be the same as having @ledhead900 @BigRenegade at the start meaning the post applies to you also. :)
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    Somewhere between 8.1 and 9.0 you fixed the crazy slow loading of when switching too and from Backup tab >anyother tab. Tho it still slow when deselecting and selecting.

    found bug 9.0 Custom Tasks reset still on gui close.
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    Good to know, I think I maybe solved the sluggishness on selecting items in the next version... maybe. As far as the task resetting, that is interesting.. I haven't had that happen yet in .9.0... However, I'm making some significant and needed changes to how the task list data is stored so perhaps it will be fixed in .9.1.

    So, as you will soon notice ( :D ), .9.1 is out... It MAY fix the issue you're having with the tasks being deleted. If it doesn't, please let me know if it's also resetting web interface settings.

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    I think you miss understood not the Schedualar tasks they worked 100% fine on gui close Im talking about the CUSTOM BUTTONS sorry abotu that confusion.

    It does not delete the button task it self it just does not remember what you put in the two custom button slots when looking at console tab.

    Your Download link sends me to download named 9.0 not 9.1 I hope that the 9.1 is packed inside and not 9.0 lol about to find out.

    nope your OP page links to 9.0 your GUI Links to 9.1

    Issue for me
    9.1 stops the Custom Buttons firing in console at all I pressing them and they are doing nothing at all. These are the same buttons that have worked in 8.x
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    9.1 breaks ALL commands from the console, cant give out any.
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    Ahh yeah, I forgot to update that link last night. And yeah, I actually had meant to save the selected commands for the custom buttons, thanks for reminding me. And I was afraid .9.1 would break some things... I'll do my best to fix em soon.

    Hmm, what do you mean? I'm not having any issues here. I can type things in the console and they work normally, also the in game gui commands work as well.

    @ledhead900 .9.2 custom buttons work again and they save the ones you have selected. I assume that's what you were talking about?

    edit: btw, is the lag issue gone when selecting things on the backup tab?

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    Hi :) Good work so far dump :) Love this Gui !!!

    I've the same issue as FireFreak111 here.
    If i type anything in the Console Input it doesn't do anything. Also if i enable the "Say"-Button and type anything in and press enter, it doesn't get to the server. So nobody receives the message, i typed in the console input.

    And for advancedments:
    If i press Stop or Save Worlds in the Server-Control part, it doesn't do anything, too.
    The onlything happens is, that if i press Stop, nothing happens.... about 2-5mins later where the Server UP shows, changes to Server shutting down or similar. But this isn't happening. The Server is still running.

    I'm running on Windows 7 64-bit with the RB 826 and also tried it with the New RB 926, but it doesn't change anything.

    Greets and thanks for the answer,

    Epic :)

    PS: Keep up the Good Work! You're doing very well and you are sometimes to fast for me, xD
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    Possibly fixed in .9.3.. Please let me know if it does or does not fix the issue. This is a pretty serious problem that I want to get resolved asap.

    cc: @FireFreak111
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    Hey it's me again :(
    So far, the Bug is still appearing everytime. Doesn't matter if i start the gui and close and start and so on.
    Also the Custom tasks, which i can run by pressing the go Button aren't approaching.

    Maybe a Java problem ? Hm... as far as i know i've got the lastest java build and development kit of java and... also the lastest Gui-Version ( v.9.3 )

    Greets Epic and thank you ;-)
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    Hmm, odd. Java 6 or 7? Try restarting your computer. I have a hunch..
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    I fixed it by deleting the config file and letting it regen.
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    Oh wow :)
    The Gui is know really doing as it should! Everything works now. Just tell everybody who encounters problems like this to delete the guiconfig.json file and remake their configs maybe in the info, when you post a new version :). That's all to it.

    Greets and thanks @both of you :)

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    Nice piece of software!
    Combines all the functions I could hope for, thank you very much! :)

    A little tip for the guilauncher batch file, if you don't know it already:
    If you put start "" infront of the execution line, then the command window closes immediately and doesn't wait for the application to terminate.
    start "" javaw -Djava.library.path=./nativelibs -jar mcservergui.jar
    The double quotes are just for the title of the command window, which is kind of obsolete obviously, because the window closes immediately.

    This is one sweet wrapper, thanks for making it!
    And love the JSON web interface!^^
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    Awesome work, nicely done! I have a couple of non-major problems, though:

    1. You should make the JPanels preferred size to the components within them. On Linux the components don't fit completely within the panel
    2. You should make the panels in Server Config and GUI Config resize with the window. The things inside are too big for the panels:

    3. When editing tasks, it doesn't automatically select the task type (e.g. save worlds/backup/restart) EDIT: this only happens to "Save worlds" tasks

    Not serious, just wanted to point them out :p
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    Sorry was zzzzzzing my server kept shitting bricks and im not sure if it was this or mcbans mind taking a look at this for me and giving my ideas what it could be.

    I will be posting this on mcbans as well as I'm not sure what the root cause of this issue is.
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    The concurrent modification exception is probably MCBans, since MCServerGUI doesn't modify minecraft code. The JSON exception is definitely MCBans
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    Cheers I think I fixed Mcbans wont know for while tho it only really happens after 10 hours uptime. I saw the Json error bing mcbans but the concurrent one left me thinking.
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    @Epidemic glad that worked for you guys. Good to know, I'm rather confused as to why that caused the problem though...

    Thanks! I could have sworn I tried something like that and it didn't work.. But that's okay, I'm actually thinking of changing the slightly in a different way. :)

    Ahh, thanks for posting this. Unfortunately I don't have a good way of testing my software on Linux but the one time I did it was under Unity and man it was horrendous... But I was lead to believe that's probably because Unity is teh bad. I will see if I can do what you're talking about... I'm using Netbean's GUI builder and I'm still learning about setting up all the GUI elements and stuff. As for number 3, I will definitely fix that.. I meant to already but I had forgotten to write it down.
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    Hey, the GUI is giving me this error when starting:
    2011-06-27 13:48:31 [WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
    2011-06-27 13:48:31 [WARNING] The exception was: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
    2011-06-27 13:48:31 [WARNING] Perhaps a server is already running on that port?
    The server works fine without the GUI
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    You need to set your server port in to something else. For instance, if the GUI proxy port is set to 25565, set server port to 25566. Then make sure every one connects through 25565.
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    Hi dump :)
    I have a little request :)
    Is it possible to make the proxy like:
    If you connect with a Nickname on the Proxy-Port with an Ip to get the same ip again, if you logoff and after about 10mins you login again ?
    This is making quiet problems for me, because i run an offline server with pw-authentication, xD
    So if there would be a way like this, could you please tell me if you could build it in ?

    Thanks for the answer, you are the bEST!!!!

    Lol ?

    Okay nevermind the post up there :)
    I've found a way, to let the plugin autorize by Nickname, which is making the pw-authentication for me :)
    For those who have similar problems, just write me a pm and i'll help you guys out.


    Epic :)

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