Inactive [ADMIN] MC Server GUI .9.7 (cross-platform) - A GUI wrapper for your server (now w/in-game cmds)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by dumptruckman, May 18, 2011.

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    Yeah, except, don't schedule the warnings as separate events... you can add them to an event itself. You will have to schedule the restart and backup as two separate events though. Also, backups don't require the server to be stopped.

    Fixed some key issues in .3.1. Added some niceties as well.

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    Oh yea thanks forget you took our advice on the using stop-save for backups :)... Will be testing this shortly.
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    Sorry, just actually updated the download link for .3.1.
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    i get a lag for 20 seconds? no, now i must wait 40 seconds, before i can see anything...

    //edit: can't use it, its great, but the lag is horrible, faster with console
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    Custom Launcher wont save what I put in there as soon as I close the thing or press save it reverts.

    Do we have to set it up a certain way for it to work or something ? coz I just pasted in my .bat stuff and it fails to save.
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    Hmm... I'll see if I can speed up the initial display of the log... It doesn't take but a second or two for me. As far as your edit, are you saying the lag at the start? Or do you think it is causing additional lag on your server?

    I'll look into it.. I thought it was working.

    Actually, hey, how big is your server.log file?

    edit: also, what are your system specs?

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    Actually I'm reverting back to the windows gui sorry!.

    This one currently is too unstable for me, somtimes it hangs esp when ticking folders for backups, Its missing Colors and Server Start, Stop Button is greyed out forcing me to manually issue a console command.

    Tbh so far the Windows only gui is better in every way except one and that is it does not do FULL server backups other then that it beats this one in performance and features.

    This one is real slow on windows like somtimes it can pause for like 30s at a time. When I really loved the windows the gui as it was Super fast did world backups hadt Warn stop and Force restart and colors. The colors was a biggy for me that made at things easy to see at a glance.

    But with this one Im better off opening my server log in notepad++ to get Colors for Server and stuff. I dunno what to do really other then use the windows version as its the only one so far that really does what I expect a gui to do and it does it fast.

    I kinda agree with the Time schedualr thing but after some hands on that seems kinda cumbersome I dunno what I did but I manged to get 5 backups going at the same time that and the Selection of days and months weeks is not enirely obviouse I click and it says none I dont click anything and it says all which is it none or all I can't even tell I just guessed.

    Also I cannot click the Close button "X" in the corner of the window on windows in your latest version I have to force close the process.

    I don't I think I like this Multi Os gui I kind thought it was fine the way it was and I dont really agree with mixing OS's into a single product I preffer standalone specific format other wise its just bulking the the thing up with excess checking that is not even specific to my OS.

    I don't know how this goes on linux but I can confirm on windows platform its at least 80% worse then the windows only version. I guess I'm just going to have to deal with script based full backups again.

    Don't get me wrong this thing has potential but if only it functioned as it was posted on windows platform I think this one has fair way to go compared to the windows version I dunno I mean Id like to use this one but it just has never worked 100% for me and it is real slugish for windows.
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    No need to be sorry! I'm aware that this version is still lacking many of the features of the windows version.

    It freezes when ticking folders because it's trying to get all the names of the files within that folder and any sub folders, I'll have to rework how it does this.

    What do you mean the server start/stop button is grayed out? All the time? Obviously you're able to click start, so I'm assuming that it is grayed out for the remainder after starting the server? Please provide more info here.

    What do you mean it pauses for 30 seconds at a time? Are you referring to the freezing when ticking folders on the backup screen? Or does it pause at other times?

    Colors will be coming soon, I know, I miss them too. In development right now I have switch the console output to accept html formatting so adding colors and such won't be very hard. I probably won't have that feature in the next release however as there are quite a few bugs that I need to address before I try and add new features.

    I was worried that the new scheduler could be a bit confusing. I will be writing up a guide for it eventually. As far as the days of the week thing, When it says all, pressing it selects all the days of the week. When it says none, pressing it deselects all the days of the week. If you select all the days by hand, it will act like you have changed pressed that button so it will say None so that you can deselect ALL of them. I will try to make this more obvious in the future.

    The X button will work if there's nothing freezing the gui, such as ticking big folders in the backup screen. However, trying to close the gui will make sure to stop the server first as well. It will not close until it has stopped the server.

    There's no kind of "checking" going on to make this compatible with multiple OS's. It is just the nature of Java itself. Because it is made in Java it is multi-platform capable. Also, due to this, it DOES use more memory out of the box because the Java Virtual Machine has it's own requirements as well as what the GUI does.

    One of the reasons the Windows version got to the state it is in is because originally I had posted it to the Plugins forum as I didn't even know there was a tools section. (It's quite hidden.) Due to this, I got about 500 times the amount of users using my program and probably 20 times the bug reports. Nowadays I'm lucky when people report bugs. This makes it quite a bit harder to ensure the quality of the product. :(

    I am working hard at trying to bring this version up to specs with the Windows version. It will never be as easy on memory because that is a limitation of Java but so far it seems to use less CPU! Anyway, I would certainly appreciate if you could elaborate a little on the issues you were having because I'm dying to fix them.
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    Sure np was not meaning to sound offensive just a rough day got the flue and updateing to 1.6.6 is giving me an aneurysm getting there SLOWLY...

    First up there is no Start button AT ALL as far I can tell it starts server when I open the gui sometimes it does not do this. I was suprised too trust me, I was mucking around to find my server started prematurly with out me telling to do so.

    YES the Stop button is greyed out constantly even when the server is running and started I have to use the console stop command to close server.

    The "X" does not work period even if it is idle it did not close. Everytime I have closed it I had to end process. As for the Schedular it just needs some color imo if selected things should appear green and un used fatures should be greyed out once u your happy with it. Yea I did assume it was click to select all but later on found my self confused as when I was again supriesed to find my cleverly thought out backup schedule decided to start 5 instances of it self on its first run.

    I had a start time of 0 going by the gui settings told it to reccure every 23hrs to make this more clear what I did was Select all months and days, Disabled the min and second timers and on the hourly time in the 24h section I put 0 "hopeing that ment instantly" and in the box where u would put when to do it again I put 23 " for 23 hour"

    I ticked the little box that tells it to re run the task but when I pressed create it was going slow and i wonderd why I checked my backup folder it had made 5 copys and was zipping 5 at once ? why I dont know.

    I then tried again this time with 24hr time set to 1 pressumable 1am as that was only 10min away then left rest how it was the backup did run at all that time.

    So yea I think the schedular is overly complicated at least I was not willing to play around with it too much as the whole gui was suffering jetlag, by that I mean it seems to take 5s actually recongnize I told it to do something.

    I then deleted my backup shedual that also took over min to appear as gone while it was frozed I could not change tabs or anything eventualy it cleared up but during this time it was showing I removed my Restart task but then later after jetlag passed it showed backup task removed.

    Seems a little odd to be so this is why I frankly cant trust it on production right now so windows gui has proven faithfull time and time again for past couple months its ran like clock work.

    I really don't know why u ditching it for java version well I know why but It made sense at least to me to include the FULL back to the windows version then call it finished. Some servers have less ram then me and need it all for MC server so the java version wont really do them any favor.
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    No offense taken! :)

    And wow! That's some strange issues! I'm willing to bet it's almost all due to how you set up the scheduling. But first off all, when you press that All/None button it's suppose to select (which highlights) all the days of the week (or months if you did that one.) Does it not?

    As far as the scheduling, what do you mean you "Disabled" the minutes and seconds? You can't disable them, there must be a setting. If you checked the All box you're gonna have some real issues (especially the seconds. Perhaps I should just disabled the all check box for seconds.) Basically, 0 second 0 minute 0 hour = 12:00:00 am. If you don't change ANY of the timing options for a task then the default settings will cause it to occur EVERY day at 12AM on the dot. There is no need to use repeat after. Imagine each box for second minute hour to be a SPECIFIC time of day for the task to occur. If you have All days of the month (or days of the week, since you can only do one or the other) and all months selected then the task will occur at the specified time every day of the year. Now if all you did from the default options was select All seconds, the task will occur EVERY second of the specific hour and minute, every day of the year. As you can imagine, that can be pretty bad. As such, I will probably remove that option completely.

    So tell me, did you select ALL Minutes and ALL seconds? Because there's no disable option ;p
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    Server log: 83 KB
    My system:
    Windows XP Home Edition SP3
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2,33GHz, 2 GB RAM
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    Interesting... Well, it's possibly fixed in the next version.

    Okay, .3.2 is out, let me know if that still has the same issue please :)

    Please tell me what you think of .3.2. I've fixed a number of bugs and made sure the scheduler could no longer be used to create tasks that go off too quickly. On top of that, by switch the console output to accept html formatting the font has changed. I think it's a little more readable but still not color, yet. (Probably colors in .4.0)

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    Er I see what I did

    It was unclear what to do with the seconds and min so I ticked "All"

    and the bottom hour I had 0 on theft Checked the middle tickbox and had 23 on the right.

    Then setup some announcements to go f at 5m 30s 10s

    Also I never got those colors for windows If the tab seaid None the months and days were pushed but that was it never turned blue. As you can imagine that made it hard to tell if it was on or off.

    My setup I pressed the All for days and All for months as i just wanted server to backup evry 24hrs .
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    :) Well, for an every 24 hour event, just leave all the timing alone and just set the event. The default is every 24 hours at 12am. :) Of course, I still won't blame you if want to keep using the Windows version at this point.
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    Use which one you want. That version is no longer receiving updates (i may do one final update for it in the future) as I have switched to working on this project. That version currently has "more" features but the ones this version has I feel like I did a better job on.
    For instance, with this version you can select exactly what to backup compared to the Windows only version where you're limited to world folders and server.log. The scheduling in this version is quite a bit more robust than the Windows only version.
    So far though, this version does not have a player list, memory/cpu/network monitor, or colored text in the output. (It also uses quite a bit more memory than the Windows only version.) This version will eventually include all the features of the Windows only version but doesn't yet.

    So really, you can decided based on that info. :) I would prefer you use this one since it means more people to spot bugs but I'm not gonna force you.
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    Yeh i'll continue using this one. I kinda miss the restart and warn stop buttons though :'(
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    They'll make their way in eventually :)
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    3.2 based on just looking over the thing and not an actual test.

    Experimental Launch now retains its information on save :)
    schedualr looks lesss confusing.

    I worked out why color was not showing up for me in schedular it is due to fact in Server 2k8Rc2 I have it runing with no themes everything but smooth font is un checked so that is why its only show as grey emobosed boxes.

    not sure if this is me or not but the STop button does not exist tho I have a start button this time.
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    Ok, I appreciate you checking on those things. :) In the next version I've made the selected buttons also have bold text, just so no one's in the dark. The start button becomes the stop button when you start the server. I think why it was grayed out is because it becomes disabled when backups are running.
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    This was the same reason I didn't get any color under Win7. If you aren't using the windows theme the boxes are embossed gray, using themes you get the blue color. This also applies to the current version under testing by me.
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    I won't be using this anymore :'( I've upgraded to a paid server on
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    Odd coz Win7 Shows it fine for me its just server 2k8r2 has no fancy themes installed as standard , you start up with just good old classic theme and visuals already pre disabled. but thats ok I dont need it eating any performance. I just learned to pay attention to the embosed buttons.
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    I had themes turned off in Win7 so it was doing just like your Win Server edition./ When I turned Windows Themes on the color showed just fine.
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    Ah so my post help or u knew this already :p
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    Your post actually helped me cause I had no idea why the colors were not working. Thanks, @ledhead900
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    ay np
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    Released .4.0.. I know I said colors would be in this version but I have not added it yet. :( It will definitely be in .5.0!
    I did make it easier to tell when the toggle buttons were selected though.
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    I think you should add some way to execute commands without typing. Like the schedule but you just have to click it, and it will be executed. Ex. I configure one to to "/tp heisan213 Testperson" or "/heal heisan213". This way I can do commands faster ;). Maybe im just lazy... Hehe
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    Ooo, that's an excellent suggestion. I have just the idea of how to implement it too. I'm thinking, in the server control area, adding a drop down box with a button next to it. The drop down box will contain a list of custom configured commands that the button will perform. Perhaps adding a custom command will give you the New Task entry dialog but without the timing section. This way, you could have warning messages along with your command (useful for making custom "Warn Stop" button)
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