Inactive [ADMIN] MC Server GUI .9.7 (cross-platform) - A GUI wrapper for your server (now w/in-game cmds)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by dumptruckman, May 18, 2011.

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    That's nice. I'd use it if i could restart my server.
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    Any thoughts on this?
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    Then mcservergui.jar and possibly the minecraft server jar you're using need to be in the same directory. What wasn't clear about my last response?
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    They are in the same directory, what wasn't clear about that response?

    I don't want to sound rude but thats the basics, It almost like when your programs goes to calculate the size that if it has a certain amount of files it bombs out.

    It always dies during the "calculating size" part of the backup.
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    Not sure what to tell you then. Sorry.
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    Care to share the source code so I could try to find whats up then?
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    It's in the op.
  9. The window randomly turns black after 20 seconds of me using it, is there a way to fix this?
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    first... thanks for the very good work ... keep up the good work... :) nice.. very nice...

    have just two question... you will put some feature for auto-restart the server if is shutdown ? ... like remote toolkit... will be nice to know your server is always online... sometimes something happens, or hack attack shutdown the server or anything... but witch remote i be able to stay online no matter what... will be nice have this resource on this wonderful work

    and second ... the player list... will work without the proxy ?
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    Doesnt show me the USers that are logged in =/
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    They have to connect to you're server through a different port than you're mine craft one. The port must not be 25565.
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    You really didn't read this Thread carefully, did you?!

    The Proxy isn't working anymore.

    Next time, read the Thread carefully.
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    Doesnt show me the USers that are logged in =/ [2]
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    Hi. I like MC Server GUI.
    Sorry. I am not good at english.
    This will be the first post.

    I found the problem.
    My Server Player List is not displayed.
    How to Player List displayed?


    Please Support to Japanese Language.
    Please Support to Theme Customize.


    Please 2byte strings Support...

    I’m sorry many orders...
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    PLEASE fix the player list not working with 1.2.5
    that is my only request as i NEED it. good job btw. i love this plugin and it is great!
    but fix the player list not changing. i need to know how many people are on my server
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    Can I make this work with a Mineshafter Server?
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    Hey is it possible for me to config this under windows then run it under CentOS with no gui but still have the tasks to run. Or is there something else out there I can use.
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    This thing with the web server, does it mean that I can upload it to my site or is it just that I have to download some PHP for desktop stuff?
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    =ADE= General

    So, I am sorry to bring this up again. I know you have briefly spoken regarding this on page 5, but I am still having problems. Please do not reply with, "this has already been answered". If it has been answered, I would not have my question.

    When I start the server, I get an error stating "Unable to access craftbukkit.jar"

    I have my mcservergui.jar in the same folder as my craftbukkit.jar file. Not sure what I am missing. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    FYI: I am running this on a Linux server

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    I love this GUI! It works really well and its way better than:

    CMD+badgui=vanilla MCserver

    AwesomeGui+GoodOrganization+GoodControl= DunpTruckMan's GUI
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    GREAT WORK!:")
    This is coded in java right? <-Stupid Quetion ;)
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    i am knew to this program and i was wondering if this backup function could have if it doesnt already a way to delete backups after say 1 or 2 days or more? also how does the web interface work i cant connect to it? thanks for reading! :)
  25. Is there something that says "Re-download craft bukkit" when you start up the program?
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    I'm wondering how do you get the web interface? ( Connect to it ).
    Can you also please fix the player list as it would be useful my server.
    Great GUI. Would recommend to anyone who owns a server.

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    this gui is completely broken with my bukkit server on linux, it starts and i cant edit any text boxes
    then when i start the server the server starts but the gui freezes halfway into starting the server
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    =ADE= General

    TBH, It took so long for someone to respond to this thread, I gave up on the GUI a LONG time ago! Sorry!
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    On my Mac, when I start the server up, it freezes right before the worlds start to load.
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    Good! ! Looks a better and simple one!
    Nice job! I'm going to try ;)
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