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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by dumptruckman, May 18, 2011.

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    Will let you know in another 12 hours ;P

    Issue noticed already
    That start bat cannot be closed if I closed, when closed it forces the gui close with it.

    You may close this window! (Or leave it open for debugging :D)
    2011-07-09 05:55:23 SchedulerSignalerImpl [INFOInitialized Scheduler Signaller
     of type
    : class org.quartz.core.SchedulerSignalerImpl
    -07-09 05:55:23 QuartzScheduler [INFOQuartz Scheduler v.UNKNOWN.UNKNOWN.UN
    KNOWN created
    2011-07-09 05:55:23 RAMJobStore [INFORAMJobStore initialized.
    2011-07-09 05:55:23 QuartzScheduler [INFOScheduler meta-dataQuartz Scheduler
    (vUNKNOWN.UNKNOWN.UNKNOWN'GuiScheduler' with instanceId '1'
    Scheduler class: 'org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler' running locally.
    Currently in standby mode.
    Number of jobs executed0
      Using thread pool 
    'org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool' with 3 threads.
    Using job-store 'org.quartz.simpl.RAMJobStore' which does not support persis
    . and is not clustered.

    2011-07-09 05:55:23 StdSchedulerFactory [INFOQuartz scheduler 'GuiScheduler' i
    nitialized from 
    default resource file in Quartz package''
    2011-07-09 05:55:23 StdSchedulerFactory [INFOQuartz scheduler versionUNKNOWN
    -07-09 05:55:23 QuartzScheduler [INFOScheduler GuiScheduler_$_1 started.
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    Yeah, you're right, I accidently included the wrong guilauncher.bat in that one.. I just released .9.6.1 anywho, which fixes a critical bug in .9.6... I updated the launcher in that version.
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    Noticed new one, Ticking the all checkbox in backup does not tick all the boxes below it I had to manually check them all again since this .9.6.1
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    Yes, this was an intentional change. The checkbox tree was designed poorly. I made this change because the act of all the checkboxes automatically checking folders was what would cause lag when selecting folder with LOTS of files (like plugins). If you check a folder, ALL files within the folder will be selected for backup. I'm fairly sure I updated the tooltip text for this as well.
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    Oh well I'm not used it to it that way I'm used too "Don't click backup tab unless im willing to go get a coffee and read a magazine while I wait" routine.

    either way I'm not sure why it lags so much its only check boxes I mean if my gaming rig can find 100,000 small files faster than the gui can find a mere 75,000 at best then ill be damned as to why.

    In fact I checked all the boxes but I better go check the gui coz I left it at a non responsive stage from clicking the backup tab that actually takes well over 60s now I dunno what you did but ever since just after 8.x its ran like a dog again in the backup department.

    come think of it it's probably largely due to the way the backup handles the files it finds if I had an alternative I would only backup the maps this way instead of the full server but quite often I find FULL backups to be extremely handy when it comes to a large issue or downgrade/Plugin backup required.

    Appears its gone back to main console tab perfectly fine this time phew. 12am I should know if it still locks up indefinitely after a backup.
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    Hmm, I dunno, it had nothing to do with going through the file system... It was Java going through the checkboxes that are in each folder (in the GUI view, not the actual file system) and checking them individually. I tried and tried and tried to modify this system to make it work the same but not have that lag. As far as other lag, I really don't know what would be causing that... My backups run no problem with hardly any lag. When a backup is running it WILL cause the GUI to use up a lot of CPU but that is because it's doing a lot of work on files to actually handle the backup. But the backup runs on a separate thread, so it should not be causing lag in the GUI itself... I will continue to investigate this issue but my time has been much more crunched lately so it could still take some time.
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    Np I'm just informing the issues on the windows side as per usual :) the gui functions don't get me wrong and its come a long way for that I give thanks. I'ts just the backups that cause the gui to freeze ever since 9.5 it has done this to me over night and the only thing I can see going in the gui was the backup timer that also froze when the gui did and the hdd light never stops blinking eaither the backup is taking a really long time or the gui is not working properly. I won't know until later today as I am keeping watch on it for its next routine backup to take place.
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    As it was not mentioned in the OP everyone using the GUI for backing will have to go back and make sure that everything you want to backup has been checked. The new version does NOT use the list in the config to check all boxes for back up. You HAVE to do this manually.

    This may be a large inconvenience, it does have a VERY BIG benefit. Backing up a complete server now takes LESS time than in previous versions.
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    Hmm, I was fairly certain that it still checks EXACTLY what is in your config, it just doesn't check any of the sub files in a checked folder but that doesn't matter because if the folder is checked it will backup the entire contents of that folder. But I probably should have mentioned THAT in the OP.
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    You deffinetly broke the backup now lol, gui locks up for excess of 20mins when clicking the backuptab tickbox and god forbid if server backups the gui locks up indefintely after that I have proof with my backups runnin every 24hrs so it was due to backup at 12am its now 12:46am so for almost an hour its been on a backing up loop.

    Backups never took more then 2mins any other build before 9.5 I have it updated now to your latest and that made it run worse in fact the server pc booted it self down over night < not sure why as I checked event logs and nothing happend in this weather was prob a power outage.

    Anyway I have proof

    look at that img thats what does now when it backups up until I force close the gui process. So now I have to resort to map only backups as selecting 75,000 small files in gui makes the whole thing come to a standstill for hours and most likely is the reason backups never finish so I intended to not do FULL backups just yet. Going to see how it runs with map only backups but like I said its only started since 9.5

    You can clearly see the gui has gone to a frozenstate as nothing it shows is accurate its not even telling me its backing up with a progress bar the only idication it did was the console log and the CPU spikes in process watcher.

    It freezes like that even when clicking backup tick box to UNTICK everything it appears to use 50% cpu just unticking everything WTF that is crazy I think you broke the thread or something as it never has taken so dang long to navigate the backup list in any version prev till now. I'm not even going to wait for the backup list to untick as frankly its been 8mins now and I don't think its ever going to untick or refresh to show me it has im going to remove the backup in the config and reload the gui.

    I think you have some work to do :(

    Omg you have broke the backup now it freezes when I try try to access the backup tab a second time and nothing is ticked as I removed it all from config and it showed me nothing was ticked but now it locks up instantly when I click the tab.

    50% - 70% Cpu usage just changing the Tab from "Server config" to "Backups" kinda mad now as im willing to bet the issues with my server rig are comming from this gui mucking up a process thread or something cuasing a bluescreen server shutdown overnight. Well untill this issue is sorted I'm going back to running my batch script for backup and server starter lf to hearing from you.

    You don't happen to have 9.4 around do you as that worked by far the best so far for me.
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    Yes, actually, I was going to recommend that. All the old version are located here.

    Sorry for the trouble you've been having... I will be investigating it. By the way, would you mind posting your guiconfig.json file on Just make sure to leave out your web interface password if you're using that!
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    Yea sure no problem, I also discovered that other methods of FULL backups lead a lengthy backup session but just maps work fine so I may schedual seperate backups for maps so map are updated backups sooner as they are quick and then schedual full server with out maps every 5hours on restarts.

    But the pc did not shutdown last night thank god I reverted back to my batch process and worked a treat, so I'm thinking something is a a miss with the threads being sperate in the gui as it would have to do some funky for a system to outright poweroff. you may not get it as bad as I did but but I can you the server has 3 maps one quite large it is over 1.5gb and the other 2 are unique but overall the entire server boasts 75,000+ files in its full directory. I directly noticed a lenghy backup even use the MCbackup script you can get in the bukkit tools section I still use that as it by far the easiest method until this gui. But considering the gui has a stability issue right now and I'm pretty sure you would agree considering it locked up with nothing ticked to backup.

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    Could you please support automatic rebooting in your application? I'd like to reboot my server regularly, and add this application to the system auto-runs. If you support this feature, my server can run correctly after the rebooting process.
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    How do you mean as it already can reboot the server but not the computer, if your requesting on rebooting the computer then that is unlikly to happen as this is more complicated then you think and would not be doable with extra scripts per OS .

    I found the root cause it is the dynmap folder that consists of over 89,000 files or img tiles as it is has a internal webserver built in its also taking AGES to defrag the drive at that plugin dir. I'm sure that is the root issue.

    My best guess is its locking up or appearing to lockup for WAY to long reading all of those files that are .png so I am going to try and set the whole thing up on a different thing directing it to a possible IIS on the server avoiding the storage of the images in the server directory.

    at least I think I found it I am moving the directory out now to see how we go with out dynmap as it has to store images for 8 zoom levels across 3 maps its current size alone is 340mb. I'm pretty sure tho that it would be hell on the gui so let me see what I can do.

    appears I can change where it looks for the web tiles and stuff so Im going to try and make it look at another drive other then the servers drive :) and we shall see how that goes its taking over 10mins just to move these out of the server drive location so no doupt these would be a good source of the slowness gone from the backup section and the backup it-self
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    It might not be that difficult.
    If we could have task-type which lets you execute windows console commands, then you could make a task which executes "shutdown /r /t now". Then you setup the rest of the task details as usual.
    Now you can restart the computer from within Minecraft, by calling the task.^^

    Some possible prerequisites though:
    - The MC Server GUI would have to allow tasks executing windows console commands, obviously.
    - The MC Server GUI might have to be started with administrator rights, or else it might not be able to execute "shutdown". But that's really something every individual user has to configure, and not specific to this program.
    - In order for the MC Server GUI to restart and load up the map again it would have to be possible to start up the program with a parameter like "start" or "run" which tells it to automatically start the server upon program start.
    - If the above is possible, then we just have to put the MC Server GUI startup command into an autostart-location of windows (and depending on system setup make sure the computer logs on automatically after a restart).

    • Be able to make tasks which can execute any windows console command (e.g. "dir c:\*.* > content.txt", "shutdown /r /t now", etc. ...)
    • Be able to start MC Server GUI with a parameter like "run" or "start", so that it automatically starts the Minecraft Server which is currently configured within it.
    The second is not that important (to me personally), but the first one would be a blast!
    Because it opens up so much possibilities, being able to execute any previously configured windows-command-task form within Minecraft? Nice... :)
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    I see but this is running in Java and he wanted to make it multi OS usable in the one file so doing this would force him to detect what OS you run in order to do it for UNIX and Windows alike. It really would be troublesome to code in but I agree it would be a usefull feature. As then I could not worry about windows update auto restarting my rig like it does sometimes.

    Guess what the Dynmap web tiles were the files cuasing HUGE hang delays about to test server to see if starts fine and if the map directory is detected ok and performance wise of the change from moving the entire webfolder to the IIS folder on windows server2k8 on the C:\
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    • Be able to make tasks which can execute any windows console command (e.g. "dir c:\*.* > content.txt", "shutdown /r /t now", etc. ...)
    • Be able to start MC Server GUI with a parameter like "run" or "start", so that it automatically starts the Minecraft Server which is currently configured within it.
    The second is not that important (to me personally), but the first one would be a blast!
    Because it opens up so much possibilities, being able to execute any previously configured windows-command-task form within Minecraft? Nice... :)[/quote]
    Heh, that does sound pretty nice... unfortunately it's sort of outside of the scope of this program... This version of the GUI is intended to be available on multiple platforms. If I added in a feature that only worked with Windows, it wouldn't really be that fair (or within the design goals.) As for number 2, it's already in... Check the GUI Config tab. ;p

    @ledhead900 Yeah, I'm not surprised... Windows doesn't handle large amounts of files gracefully... It can do Large files but when you get over 50k file count, it takes forever to do anything. Also, I wanted to let you know you're half-hourly backup doesn't happen every half hour. You have to check the All hours check box for this. Currently, it will only happen at 12:00am and 12:30am. Also, your 24 hour backup happens twice a day (at 12am and 11pm)... For a 24 hour backup, seconds, minutes, hours should all be 0 and none of their corresponding checkboxes should be checked. The day and month selection takes care of it happening daily.

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    Ah I see I will fix this " I fixed it once I did use a backup config so that might be why", also yes I indeed fixed teh backups for now it really did hate all those files now the backup file count is under 3,000 files by about 300 :). That sure is better then some 80,000 files.

    Wow I did not even know that dynmap renders that many files in eaither case I moved the entire web image tile section to C:\ and left the server on D:\ now the tiles dont get backed up but I can at least now do something with them on seperate thread less often. besides its propbably something I should have done a long time ago as it updates those every zoom level tile each time anyone builds,destroys or chunks are generated.

    Thats a lot of HDD access on a drive that has to do map chunks and saving. Now it only uses two drives so performance of server will benifit a lot from it.
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    My bad, I must've overlooked that. Thanks!
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    The culprit seems to be TimeFold. I would hammer the server by logging in & out a few time, and the GUI would become unresponsive as mentioned in the reply. I couldn't replicate the problem with your old .6.10 version, or the standard bukkit server. I also tested on a default install of bukkit & MC GUI.

    I also have a problem with CommandBook. If I try to login with the plugin loaded, it hangs at "Downloading Terrain". No problem with the old version or standard bukkit, and was tested on default install.

    I haven't sent any report to the 2 threads above yet, but will do if you think the problems comes from their end.
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    The only kind of plugins that I could imagine POSSIBLY having an effect on the GUI are ones that do thing outside of the server... The kind I'm talking about are ones that do backups and crap like that. Could you post your guiconfig.json on Don't forget to leave out your web interface password if you use that.
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    When I did the tests, I loaded a server with only your jar, the bukkit jar and the tested plugin, so it should be defaulted.
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    Interesting.. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I'm running a bukkit version 953 with 9.6.1 and for some reason no matter what spawn protection keeps reactivating. I have tried shutting the server down and setting it. I have tried setting it directly in the while the server is closed completely.

    Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks.
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    Actually this is a minor issue that dumptruckman plans to resolve soon. Bukkit has moved the spawn protection from the server properties file to the bukkit.yml file, however, the gui still saves the server properties file in the old format so it adds spawn protection back into the server properties file. It does no harm nor does it cause any problem, other than the little annoying announcement when you start the server which tells you bukkit is moving it to the bukkit.yml file. Just wait for dumptruckman to update the gui to correct this issue.
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    you didnt credit me for the logo :oops:

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    Ahh, thanks for the reminder. :)
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    another quick thing. your exe version worked fine for me. I am having major problems with this vesion (java)

    2011-07-15 11:49:27 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
    2011-07-15 11:49:27 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Could not listen on port 25565!
    Is it already in use? Aborting...
    2011-07-15 11:49:27 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Proxy Server failed to starts correctly. Aborting server fstart.
    2011-07-15 11:50:14 [INFO] MC Server GUI: Connection from

    any help would be great!
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    This will happen sometimes because java does not shut down properly or, inadvertently, you have another copy of the GUI running. Check your tray icon and see if you have 2 icons for the GUI. If so close the one showing the above errors and double click on the remaining GUI tray icon to bring up the GUI. I have done this myself a number of times.
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    h3eres my errorrrr

    2011-07-16 21:46:17 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind
    2011-07-16 21:46:17 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Could not listen on port 25565!<br>Is it already in use? Aborting...
    2011-07-16 21:46:17 [SEVERE] MC Server GUI: Proxy Server failed to starts correctly. Aborting server fstart.
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