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    Loyalty Points is Tracks time been online and giving points out of this.
    Current Version 1.1.3, Recommended for CraftBukkit 1.3.2-R0.1


    • When one logs in, the LoyaltyPoints tracks the amount of time the player has been on and awards her points according to a certain amount of time cycles.
    • Features a configuration file which you can define how many points a person gets after every time cycle since she has logged on, how many points she will start with, and how long the time cycle will be.
    • AFK tracking system, if a player haven't moved between the checks he don't get any points
    • Also includes custom message configuration for commands (includes colors as well)!

    Command - Description
    /lp - To check your own LoyaltyPoints.
    /lp (playername) - Checks other player's points.
    /lp help - Shows all possible commands.
    /lp top - Shows the top 10 players with the most LoyaltyPoints.
    /lp version - Checks the version of the plugin.
    /lp next - Shows time to next payout.
    /lp playtime or /lp play - Shows the playtime of the player.
    /lp reload - Reloads the plugin, includes configuration and points data reload.
    /lp set [username] [amount] (case sensitive) - To have the specified amount of points.
    /lp add [username] [amount] (case sensitive) - Add x points to player (negative amount also).

    Planned Features

    • Possibility to pay an defined amount of money when a player gains a specified amount of LoyaltyPoints.
    • Server-wide announcements when a player gains a certain amount of points (reaches a point milestone)
    • Restart scores (a command for it)
    • Remove points (a command for it)
    • Receive rewards on specified point milestones
    • Reward system.
    Version 1.1.3
    • Made some changes to the storage, now it only loads the users there are online and when they logout it saves the user and remove him from the server (still keeps the info in the SQL server)
    • This should make the load alot faster and should have fixed alot of errors.
    • Also now /lp top 10 gives you 1-10 and /lp top 20 gives you 11-20 and so on
    • File based is removed (migrated to SQlite (can be changed))
    • AFK tracking is removed for now.
    Full history: Click Here

    To determine popularity of this plugin, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system. If you don't want to help or are paranoid, edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true. But seeing more users makes me very happy.
    Loyalty Points Statistics by Metrics

  2. gonna fix it soon, sorry about that,

    comming up with a new version with a fix tommorrow
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    Hey, The LP idea itself is a nice idea, but, like you said that feature with the money for loyalty points?
    Well, This is nice, but there's also TimeIsMoney, which is a configurable plugin that uses "ATM" machines to redeem money, and I set it on my server for 1 dollar per minute. and of course, as a "prize" for being so "loyal" and active, there's the shop which you can use the money at. so it pretty much sums this plugin up using easy machines and money instead of special points. Idunno, give that one a look, and maybe then you can go in a diffrent direction. ^^
  4. I didn't know that plugin, but the points here, aren't by default gonna be money, it's gonna be for special items (or feutures) not just for money :)

    so this is going more towards being a plugin with milestones, and option to new ranks and so on :)

    but this plugin isn't gonna be something like TimeIsMoney :)
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    /lp top throws out an internal error.
  6. is out
    which fixed that :)
  7. Question:

    Do you want to have the option to select if it's sqlite, mysql or file based?
    or should i just by default make it sqlite?

    what do you ppl think about it?
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    Greate Plugin!

    I use it with Votifier(WerrisExecuteCommandListener)

    My suggestion for improvement:
    >No payout in AFK
    >MYSQL because i want to publish your score on the website
    >The command short (/lp playtime) short to (/lp time)
    and the reward system.

    Again, really great plugin! Hope that this will be further developed.

    (Sorry for my bad english)
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    Great plugin! Hopefully support for people who are /afk to stop their playtime counter from going up!
  10. Mysql and sqlite is comming in this version with playtime (smaller command /lp time)

    this is going to be made soon (gonna make a check when i do the payout

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    This would be great to have the AFK no points system. hope thats implemented soon
  12. Working on it atm :)
  13. A not Beta build is out is out :)
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    sound cool it would be better if players could cash in points for items at ther own will.

    Maybe a list or chests full of itemes wher they cash in ther pionts.

    If that is possible, without vault but with permitions.
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    hi there
    great plugin i really like it. could you please make that it works with CraftBukkitUpToDate?
    i always get this message:
    "No source for LoyaltyPoints v1.0.8.4 ask the Author to add it to"

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    Wow, this is amazing. Keep up the great work! (and never drop this plugin ._.)
    It gives players motivation to play more with the playtime as well as the loyalty points!
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    Does &l, &r, and &k work for the messages and tags? Because it doesn't say in the config &l makes letters bold, &r resets all changes, and &k are those magic letters that keep changing!
  18. Wow dude this Plugin is greate! i really like i't, keep updating it please :)
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    Fuck man, love your plugin so much! But it really pisses me off that LP score restarts everytime the server restarts.
  20. it shouldn't restart the scores, looks like there are a problem with your saving options can you please make a ticket about it -->
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    Really nice plugin can't wait for some the things you plan to add!!

    We like to see a auto reset option for example ;

    Every Sunday top 10 players get given balance or an item , then the points reset until next sunday.

    All in all good plugin!
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    Got it fixed, but thanks! :D Can't wait for the no payout in afk, some players are really abusing this! When do you think it's gonna come?
  23. it isn't the first thing i gonna make, (there are some afk kickers out there :p
  24. A Beta have been uploaded and
    Needs Approval which includes AFK timer :) so player don't get any points if they are AFK
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    Problem: everytime i move (noone else) a buttload of errors start springing up. in other words it only happens when i, the server owner, make any type of movment. the only noticeable effect of this (i dont know if this is intended or not) is "very soon" being displayed after typing "/lp next" when the timer gets to 0. this is fine and all, but it stays like that for 5 or so minutes, its as if the pay out has happened and the timer has started again but its not displaying it correctly. other than this and the error messages, everything seems 100% fine. heres what im looking at:

    20:09:00 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to LoyaltyPoints
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.serverhook.NetServerHandlerProxy.a(NetServerHandlerProx
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet10Flying.handle(SourceFile:126)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.serverhook.NetServerHandlerProxy.a(NetServerHandlerProx
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.github.franzmedia.LoyaltyPoints.LCListener.onPlayerMove(LCListene
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor16.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    ... 12 more

    hope this helps im some way! if it turns out im doing something wrong please let me know!

    EDIT: im running that latest version of craftbukkit/minecraft/this plugin

    EDIT 2: restarted my server, doesnt seem to be happening anymore... hmm
  26. It's a problem that is there if you restart the plugin and some users aren't logged in after the restart (it's only if the player is logged in he is created (i'm working on it) )
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    Oh this is amazing, have used you plugin for 1 month now, and when I updated to your latest build, all my user scores gets flushed!! The players on my server are furious, I still have the points.yml, but the lp.db is flushed and restarted.
  28. it's the first time i have heard this, can you please send me a skype request on franzmedia1 and i'm gonna look into this
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    I've downgraded to the previous version, and it's accepting the points.yml again, but the newer version isin't.
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    thanks for the quick reply! As long as this plugin stayed updated with new minecraft/craftbukkit versions, im sure it will never leave my server [diamond]
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    Is there a shop for this because I want this to be a money for donor

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