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What do you think about my new BukkitSS?

  1. Fantastic! Keep it up!

  2. Not bad!

  3. I dont like it!

  4. I dont like it at all!

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    <font color="#ff0000">THIS PROJECT IS DEAD!</font>
    <font color="#ff0000">I'm working on new project: BeeStarter</font>

    Im working on a old project named "BukkitSS" in VisualBasic (VisualStudio10).

    I will upload some screenshots of the new "bukkitSS" and let me know what are you guys thinking


    BukkitSS its for Windows only!

    Im not sure If it works for Linux and Mac.

    -Easy Server.properties editing

    To do:

    Option to import:
    -Worlds [Adventure maps]



    -Automatic updating for:


    --More themes

    Thanks to @Dread_boy for tutorial.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    [Alpha 0.02]

    * Alpha 0.01: [ 1/5/2013 ] :

    *Program released
    * Alpha 0.02: [ 1/6/2013 ]

    +Changeble themes
    +"Settings" form
    + Option to Activate/Deactivate plugins


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    A lot more information would be awesome. Screenshot is nice though.
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    Looks pretty.
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    What should I add?

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    DL link (if any)
    What language it's programmed in,
    What OSs it runs on,
    Planned/implemented features
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    Yeah... also what it's going to be primarily used for? Will it also have a "Console" that will have everything preformatted, will you be able to kick players from it? Ect...
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    There's a typo in your post, it says 'not relesed yet'.
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    Im from Slovenia, thats why Im bad at English.
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    yea SS is for server starter thoe ;D but i love the new BukkitSS i hope it will be out soon and the new themes look awesome ;D you have lots of skill ;) your a professional ;D i think you made this very good ;D
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    Too hard to read text due to the background!

    Gaussian blur the background, darken/lighten it and then lighten/darken the text :)
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    Wow, it looks so explosive :O Nice :D
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    Just an idea, but instead of letting a user input the .bat file, let them input the .jar file and launch the server by the program instead of the .bat file. this will make it easier to use.

    (some criticism below, I'm trying to be constructive, just wanting to help you improve :) )

    Don't use an installer. Installers mess with registry keys, while in your case, you could just use a zip file. The installer doesn't completely install, there is 1 remaining file and 1 remaining folder. You also include lots of unneeded files: all files except BukkitStarter.exe, the icon and the dll file are totally useless for users.
    using a zip file doesn't need administrator rights, so more people will be able to use the program.

    Just a hint, but in your project settings, set the application Icon so it shows the correct icon instead of the default icon in explorer.

    note: adfly links aren't allowed, you should direct link to http://forums.bukkit.org/attachments/visualbukkit-zip.10391/ instead.

    Nice work though :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    All links removed for linking to adfly and linking to a site linking to adfly.
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    Haha that color splash background was what I used for my youtube background :D
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    I havea quastion... Where can I upload my BukkitSS Alpha 0.02 ?, I whant direct link like you make it.

    Thanks for ideas!
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    You set up your adfly to point to the URL I gave you, so instead of setting up adfly, just paste the URL in your post. You could also use dropbox (put it in your public map, right click, copy public link)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    mrhack98 I've removed the link to your website, since you link people to adfly through there. Last warning before I just delete the topic.
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    I will delete all the adfly links, okay?

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