[ADMIN/GEN/TP] Reporter v3.2.3 - Report rule breakers [1.7.9-R0.2]

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    KabOOm 356

    Reporter - Report those rule breakers!

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    Original Author: Adamki11s

    Original Thread Here


    This is a useful plugin that allows players on a server to report other players they see breaking the rules. The reports are stored in a database until they are deleted, which is especially useful when there are no ops or admins on to deal with the problem.
    • Create, store, view, and delete reports.
    • Multi-language support.
    • Teleport to the location where the report was filed.
    • Report summaries that outline who took care of the report and what the outcome of the report was.
    • Works with permissions.
    • Supports both MySQL and SQLite.
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    Thanks ! And yes indeed i was talking about /report list ! I wrote this when i was just about to go to bed :p so i was really tired! The thing is i already have 27 reports now from wich 24 are completed but there is no way to tell wich are not completed , By alot of typing it found out report 15 23 and 24 are not completed :p Thanks for your quick reply cant wait to see this in an update !
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    The next recommended build is for Minecraft 1.2, R5, and I and everyone who uses this plugin will greatly appreciate it if you can get a head start on the plugin so it's update to support the new revision when Minecraft 1.2 is officially released along with Bukkit R5..
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    Finally something like this, awesome plugin however it would be great if I could limit the amount of reports that someone can issue in a certain time frame.
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    KabOOm 356

    Thanks. I'll get to work on your suggestion, I made a ticket for it here.
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    Realy this plugin were great! ;D thanks
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    can it be configured to after a certain amount of reports the player is banned?
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    KabOOm 356

    Not currently. It still requires a mod or admin to view the report, investigate the report and then if need be ban the player. I could add a command like /report ban that would ban the player that was reported instead of making the mod type their name.
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    So does that mean it's Impossible or it might be implemented in the future? I appreciate the reply and I like the plugin because I'm rarely in my server.
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    KabOOm 356

    It may be implemented in the future.
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    Looks great, might get it for my server. :D
    Maybe you could had like a sign wall that tracts current reports?

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