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    [​IMG] ~DTNF Remote Admin
    By Nathan Fiscaletti (www.fiscalleti.com)

    DTNF Remote Admin is a simple java application / plugin for remotely controlling your bukkit server. It is a smooth running application, written with as little code as possible. It runs smoothly on multiple systems, and allows for multiple Admin access. You can assign different admins different permissions, to allow them different control over the server. This entire project so far was written in a measely 3 days. So, Please expect bugs. Report any bugs you find in the comment section on the Bukkit Forums thread (Make sure to include the latest Log Point in all of your log files when you report. Thank you :)


    v0.1b - (Downloads Removed Due To System Issues)
    • Stand Alone Client + Plugin v0.1b
    • Stand Alone Client v0.1b
    • Stand Alone Plugin v0.1b

    System Features

    1. Access a full console to the server
    2. Manage a player list, with a Kick / Ban option
    3. View current plugin list
    4. Customize Remote Admin Accounts and Permissions
    5. Chat with other remote admins connected, and players with access to the /rac command
    6. Monitor only chat logs, separate from the main server log
    7. Minimize to System Tray (Windows Only)
    8. More to come :)
    I would like user input in this, What would YOU like to see in this project? Let me know in the comments or via email at [email protected]. You can also PM me either here or on forums.bukkit.org :)

    Plugin Features


    Command Description
    /dtnf Displays information about the plugin
    /dtnfadmin <username> <password> [perms] Creats a new Remote Admin Account in config (Only able to use this command from the console, it is blocked in remote admin (That way an admin cannot change their own permissions)
    Lists all Remote Admin accounts in config
    /dtnfconnectedadmins Lists all Remote Admins currently connected
    /dtnfremoveadmin <username> Removes a specified Remote Admin account from the config

    Permission Description
    dtnfremoteadmin.rac Gives the player access to the RAC-Thread and the /rac command(If enabled in config)
    dtnfremoteadmin.dtnfadmin Gives the player access to the /dtnfadmin command
    Gives the player access to the /dtnfadminlist command
    dtnfremoteadmin.dtnfconnectedadmins Gives the player access to the /dtnfconnectedadmins command
    dtnfremoteadmin.dtnfremoveadmin Gives the player access to the /dtnfremoveadmin command
    Understanding Perms (When Creating New Admin)

    Example: /dtnfadmin bob mypass true,false,false,true,true
    Will create a new admin that looks like this in config:
    Password: a029d0df84eb5549c641e04a9ef389e5
    Server-Tab: true
    Rac-Thread-Tab: false
    Chat-Tab: false
    Can-Kick: true
    Can-Ban: true


    The config file for the plugin looks like this
    # Example Account uses username "Bob", Password "password"
    Port: 8124 # The Port to run the DTNF Remote Admin Server on
    Ingame-RAC-Enabled: true # Choose weather or not players with the dtnfremoteadmin.rac permission can see the RAC Threa
    Check-For-Updates: false # Check for new updates on load
    Admin-Auths: # Admin Authentications
    ExampleAdmin: # The Remoate Admins RA Username
    Password: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99 # The remote admins encryped password
    Server-Tab: true # True to give the remote admin access to the server tab, false to deny it.
    Chat-Tab: false # True to give the remote admin access to the Chat tab, false to deny it.
    RAC-Thread-Tab: true # True to give the Remote Admin access to the RAC-Thread-Tab, False to deny it
    Can-Kick: false # True to allow the remote admin to kick players, false to deny it (This does not apply to the console log, just the buttongs
    Can-Ban: true # True to allow the remote admin to ban players, false to deny it (This does not apply to the console log, just the buttongs
    The Port and password are pretty self explanitory, The Port is the port to run the Remote Admin On (You may need to open it in your router and firewall), and the password is the password that the DTNF Remote Admin client uses to authenticate itself.
    The Ingame-RAC-Enabled setting, if enabled, Will send the Remote Admin Chat Stream to players with the 'dtnfremoteadmin.rac' permission.


    The Config file for the Client looks like this
    Check-For-Updates: true
    The client will save four log files, One of the server log tab, one of the chat log tab, one of the RA Chat tab, and one of the client log (Debug information)

    Video Tutorial (This tutorial is for v0.1b, But it's mostly the same process for v0.2b)

    Screen Shots

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    I do not see a direct download link here, you must include one to make this a valid project. You cannot link through your website to the tool, as that can be construed as advertising and is against the ToS.
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    Can I put a direct download to my site..? As in, www.mysite.com/file.jar ?
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    As long as its direct, yes. It should not go through any redirects.
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    Thanks. Updated :3
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