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    This page will no longer be updated. Please follow this project at the Bukkit Dev Page

    TextPlayer - Receive text alerts to your phone:
    Version: 0.9 (7/18/2011)
    Supports iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials, Permissions
    Download Page

    WARNING: When setting up the email address in the email.properties file, use an account that isn't used for anything else (such as personal emails) as it will delete all messages after they are read by the plugin

    If the needed files aren't automatically created they can be found here

    Now you can be contacted at any time from your Server!

    This plugin allows users to type "/text [Name]" to contact you or another player by sending them a text message to their phone (Standard rates apply)

    Alerts can also be sent to you for specific events

    • Use your phone number or email
    • Send texts back to the server to chat or run commands
    • Retrieve player list by texting "pl" to the server
    • Many popular Cell phone providers are supported:
    • List users who added their numbers
    • Anti-spam feature (limit max amount of texts received each day)
    • Numbers/email addresses cannot be seen in game (for privacy issues)
    • Be alerted by text message when a player Logs on
    • Be alerted by text message when the Server comes online/goes offline (also triggered on Server reload)
    • Be alerted when a player places lava, fire, or tnt (Currently not working)
    • Set emails to come from a custom email address
    • Encrypted data
    • Permissions to limit players from texting or being texted and to run server commands through text
    Supported Carriers:
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    • At&t
    • Bell
    • BeeLine
    • Bouygues
    • Cricket
    • D1
    • E-Plus
    • Etisalat
    • Fido
    • Koodo
    • LMT
    • MetroPCS
    • Mobistar
    • NetCom
    • nTelos
    • Optimus
    • Optus
    • Orange
    • O2-UK
    • O2-Germany
    • Pc-Mobile
    • Rogers
    • SFR
    • SoftBank
    • Sprint
    • Starhub
    • Sunrise
    • Swisscom
    • TDC
    • Telecom
    • Telenor
    • Tele2
    • Telia
    • Telstra
    • Telus
    • Three
    • T-Mobile
    • T-Mobile-Czech
    • US-Cellular
    • Verizon
    • Virgin-Mobile
    • Vivo
    • Vodafone-Germany
    • Vodafone-Greece
    • Vodafone-Italy
    • Vodafone-UK
    • *Comment below to request support for a carrier

    • /text [Name] [Message] - Sends message to User
    • /text set [Carrier] [Number] - Receive messages to phone
    • /text set email [Address] - Receive messages to email address
    • /text watch user [Name] - Receive message when user logs on
    • /text watch server - Be alerted when Server comes online
    • /text watch item [Name] - Receive message when item is placed
    • /text watch word [Word] - Receive message when word is spoken
    • /text unwatch user [Name] - Unwatch a user
    • /text unwatch server - Unwatch the server
    • /text unwatch item [Name] - Unwatch an item
    • /text disable - Disable texts while logged on
    • /text enable - Enable texts while logged on
    • /text limit [Number] - Limit number of texts received each day
    • /text list carriers - List supported Carriers
    • /text list users - List current Users
    • /text list watch - List who you are watching
    Text Commands:
    • pl - Retrieve a full list of Players currently online
    • find [Player] - See if the specific Player is on (useful for large servers)
    • tell [Player] [Message] - Whisper to an online Player
    • say [Message] - Broadcast a message to the Server
    Permission Nodes:
    • textplayer.text - Needed to message a user
    • textplayer.textadmin - Needed to message user who has textplayer.admin node
    • textplayer.admin - Distinguishes user as an admin (need to run commands through text)
    • textplayer.use - Needed to set your number/email
    • textplayer.watch.user - Needed to watch/unwatch a user
    • textplayer.watch.server - Needed to watch/unwatch the server
    • textplayer.watch.item - Needed to watch/unwatch a user
    • textplayer.listusers
    • textplayer.free - No charge to send texts

    • Add support for many more carriers
    • Add many more events
    • Add list watch command
    Old Versions + ChangeLog can be found at Download Page
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    Version 0.9 (7/16/2011)
    • Added watch word
    • Checks for correct email/number format
    • Supports 11 digit numbers
    • Changed "/text add" to "/text set"
    • Added support for messages that start "RE:"
    • Added support for nTelos and Pc-Mobile
    Version 0.8.1 (6/28/2011)
    • Added IMAP Connection refresher
    Version 0.8 (6/26/2011)
    • Improved OP options
    • Updated Economy support
    • Added list watch command
    Version 0.7 (6/15/2011)
    • Cleaned up/decoded emails before reading (now console commands should work fine)
    • Added new gateways which are automatically addded to sms.gateways
    • Added support for Permissions 2
    Version 0.6.1 (6/13/2011)
    • Fixed permissions
    • Fixed email support
    Version 0.6 (6/12/2011)
    • Readded ports
    • Added confirmation text on setting number
    • Added new text commands (tell, find)
    Version 0.5.3 (6/4/2011)
    • Cleaned up errors and added error messages
    Version 0.5.2 (6/4/2011)
    • Fixed log off notifications
    • Disabled /stop command through text
    Version 0.5.1 (6/3/2011)
    • Various fixes and code cleanup
    Version 0.5 (6/3/2011)
    • Added Essentials support
    • Added notification for when user logs off
    • Allow sending texts back to server (chatting/running commands)
    Version 0.4.1 (5/4/2011)
    • Updated to iConomy 5
    • Added a few carriers
    Version 0.4 (4/29/2011)
    • Added griefer alert for tnt, lava, and fire
    • Added anti-spam feature (limit max amount of texts received each day)
    • Added option to charge users to text player or admin
    • Fixed Null Pointer Exception error on player join
    • Fixed error "Network email not supported"
    Version 0.3 (4/19/2011)
    • Improved Security
    • Eliminated Lag
    • Distinguished Admins from normal users (have node textplayer.admin)
    • Must have node textplayer.textadmin to send a msg to an admin
    • Allowed option of setting emails to come from a custom email address (like your servers email)
    • Added various providers
    Version 0.2 (4/18/2011)
    • Encrypted phone numbers and emails
    • Added various providers
    Version 0.1 (4/16/2011)
    • Initial Release
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    Please add SFR :D
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    Chris Lewis

    Issue still exists with 733.
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    Can you add Vodafone UK please Thanks <3
    Love the idea btw :)
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    Could you please add this Carrier ? " Etisalat " [united arab emirates]
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    Please add support for GiffGaff - It is a UK based network running off the o2-UK network. www.giffgaff.com for more information.
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    Added, will be in next update
    fixed, will be in next update
    can't find Bite, Labas, Pildyk, or Ežys
    Tele2 added, will be in next update
    Is Omnitel Vodafone?
    can't find Tesco Mobile
    I think I will do this since it's hard for me to keep up
    can't find Simplicime
    can't find Bite, other two added (will be in next update)
    I will most likely be adding all these features.
    added, will be in next update
    added, will be in next update
    added, will be in next update
    I don't think it is supported yet
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    cant wait for update! this looks awesome :)
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    and omnitel is not like Vodafone.
    bite is a partner of vodafone http://www.bite.lt/en/about/bite/bitevodafone
    and about omnitel is partners whith AT&T
    bite = labas
    omnitel = ezys
    tele2 = pildyk
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    I love this plugin :) but i miss it :(
    Are you planning on updating it?
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    yup, finishing it up now.
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    so, when its gona be updated?, you updated the list, but not the plugin :/
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    Sorry I wanted to have it updated last night but something came up. Should be up tonight though
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    ok, np :)
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    Hello, I would appreciate if you added MetroPCS to the list :D (of carriers)
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    if you restart the server then try it again it should work


    Update to 733,

    Sorry for the delayed update but check out the ChangeLog, delete your old config file to access new settings

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    i cant use my Carrier Etisalat
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    saweeet.. gonna check it out! :)

    I love it haha... now if this could be implemented "Allow sending texts back to server (chatting/running commands)" that would be sick!!!!!! thanks for your work!!

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    I second this.
  23. what encryption is used for the EmailPasswordEncrypted in the config? I would like to use a different mail than the default one for this, and would like to encrypt my password

    Telia DK does not work, since it requires you to have bought the service via they landline department (according to their support i called)
    The return email i get contains this(removed my email and number from the text):
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
        [email protected]
    Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: DNS server returned answer with no data
    ----- Original message -----
    Received: by with SMTP id e16mr386513wel.71.1304070260072;
           Fri, 29 Apr 2011 02:44:20 -0700 (PDT)
    Return-Path: <[email protected]>
    Received: from (x1-6-00-26-f2-d1-6c-86.k22.webspeed.dk [])
           by mx.google.com with ESMTPS id l5sm1270400wej.8.2011.
           (version=SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
           Fri, 29 Apr 2011 02:44:19 -0700 (PDT)
    Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 02:44:19 -0700 (PDT)
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    Graloth: test
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    It automatically encrypts your password but I'm guessing you already found that out if your currently using your own email

    does any network work? try typing it with no caps

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    How to add a mobilenumber?

    /text add o2-germany +49176xxxxxx or
    /text add o2-germany 00176xxxxxx or
    /text add o2-germany 0176xxxxxx

    Nothing works?! Can't get a sms with any of em... :)
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    I justed tested this, does not work for me either. I get the same error as proscoo. I have sprint and at&t and neither work.
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    hmm I only actually tested verizon. Is there a file called "sms.gateways" in the "plugins/TextPlayer/" folder? This is wut the plugin reads from and if it didn't copy over correctly then no providers will work.
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    question. do you have access to this [email protected]? couldnt you just intercept any message you wanted then? how exactly does that work? I wouldnt be sending sensitive information over this (passwords or personal information) until we know what this is all about.
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    if you can add Swissome :)
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    yes it is in there and i confirmed your sms messaging gateway for sprint and at&t, looks valid.
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    Yes I made this account, so I have access to it. I have actually never logged onto it. Whether you trust me or not I wouldn't misuse this but I understand your concern so that is why I allow you to use your own email address.

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