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    Two thoughts of mine and one question:

    1. This plugin is AWESOME.
    2. I think no one does the video because the short tutorials you made are not that bad.
    3. Script line: '@DROPITEM Bow 1 Infinitearrows:1,Arrowdamage:50 -337,64,735' - why doesn't that enchant the bow?

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    because those are not enchantment names You can read your consol for script error info

    Go here for enchantments http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Enchanting
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    I already have those essentials enchantments in my head they wont go out that easily^^
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    I think will be adding a <lightlevel> placeholder
  5. Hey, Lex,
    I was looking at your scrolling sign code-nice job, by the way-and I was thinking, wow, I'll have to use this on my server.
    But one thing really bugs me. You have to nest IFs and ELSE'S. It's kind of a pain. Anyway, it would be great for the next update if
    You could ad the @ELIF command, or be able to have multiple ifs function in the same if block. Great plugin though, I'd say on a scale from 1 to 10, with one being the Farts plugin, and 10 being Essentials, I'd say, with even basic programming experience, this is a 10, and that's only because the scale doesn't go any higher. I look forward to seeing what the Bukkit community creates with this.
    (and yes, I misspelled my name.)
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    This is very nice.. I love how you can set triggers for when things are clicked or walked on.
    Only thing I must bring up... is how similar this is to CommandHelper only.... not using commands....just.. clicks and location.

    I write mega script with CommandHelper and would love to trigger the scripts with your methods of walking and clicking.
    May I suggest you make this or a separate plugin hook into CommandHelper so I can use my scripts from it?

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    You can nest if blocks inside other if blocks (as many as you want) Its called nestted if statements in other languages.

    Never seen that plugin so I have no idea of there scripts. I would have to see what there scripts consits of and then write n interpreter for theres.. Probobly not. Sorry.

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    I saw on your project forum that you have added @GETLIGHT command to get the light level at a location. Any idea when this next update will be released?
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    Not sure. When I add enough cool stuff or have a major bug to fix.
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    Just added a new video at the top. If you havent seen it yet do so. Its on a server i was invited to.
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    OK I just uploaded v1.1.1

    Lots of new features. Give bukkit team a chance to approve it and then download it.
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    OK I am adding Area Enter and Exit triggers right now and will be in the next update along with some other features.
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    I cant wait for the AREA triggers! When do you expect to release?
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    I have them (area trigger) but still testing should be released this week some time.
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    V1.1.2 is released!!!!
    This includes the addition of Area Triggers plus many new features. Go check it out

    Well I uploaded it over 6 hrs ago and still waiting for someone to approve for download.

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    I got it this morning. I thank you very much for the area triggers!

    Ho and that @QUIET command to freeze players chat window so he can read text is cool
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    Thanks you.
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    Rofl Disney

    If you have 'LevelTools' it will make this plugin buggy, so you'd have to get rid of it. I love this plugin for making Zelda dungeons =)
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    What he is saying is that VariableTriggers does not play well with LevelTools. He told me LevelTools throws a NullPointer Exception. I haven't used LevelTools so I don't know If it is doing something wrong or If something VT is doing that causes LevelTools to have a problem. Anyone else use LevelTools /w VariableTriggers?
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    How would I make it so when someone hits a button it uses a command? like i want to make it say (Persons name) has passed the quiz or something like that
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    Create a click trigger on your button like this

    /vtclick Player <playername>You have passed the quiz!
    then click your button to create trigger
    You can add more lines of script to do other things if you want
    /vtclick @DROPITEM Iron_sword 1 Sharpness:3 <playerloc>
    click the same button.

    To use ingame commands

    You can get all this information from the getting started docs on project page.

    Does enyone what the addition of Command triggers added to this plugin?

    This would allow you to create /commands that run script when players type your commands.

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    Yes please.
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    That is going to be really cool
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    OK /command Triggers are being coded in. should have a release in a few days
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    LexLaiden ; I'm probably being ignorant because I don't entirely understand how to do stuff on this plugin. Is it possible to flip a variable based on whether or not a certain block is at a certain location? For example, what if I want somebody to light a netherrack brazier at (100, 70, 500). Can your plugin check to see if their is an instance of fire at (100, 71, 500) and then break a block/move a block/teleport the player/other stuff? Sorry if I'm being blatantly ignorant, again. I am a n00b that knows nothing about Java. XD
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    Thats ok, this plugin has nothing to do with Java. The script commands are not Java they are just text command that my plugin interprets. As for your questions, yes, no not break but remove, yes, yes and yes.

    You write basic script lines to make things happen. Your first question is done by first getting and saving the block type:data to an object variable then testing the type to see if its fire.
    @GETBLOCK $temp.fireblock x,y,z
    @IF s $temp.fireblock = 51:0
    if it is then do some other fune stuff
    @TP $loc.dungeon
    You can get the block type:data from this http://minecraft-ids.grahamedgecombe.com/

    You could probably do this by putting this on a click trigger on the neterrack block but pause for half a second before testing the block above the trigger(neatherrack) to make sure they set it on fire.

    Type these lines in and then click the neatherrack after each line.
    /vtclick @PAUSE 0.5
    /vtclick @GETBLOCK $temp.fireblock <relativeloc:<triggerloc>:0,1,0>
    /vtclick @IF s $temp.fireblock = 51:0
    /vtclick @TP $loc.dungeon

    You know I have a docs section on project page you should read.
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    When are you releasing the update with Command triggers added? I can't wait.
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    v1.1.4 has been uploaded and is awaiting approval.

    Probably another 20 hours. This is the update that adds Command Triggers so you can extend or override existing ingame /commands or create your oun new /commands
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    Looks promising... the potential behind this plugin is amazing. Its almost like a new, easier way to program, but from INSIDE Minecraft. Who needs java plugins when you can make your own with just this one? :D
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