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    Thanks to Team Haven (HAVENmc.com) for the logo!

    Welcome to AntiShare, the plugin that stops creative mode players from sharing with survival mode players. Let's dive right in. If you want a more detailed description (and possibly more 'technical' sounding) visit the BukkitDev for AntiShare.

    AntiShare allows a large variety of customization when it comes to what you can stop creative players from doing. Everything from block placing and breaking to commands are able to be managed to make sure those creative players don't spread diamonds about your population.

    What else can it do you ask? Well, it can also make people in certain regions be a in a specific Game Mode and have a specific inventory to go along with it.

    Game Mode Inventories
    These separate a player's inventory into 2 parts: creative and survival. Once someone changes a Game Mode they no longer have the same inventory as AntiShare ensures that people cannot simply go into creative mode, stack up on diamonds, and go back to survival as if nothing happened.

    Block Tracking
    Block tracking is used to stop creative mode players from placing say diamond blocks and getting survival mode players to break them (or changing modes themselves). How this is tackled is anytime a creative mode player places a block it is logged and when a survival player tries to break it, they can't!

    GameMode Regions
    This is a way for you to have a region automatically change someone's inventory as well as force them to a specific gamemode. Perfect for server events where you want people to build (for example) a bunch of houses, but don't want them the be able to have creative mode or bring in their own items.

    Inventory Mirror
    On command you can view someone's inventory (no matter who) as they change it and edit it to your liking. This means that if you suspect turt2live (Hmm...) of cheating in diamonds, simply mirror their inventory, edit it to your liking, and watch as they do it again.

    Download and Other Stuff

    Everything you should need is at the BukkitDev page for AntiShare.

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    Version 3.3.0
    • Added negation to block/track lists
    • Added options to drop blocks when a player breaks a block of an opposite game mode
    • Fixed blocks not being removed from survival/creative lists
    • Fixed "X is not Y (found Z)" messages spamming (toggle option)
    • Auto-Update blocks in the registry
    • Cleanup registry blocks by removing AIR
    • Fixed concurrent exceptions
    • Added Metrics
    • Added World Split warnings
    • Fixed world splits and regions not getting along
    • Removed /gm
    • Added per-region configurations
    • Added a way to block signs with specific text on them
    • Added block data support (eg: wool:1)
    • Fixed inventories being derpy
    • Added optional (default off) 'fines and rewards' system
    • Known Bug: Typing 'all, -wool:1' (for example) does not work

    Download: Click here!

    Bukkit problem :/

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    Updated :) Thanks!
  4. ok it seems to be working now though.
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    Hello I Am Using This Plugin. And Ran Into A Few Problems. If They Go Into The Region Then Tp To Some One While They Are In It They Keep Creative. And Sometimes It Jus Dont Change Them Back.
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    You know how you have amazing region protection using the world edit? How about per world, like World is Survival when a player is in it, and hwne someone goes in sandbox its creative, that would be so amazing. Also, no permission to DROP items while in creative, that would help.
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    ETA of ~4 days before I get 30 seconds to open Minecraft and debug.


    AntiShare is not a world manager, it is designed to stop people from vomiting diamonds around the world.
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    Hey. I'm not exactly sure how to give you a debug report for this. But I KNOW it's AntiShare causing this, as I've tested both with and without AntiShare installed. Whenever my server autosaves, using the inbuilt save-all command, a Read Timed Out error will happen and the server will completely freeze up. I have to restart it then. Note that I have Essentials-Protect installed. I don't know if this is causing the problem. Any help you can provide is useful.
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    I won't even be able to begin to give you any form of verified help until Thursday due to Skills Canada.

    But in the meantime if you could send me a pastebin of the file that AntiShare will print out after you type "as debug" into the console, it would help.
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    there is a bug with antishare 3.3.0 with world guard, players can break protected areas.
    the only error im getting is
    [Antishare]cuco_2 tried to break creative block AIR
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    WorldGuard is not AntiShare.

    Use an AntiShare region or talk to the WG people.
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    Antishare 2.2.0 (even tho sometimes it decides to works or not) did not have this bug, please understand that this is a legit bug from ur 3.3.0. Im trying to let you know, that players are destroying my protected spawn. and the message im getting in my screen is.
    [Antishare]cuco_2 tried to break creative block AIR

    I checked the log file, and I find nothing.

    WorldGuard is not the problem, that plugin is rock solid. Also people can destroy creative blocks even outside of an area protected by WG.
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    The WorldGuard region is irrelevant then. AntiShare in no way touches or even glances at WG.

    I won't be able to even begin debugging for a few days so the best advice I can give is send me the contents of the file AntiShare creates after typing "as debug" into the console. Once I'm able to debug, I'll be prioritizing the bugs from the information given.
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    Here is the pastebin from the debug, still no errors show up in console, I also did further testing,
    any blocks placed by a person in creative can be destroyed, but not if created by player with world edit from wand. When a player destroys a creative block an error shows up on their screen saying "[Antishare]You cannot destroy that block." but they just did -_-
    And on my screen it says "[Antishare]cuco_2 tried to break creative block AIR"

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    Version 3.4.0
    • Fixed 'X broke AIR' messages
    • Fixed creative/survival blocks able to be broken under certain conditions
    • Fixed potential null Game Mode on leaving a region
    • Fixed region configurations (not saving, not using correct names)
    • Fixed SuperPerms compatible plugins being derpy
    • 1.2.5-R2.0 CraftBukkit Support
    Download on BukkitDev (or here if not working)
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    AWESOME plugin but you should add diamond ore, gold ore, iron ore, etc to the default Blocked list cuz creative users can place Ores
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    I intentionally left the config "not perfect" for specific reasons. Depending on who you ask it's either incomplete or too strict.

    I left the default configuration function, but not 100% because I want servers to go in and get a feel for not only what AntiShare has to offer, but also to configure it to be perfect for their server, not my server.

    The enabled features in the default configuration however will stop survival players and creative players from communicating via blocks/items. (So in your request, survival players would never get access to the ores despite them being in the world)
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    This looks really cool! I'll definitely be adding this to my server at some point.

    Thanks! :)
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    Hello its me again. I was on vacation for a month.

    Ok so first of there seems to be an issue with the sql setting on the config file, every time i enter and save the setting, and reload the server, it just resets back to default. Maybe im formatting it wrong. Here is an example.

      sql: true
      no-experience-for-creative: true
        inventories: true
        attached-blocks: true
        username: example
        password: ************
        database: example
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    You need to either edit the config offline or you need to type /as rl in game.

    As well, the SQL host is not a connection string, it's literally the IP of the connection (localhost for example)
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    Also I think there is an issue with 3.4.0, ill try to explain this the best i can. Antishare is working, great just like i wanted it too, its stopping my moderators from giving away stuff from creative . BUT, its also stoping them from doing anything while in survival , they cant pick up items/blocks, interact with the chests, ect. I checked the perms and config file, and they have all the requirements. Ill give you the yaml perm setting i have.

    As you can see, i made three different groups default, member, and moderator. Member gets inheritance from default, but moderator does not, it is its own group, and that's because if I set the inheritance for moderator to member/default, it will get the perm (AntiShare.allow.*), and it will make antishare allow mods to do what ever they want. So that's why moderator is its own group, I gave them the perm (AntiShare.affect.creative) in the hopes it will only effect them while in creative, it works...sorta, now moderators cant do anything while in creative or survival. So its safe to assume that this perm does not work, and also I don't know what im doing can you please help me. How can I configure it to where guest/member are not affected by antishare, but moderators are, but only while in creative and not survival.
    Thanks again for your help.
        default: true
        - modifyworld.*
        - AntiShare.allow.*
        prefix: '&2[&2Guest&2]&4'
        suffix: '&4'
        default: false
        - peasant
        - war.player
        - war.warp
        - spamguard.exempt
        prefix: '&3[&3Noble&3]&f'
        suffix: '&f'
        default: false
        - AntiShare.affect.creative
        - AntiShare.gamemode
        prefix: '&1[&1Moderator&1]&2'
        suffix: '&2'
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    So what can i do? my moderators cant open chest, drop items, pick up items, while in survival. But if i give them the antiShare.allow perms, it allows then to drop items while in creative, this defeats the whole purpose of antishare.
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    Sorry, I thought I responded ._.

    Anyways, what permissions plugin are you using? I've discovered a bug (that bug in fact) with PEX only thus far...
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    After using the plugin for awhile, I find this plugin to be rather useful and I really like some of the feature it provides, however there is a "bug" which makes it rather useless on my server. When a player enters a Creative Region, he can simply "/warp" "/home" or "/spawn" to get outside of the region and his gamemode will not change back into survival (vice versa). Could this possibly be a configuration error on my side?
    Many thanks
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    My derp, fixing for next release
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    GOD SPEED! awesome man!
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    I get the reocurring error while i'm using the plugin and it won't stop.... its like every single part of the plugin giving this error, even though it still seems to work.
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    I'll look into it, hopefully it's an easy fix.
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    Thanks for the fix, I've just downloaded the newest dev build and the only problem I seems to have now is that when a player teleports from a Creative region back into Survival, their inventory will be cleared. Other than that the plugin works pretty well, I haven't noticed any problems with the permissions so far (I use GroupManager)

    Edit: All of a sudden the plugin just gave up. It was able to detect player moving in and out of regions, but doesn't change their gamemodes. Before the crash these errors popped up in the console, hope they may help

    I found another bug. When a player quits the game in a Creative Mode region, when he joins the game next time he'll stay in Creative mode regardless of his location.
    You can replicate the bug by:
    1) Log out while being inside a Creative Mode region
    2) Rejoin
    3) Walk out of the region
    4) You gamemode should stay in creative

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    First bug is odd, I'll see what I can do.
    Second is a confirmed bug already

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