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    Thanks to Team Haven (HAVENmc.com) for the logo!

    Welcome to AntiShare, the plugin that stops creative mode players from sharing with survival mode players. Let's dive right in. If you want a more detailed description (and possibly more 'technical' sounding) visit the BukkitDev for AntiShare.

    AntiShare allows a large variety of customization when it comes to what you can stop creative players from doing. Everything from block placing and breaking to commands are able to be managed to make sure those creative players don't spread diamonds about your population.

    What else can it do you ask? Well, it can also make people in certain regions be a in a specific Game Mode and have a specific inventory to go along with it.

    Game Mode Inventories
    These separate a player's inventory into 2 parts: creative and survival. Once someone changes a Game Mode they no longer have the same inventory as AntiShare ensures that people cannot simply go into creative mode, stack up on diamonds, and go back to survival as if nothing happened.

    Block Tracking
    Block tracking is used to stop creative mode players from placing say diamond blocks and getting survival mode players to break them (or changing modes themselves). How this is tackled is anytime a creative mode player places a block it is logged and when a survival player tries to break it, they can't!

    GameMode Regions
    This is a way for you to have a region automatically change someone's inventory as well as force them to a specific gamemode. Perfect for server events where you want people to build (for example) a bunch of houses, but don't want them the be able to have creative mode or bring in their own items.

    Inventory Mirror
    On command you can view someone's inventory (no matter who) as they change it and edit it to your liking. This means that if you suspect turt2live (Hmm...) of cheating in diamonds, simply mirror their inventory, edit it to your liking, and watch as they do it again.

    Download and Other Stuff

    Everything you should need is at the BukkitDev page for AntiShare.

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    There will be, yes :)
  3. Again, not sure if it has been addressed, but:

    12:27:07 [SEVERE] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextEntry(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at java.util.HashMap$KeyIterator.next(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at com.turt2live.antishare.storage.MetadataHack.save(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at com.turt2live.antishare.storage.VirtualPerWorldStorage.saveToDisk(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at com.turt2live.antishare.storage.VirtualPerWorldStorage.reload(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at com.turt2live.antishare.storage.VirtualStorage.reload(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at com.turt2live.antishare.storage.VirtualStorage$1.run(Unknown Source)
    12:27:07 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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    That has been reported, yes.
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    I'll release AntiShare when it's stable :)
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  8. Well, if you're going to try to release today, I'll leave it. I don't want to explain to over 2,000 users that their inventories were on the AntiShare SQL and I had to change. XD
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    If not today, likely over the weekend :)
  10. Awesome. :)

    Idea for future versions: Add a feature where players in creative are forced to wear chainmail armour, so they can be easily identified. :)

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    Although I can see why it would be useful, it doesn't fit AntiShare's idea.

    AntiShare is designed to prevent creative players from spreading to the survival players in the same world, not flag everything about a creative player making them feel always under the eye of the server. I don't want the plugin to make players feel like they are being watched quite literally, but I do want the plugin to stop people from sharing between each other when they cross game modes.

    Sorry :( It may not be added.
  12. Completely understandable. :)
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    I cannot see the page for the permissions when i go on it i see this:
    We're sorry, you've attempted to access a page that you're not allowed to access.

    If you find this to be in error, please notify the administrators.
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    You may need to login to BukkitDev to see it.

    If not, I'll contact Bukkit about it
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    I am logged in.
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    It should be fixed now.
  17. *Eagerly awaits an update* :p
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    Finishing up sanity, should (should) be done today
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    Yo man, is the update ready? I didn't see anything change so.
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    Quite literally it is being tested now.
    I'm writing up a new feature but other than that it's looking good.

    ETA: A few hours (~3-5)
  21. This makes me extremely happy.
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    AntiShare 3.2.0 is now in "public" testing.

    There may be bugs, there may not be.
    If you would like to test 3.2.0, you can download it here.

    If you have a bug report, please PM me, don't post it here.
    If you are confused about something, please PM me as well.

    NOTE: Although this is a "beta", it may not be stable. Do not use it on a production server unless you are prepared to default to a backup.

    Also worth noting: The configuration converter from 3.1.3 to 3.2.0 does NOT convert everything. This is intentional. I want you guys to review the configuration to make it optimal. Sorry for the issues this may cause, but it is a precautionary measure to ensure you check your configuration for errors.

    There is a help page here if you need/want it.
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    AntiShare 3.2.0

    This version of AntiShare is a complete rewrite of 3.1.3. For you non-coders, this means that AntiShare was deleted and remade. "Why did you do this?" Because AntiShare was stupidly complex and had major bugs that were too hard to fix because the code was not simple enough to edit myself.

    With the rewrite comes some new features for you server administrators so you don't have to deal with that horrendous configuration. I've re-structured the configuration to allow for a simpler layout and more flexibility within AntiShare itself. Although AntiShare will convert most things from the 3.1.3 format to the 3.2.0 format, I STRONGLY recommend you check your configuration for errors. Don't worry though, AntiShare will convert the inventories and regions to the new format if needed.

    So what actually changed? Quite a lot. Because of this I've included the change log with the download this time. Major changes include permissions.

    Download: Click Here (Not working? Try the direct download here)

    If you have any bugs to report, please do so once you can. If you have long errors or a lot of lines, please use pastebin.

    Need help setting up 3.2.0? Private Message me, I'll be glad to help :)
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    I like the idea very much, but I dont know if you can use commands such as Ex: "/itemshare Jimmymork" to make that person that CAN share items. Also I suggest to make a command like Ex: "/blockplace Jimmymork so he is the only that can touch the block placed AND another Ex: "/blockitem <true> or <false> Jimmymork" so the blocks he places that are destroyed by other people does not give the block, to give nothing as if you destroy dirt in creative.
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    Interesting concept, it sounds like it could be useful.

    But it doesn't quite match what AntiShare does...

    AntiShare is a plugin to enforce the restriction of sharing, not promote it in a server :(
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    How recourse savvy is AntiShare since it would have to check if anyone can do these items every time they do an action?
    • AntiShare.allow.block_place - Allows block placing
    • AntiShare.allow.block_break - Allows block breaking
    • AntiShare.allow.right_click - Allows right clicking of blocks/objects
    • AntiShare.allow.use_item - Allows the use of items
    • AntiShare.allow.commands - Allows the use of commands
    • AntiShare.allow.pickup_item - Allows picking up of items from the ground
    • AntiShare.allow.drop_item - Allows the dropping of items
    • AntiShare.allow.hit_players - Allows combat with players
    • AntiShare.allow.hit_mobs - Allows combat with mobs (cows, creepers, etc)
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    It doesn't have to check all permissions, just the ones that apply to the event.

    The only overhead I calculated was minimal (<5ms) and therefore Bukkit would be the largest problem when something happens
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    I'm using 3.1.3 & 3.2.0 sources to help me learn java. Thank you for having cleanly formatted code<3
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    I don't suggest looking at 3.1.3 source code :p

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