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    Thanks to Team Haven (HAVENmc.com) for the logo!

    Welcome to AntiShare, the plugin that stops creative mode players from sharing with survival mode players. Let's dive right in. If you want a more detailed description (and possibly more 'technical' sounding) visit the BukkitDev for AntiShare.

    AntiShare allows a large variety of customization when it comes to what you can stop creative players from doing. Everything from block placing and breaking to commands are able to be managed to make sure those creative players don't spread diamonds about your population.

    What else can it do you ask? Well, it can also make people in certain regions be a in a specific Game Mode and have a specific inventory to go along with it.

    Game Mode Inventories
    These separate a player's inventory into 2 parts: creative and survival. Once someone changes a Game Mode they no longer have the same inventory as AntiShare ensures that people cannot simply go into creative mode, stack up on diamonds, and go back to survival as if nothing happened.

    Block Tracking
    Block tracking is used to stop creative mode players from placing say diamond blocks and getting survival mode players to break them (or changing modes themselves). How this is tackled is anytime a creative mode player places a block it is logged and when a survival player tries to break it, they can't!

    GameMode Regions
    This is a way for you to have a region automatically change someone's inventory as well as force them to a specific gamemode. Perfect for server events where you want people to build (for example) a bunch of houses, but don't want them the be able to have creative mode or bring in their own items.

    Inventory Mirror
    On command you can view someone's inventory (no matter who) as they change it and edit it to your liking. This means that if you suspect turt2live (Hmm...) of cheating in diamonds, simply mirror their inventory, edit it to your liking, and watch as they do it again.

    Download and Other Stuff

    Everything you should need is at the BukkitDev page for AntiShare.

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    I'm with ya
  3. As am I..
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    Before I go on a reply rampage, I -snip-'d all posts to reduce my post size.
    The next version will fix a bunch of issues, such as inventories, bad configuration, etc.

    Problems: see above reply. Features: I'll do my best

    I can't replicate this, it may be a conflict. What plugins are you running?

    Your configuration doesn't allow those actions. AntiShare is meant to block things, so it seems to be working to how you configured it. (I apologize if the config is hard to use, I'm working on a better version)

    See above reply, and my next post here as it address the configuration being... terrible.

    So for the next release I'm trying to make the configuration MUCH easier to setup because let's be honest: the current one sucks (badly too). (Keep in mind: I can't even understand the thing anymore, and I wrote it).

    I've been looking over other plugins and how their configs work, and came up with a new configuration design. (yes, included in my new proposed plan is removal of the gigantic help... thing... at the top of the file and replace it with a much shorter version (such as a link to a bukkitdev page))

    What I have below is my proposed system, and instead of just forcing it on people, I thought I should ask for input (as I'm not the one who will be using it, you guys will). The keys and layout are not final and are likely to change, I've fully commented what I was thinking in each section, if it confuses you in any way, please tell me why so I can make it not confusing.

    The idea is to have 3 configuration files: the main one, messages, and notifications (there is also per-world, but that will be essentially a "main" config just without EVERY option, like debug mode). I think it should be split up like this so you don't have to scroll through a thousand lines just to change a message or turn off a notification.

    So here are the 3 files:
    If you have suggestions, please contact me on Bukkit Dev, the forums, my email ([email protected]), PM, github, or by whatever other means you can think of (just please... no phone calls... that would be awkward).
    To add to this "suggestions" thing, do you guys think I should remove the in-game configuration thingy? Did anyone even know it existed? Does anyone even use it?
    It would reduce the JAR size incredibly and would be redundant if I can make the configuration easier to understand.

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  5. Hi, just about to check out your proposed config and give feedback, but before I do, AntiShare seems to conflict with 2 VERY common plugins:

    2012-04-09 10:53:46 [SEVERE] [AntiShare] [3.1.1] [CONFLICT] Other Conflict: WorldGuard
    2012-04-09 10:53:46 [SEVERE] [AntiShare] [3.1.1] [CONFLICT] AntiShare won't do anything, but there may be problems because of the conflict
    2012-04-09 10:53:46 [SEVERE] [AntiShare] [3.1.1] [CONFLICT] Other Conflict: Essentials
    2012-04-09 10:53:46 [SEVERE] [AntiShare] [3.1.1] [CONFLICT] AntiShare won't do anything, but there may be problems because of the conflict
    checking the logs further
    I assume the Essentials conflict is on /gm, but not sure what the WG conflict would be.


    handled-actions: (Is it possible to add Antishare's gamemode handling, so we can use Essentials gm?)
    (The above may be this: gamemode-regions: true)

    Overall, config looks much more understandable, and far easier to config. I'd like to see it pretty soon in my plugins folder. :) Having notifications and messages in their own seperate .yml is also a great idea, and makes the whole setup much better.

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    Yea, for the next version I lifted both conflicts as well I forgot to add the option to the new config of gamemode-command on/off. But it will be in the new version
  7. Awesome. Any ETAs on the new version?
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  9. "lovely"
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    I'm going for Friday, but that could be delayed, or it could come out in an hour.

    Deadlines for plugins are hard to determine, especially when 90% of the plugin is based on 3rd-party code (Bukkit)
  11. Good plugin, does what it promises, however, the players were complaining that the inventory could rollback when leaving the minecraft or when leaving the nether.

    I had to withdraw and the errors are gone.

    Is it a conflict?
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    Look back at the previous 6 or 7 posts on Bukkit dev. It's been reported.


    AntiShare is being re-written to be functional. Any and all problems are considered bugs at this point, and I'm not going to help fix them until I have an actual stable release I can forward people to.
  13. Any progress with the plugin? On a large SMP server, the inventory bug's getting rather annoying :L
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    AntiShare is going through a re-write to fix A LOT of bugs, my estimated time is ~5 days. That timespan however is not an actual release date, and may (and likely will) move around.

    Sorry :(
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    I have players that "[name] tried to hit a [mob name]"
    What is the perm node for that? I can't figure that out..
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    To silence it? or to stop [name] from sending it? or to show it to others?
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    I'm guessing it's the way the config is set up by default. All my players, creative or survival, are not allowed to kill mobs.. I want to permit that to happen..
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    Per player: AntiShare.allow.mobpvp
    Globally: In the config set other.pvp-mobs to true
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  19. No worries.

    No chance of a semi-release that just addresses the inv bug? D;

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    I have 30 known inventory bugs...
    A semi-release would probably push about another 30 bugs out.

    Sorry, but the rewrite is my only option to address the shear number of bugs.
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    It's coming along.
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    Do you think you can release something that stops the inventory reset? Like it resets the people's inventory to a older inventory... Everybody's ... thanks
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    I'm not releasing anything until the rewrite is done.
  24. Nearly able to release it? :D
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    You'll know when it's ready :)
  26. I'm just so eager :p I'm weighing up the pros and cons of the current version, as I'm getting so many complaints about inventory loses. :p
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    That's the largest issue I'm having in recoding :p

    Inventories in Minecraft (not even Bukkit, just Minecraft in general) are annoying and dangerous to play with. I've been working on a new way to handle the inventories so that nothing can go wrong, but actually saying that is much easier to say than it is to code ;P
  28. Understandable. Please don't take what I'm saying as me trying to rush you, I'm just eager myself. :)

    Side-note, don't know if anyone has addressed this issue?
    07:22:31 [WARNING] [AntiShare] Configuration Problem: '17:1' is not a number
    07:22:31 [WARNING] [AntiShare] Configuration Problem: '17:2' is not a number
    07:22:31 [WARNING] [AntiShare] Configuration Problem: '17:3' is not a number
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    If I thought you were rushing me my response would have been somewhere along the lines of ignoring you :p

    That actually points out a huge thing I've never considered. AntiShare doesn't know how to handle specific types (like red wool vs blue wool), but it can handle single types (all wool). I'll be fixing that....
  30. Awesome.

    Also, is it possible to get commands such as /gm to show in console, so I can see if someone gives gamemode to someone else?


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