[ADMIN] AdminsCanFly v1.3.0 - Allow select bypassing of the default flight kicking [1060]

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    Allow select bypassing of the default flight kicking

    Allow OPs and users with the superperms permission to bypass the default flight kicking (allow-flight=false).

    If Permissions 2+ has been detected you have the ability to disable OPs being allowed to fly by default, just alter "auto-op" in config.yml.

    Permission nodes (Supports SuperPerms and Permissions 2+)
    Install Tutorial
    Thanks to IAMWIN for making the tutorial.

    Download - v1.3.0
    Download - Dev

    Download - v1.3.0
    Download - Dev

    1.3.0 (24/08/11) - Built against the 1060 Bukkit API, hopefully fixed issues with the plugin not working like it should
    1.2.1 (01/08/11) - Added config.yml with property "auto-op", used when Permissions 2+ is detected
    1.2.0 (29/07/11) - Added Permissions 2+ support and neatened permissions checking code
    1.1.0 (27/07/11) - Fixed console spam caused by default kick message
    1.0.2 (27/07/11) - Initial release
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    Will you fix the downloads? This is exactly what I need! :-(
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    Anyone car to send me the bukkit jar file? I'll gladly rehost it.
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    Link Broken

    umm why can i fly?

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    Please update the title and tag me in the post, otherwise this will move to inactive.

    Also, please update the download links.
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    I have this installed, however the my ranks still can use this. Im using permissionsEx.
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    the download links doesnt work
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    Broken link for bukkit
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    Deleted user

    Broken Download? Please fix!? Love this plugin.

    Edit: Guessing this project is abandon?
    Anyways I uploaded. (Ripped from MultiPlay)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Do i have to have flying set to true or false in server properties or does it matter
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    Deleted user

    Set flying to false in server properties. Once done add this plugin. I added a download link above, if you dont have it already. Once done basically this plugin overrides the the flying permissions if your op. So set flying to false then add this plugin then on OPs can fly.
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    k thanks
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    Link is broken :(
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    Download link doesn't seem to be working.
  16. Download link Error:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find star.aquitros.info:8080

    might i suggest a cloud droplr.com with an application for easy upload
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    Uhh. Okay. I like the look of this plugin, but I cannot reach the download site? At all? Is this just m.. or is it broken?
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    Wow Thanks. That works. Although everyone can fly, the console is still spammed... Guess I'll just fly while in creative mode...
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